Crj 301 module 6 homework

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Crj 301 module 6 homework
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Directions:Answer the questions below.  Your written responses should be at least one half of one page in length and should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Please cite examples from the textbook or this module’s required Web resource, when applicable.


1.            Perhaps one of the greatest problems our complex and growing society has faced and continues to face is drug use and abuse. In this essay, compare the primary state law that was enacted in the states, “The Uniform Narcotic Drug Act of 1932,” and contrast it with the later, federal “Uniform Controlled Substances Act of 1972.”


2.            Discuss public drunkenness. Is it a crime? Why or not?


3.            With extortion, the accused must be a public officer. Compare and contrast these two positions: the de jure officer with the de facto officer.


4.            Demands by public officers in their official capacities for illegal fees are extortion. Describe the elements that make up blackmail and what various state statutes say about blackmail.


5.            Compare and contrast these concepts: (a) nonfeasance and (b) misfeasance. A local politician named Hillary sells her votes, along with her ability to influence the board of which she is a member, to a local lobbyist. Of what crime or crimes is she liable?

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