Couple/family interview/genogram probe. | Psychology homework help

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Couple/family interview/genogram probe. | Psychology homework help
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The following document is in “assignments”.  It puts forth how the genogram and narratives are to be created.


Couple/Family Interview/Genogram Probe.

We all know how to write a family story.  We don’t know how to depict a family story visually.  So this task you will first gather the information, then write the story, finally you will create a genogram as a reflection of the narrative content.

This assignment will include a genogram and a 4-5 page narrative regarding three generations of a family system.

Steps: (these are guidelines—not required outlines that must be included. You may  take these as sample questions/issues as are relevant to your family/couple.)

1. Gather information regarding the couple/family.

a. Structural Information

i. What are the names (first name only), ages, and birth order of all family members?

ii. What are the occupations and education levels of all family members (where appropriate)?

iii. What are the roles of each family member?

iv. What does the family like to do together?

v. Who does each member spend most of his or her time with, and where is time not invested?

vi. Who makes decisions within the family and how are they made?

b. Developmental Information

i. Are there any recent significant events/losses in the family?

ii. Are there any anticipated changes/transitions in the near future?

iii. How are these anticipated changes/transitions affecting the family?

iv. What are the current goals of the family, including what goals have already been met and how?

v. What is the spiritual life/climate of the family like?

c. General Impressions

i. Who did the most talking and what might account for this?

ii. What are the family’s boundaries with the outside world?

iii. How affectionate is the family?

iv. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the family system?

v. Is there any evidence of cutoffs, triangles, rituals, secrets or multigenerational effects?

From this information you are to

1. Create the 4-5 page narrative

2. Create the visual image as the genogram. 

The genogram should be a reflection of the narrative content.


a. Family Genogram (must be in both graphic and narrative form)

The genogram must account for at least three generations of each spouse’s family of origin. One generation must include the spouses themselves as the “identified persons” and the second generation must include his/her children. The third and fourth generations should include the spouses’ parents and the spouses’ grandparents. The inclusion of additional generations such as the couple’s own grandchildren (if appropriate) or great