Critical Reflection on Group Presentation Writing Guide

Critical Reflection on Group Presentation Writing Guide

A critical reflection on group presentation is a sample of academic writing, revealing essential and varied perspectives and arguments on the topic of reflection on a group presentation. This critical reflection on group presentation writing guide provides you with the guidelines of using reflection in analyzing group experiences and group activities that take place during group tasks. A reflection on group presentation also entails highlighting the impacts and the outcomes during the group work, whether negative or positive and how they influenced the group members. Therefore, we can say a reflection is a manner of reviewing an encounter to describe, conduct an analysis, and evaluation, and make recommendations when possible.

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Critical Reflection on Group Presentation Writing Guide
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critical reflection on group presentation

Reflection is the process enabling groups to take on a reflective evaluation of the previous encounters or learning with the purpose of making changes when possible. Therefore, we can link reflections to learning as they provide groups with the chance to reflect and give their opinions, judgments on past experiences. Furthermore, the groups are then able to come up with new ideas and solutions to help tackle problems and assignments in the future. Therefore, this article focuses on providing a critical reflection on the group presentation writing guide. Additionally, the article aims to give comprehensive information on group formation, development, and operating activities.

How do you write a Reflection Paper for a Presentation?

Before we get to the details on how to write a reflection paper for a presentation, let us first understand what we mean when we say a reflection paper or a reflection essay. It is simple; it is a personal reflection on a particular topic, could be an event, movie, lecture, or thoughts.

In as much as a reflection is like an academic essay, it is less formal compared to other essays written in schools. Reflection essays provide an individual with the opportunity to air their views, experiences, opinions, and judgments with regard to experience. When writing a reflection paper, you can use a casually professional tone, adopt the first-person narration writing style, unless your instructor directs you otherwise, and provide your personalized opinion on the selected topic. That is to say, a reflection paper is your opinion on what you feel and think about an experience concerning the particular topic.

For reflection papers, your opinion is all that matters. Therefore, all you have to do is support your claims and not take time explaining the counterarguments.

Student Project Reflection Examples

Project reflection papers are essential, making them more than just an assignment. Reflection papers, to some extent, force you to sit and organize your thoughts, put your opinions, judgments, and critics in order, and help you uncover vital insights that help you in understanding your environment and yourself better.

Having to review examples of reflective papers is a good way to make you better understand what is expected from you. Also, you will find out the different styles of writing reflection papers; therefore, strive to find a style that goes handy with the requirements of your assignments.

What is an Example of Reflection?

The following are reflective essay on group work presentation example:

  • Reflection on fieldwork research.
  • The impact of homework in your life.
  • Literature insights I have learned.
  • Reflective essay on group work
  • Learning advanced and improved Microsoft skills reflection.
  • A reflection on the comparison between Ancient Cultures and the USA.
  • Movie reflection paper.
  • Reflection on group therapy.
  • Reflective essay on simulation
  • A personal reflection on group therapy
  • Reflective essay on collaboration
  • Why are you on social media?

These examples will help you understand the basics of a critical reflection on group presentation.
A good reflection paper evokes feelings and makes you think deeper. For the above examples, they make good examples since:

  • They begin with a clear theme, then followed by a supporting idea.
  • There is an inclusion of stories from the life of the writer.
  • They illustrate how the task evoked and inspired deep thoughts, insights, and personal growth.

Nevertheless, you can improve the topic you select by:

  • Using short and simple sentences.
  • Avoiding buzzwords
  • Stating the thesis statement clearly in the first paragraph of your essay.
  • Keep focus and tie every paragraph back to the thesis statement.

How do you Write a Reflection for a Group Project?

With the comprehensive background on reflective essays, let us now consider how to write the essay, step by step.

critical reflection on group presentation

Step 1: Know and Understand the Different Types of Reflection Papers

The nature and type of reflection paper have a very significant influence on the entire writing process of that essay.

There are two major types of reflection essays:

Education reflection papers

The educational reflection papers are of two major categories:

  • One is a response to a lecture, a book, a movie to determine and gauge what you have learned from the presented topic.
  • The second category explores your thoughts, feelings, judgments, and instincts on a personal level.

Professional reflection papers

Professional reflection papers entail an analysis of your professional growth and development and professional behavior.

Given the popularity of reflective educational papers, they will be our key focus in this entire article.

However, it is important to note that these two types of reflection papers have and share common ideas. Thus, this process applies across, that is to say, the process is suitable for both essays.

Step 2: Select a Topic of Discussion

In most cases, your teacher, lecturer, or professor will provide you with the topic for an educational or academic reflective paper. Such topics may come from books you study in class or for literature purposes. Therefore, all you will have to do is write the personal experiences that relate to the subject matter.

However, part of the assignment could be selecting a topic by yourself. Therefore, you need to pay keen attention to this, because the whole grading begins from the topic you select. Here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, we understand that choosing a topic can be a challenge. For this reason, we provide you with the following tips to make the entire process easier. Additionally, the topic you decide to write on concerning a critical reflection on group presentation says a lot about the entire group.

Find a Source of Inspiration

Coming with a topic off the top of your heads can be a challenge. Thus, you can find inspiration in the following:

  • Trending stories
  • Your favorite films or movies
  • Fictions or fairy tales
  • Nature, natural occurrences, the appearance of nature
  • Changes in life you have encountered
  • Occasions you had strong emotions
  • Your aspirations and dreams

Select a Theme

Before settling for a topic, ensure that you know the direction your essay is going to take. What are some of the personal experiences you are willing to share? Be in a position to identify the various unique instincts you have. What is your main argument? What is your main message? A good and comprehensive understanding of the topic and your theme will make it smooth writing and providing an angle of inclination.

Have enough time deciding on a topic and a theme for your essay to help you have a strong topic and a strong theme. By so doing, you will have a good foundation to build the entire reflective essay.

Step 3: Create an Outline for your Reflective Essay

Make notes as you organize your ideas to form your final draft. To begin, put down your theme, that is, the main reflection and illustrate how it relates to your topic. Afterward, write down all your strong supporting arguments you will use. The supporting arguments could be a personal story, a story you heard, a historical event, a current affair or event, quotes, etc.

It is good to keep it in the back of your mind that a reflective paper is to present your personal opinions. Therefore, quotes and events should just support all your opinions and rather not be the key focus points. Have a comprehensive list of ideas and organize them in a chronological order to make your outline.

Step 4: Organize All your Ideas

Now that you have an outline, it is now time to put them in the right order to have grammatical and writing flow. To organize your outline, as yourself the following questions in the order below:

  • Ask yourself a reflective question

For instance, “How does the subject evoke and relate to me and my feelings?” you will e in a position to set the theme and the tone for the entire essay.

  • Have a strong introduction

Your hook should grab the attention of the reader immediately they start reading your essay. Additionally, the hook should also inform the reader briefly of what you will be writing about.

  • Keep your focus on the thesis statement

The thesis statement of your reflective essay should majorly have information on the past experience, that is, a brief summary or statement of what you will be talking about in the entire essay

  • Elaborate the ideas in the body

The body of your reflection essay is best put in chronological order. Ensure that you provide answers to all the questions you have, write down all your thoughts and your judgments

  • Have a conclusion

Summarize all your ideas and showcase the impact and how you have developed due to the experience. Talk about your feelings, state the various discoveries you made, and above all, state your future plans.

critical reflection on group presentation

Step 4: Edit and Cross-Check your Essay

As you cross-check your essay to eliminate any errors, keep in mind the following as they are essential when writing a critical reflection on group presentation:

  • Keep your essay short and interesting

Include relevant information only. Make sure your essay is between 300 to 700 words.

  • Embrace uniqueness

This is your personal opinion of the particular subject; therefore, do not copy anyone else. This is your chance to talk about what you feel and air your opinion in your own style. Be unique.

  • Be clear and concise.

Ensure your essay is as clear and concise as possible. Make this possible by using a strong thesis statement.

  • Have and maintain the appropriate tone

Although a reflection essay requires personalized information, keep your tone academic and professional.

  • Reference your sources

Try as much as possible to provide authoritative references to support your personal opinions.

  • Proofread

Proofreading your essay helps you eliminate the errors you made when writing. You can also use this chance to add more points in case you missed than in the course of writing. Additionally, to have a flowing essay, use transitional phrases from one paragraph to another or from one statement to another when necessary. Above all, ensure that you answer the question in the introduction.

Belbin Team Roles Reflective Essay

Belbin Test Theory

The Belbin Test theory model describes the various team roles of each individual in the group.

Tuckman’s Theory

Tuckman’s model provides a comprehensive highlight of the different stages of developing a team. The team development stages are divided into four:

  1. Forming of Groups
  2. Group Storming
  3. Norming of the Group
  4. Performing

Forming of Groups

The forming stage is when the group members come together to hold a meeting, trying to understand the different identities of every member. It is at this stage that the group selects a group leader who then begins by delegating individual tasks and provide general guidelines and direction for the entire group.

Group Storming

At the storming stage, your group begins to come up with different ideas, various suggestions, and solutions in regard to the group assignment. Also, it is at this point where some of the group members bring forward their disagreements concerning some of the suggestions presented.

Norming of the Groups

At the norming stage, the group gets into an agreement and consensus concerning the particular roles to be performed by each group member. Furthermore, at the norming stage, the unity of the group is stronger and individual members are able to communicate with each other freely.


The performing stage has more ease with little or no interference from the leader of the group. At this stage, everyone undoubtedly understands their role in the group and can carry out the tasks assigned to them.

What is Group Reflection?

A group reflection on a group work essay elaborates on the different ways in which a group identifies every unique personality of the group members and form and assign tasks to every group member.
critical reflection on group presentation

What do you Learn from Working in a Group?

From the different group reflection activities, every group member should at least have a chance to learn a few things.

Group reflection activities equip different members with skills such as:

  • Breaking complex tasks into simpler parts with steps to tackle them.
  • Planning and time management
  • Enhance understanding by providing an opportunity to have discussions and give explanations
  • Give and receive results and feedback on performance
  • Handle assumptions from different points of view
  • Develop and enhance communication and listening skills
  • Share knowledge and skills
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Receive social support and get encouragements to take and handle risks
  • Have new ways of approaching and resolving differences
  • Set a shared identity and learn each other’s strengths and differences and appreciate them.
  • Identify effective influence and emulate
  • Develop an individualized voice and respective in relation to other peers
  • Increased performance and productivity

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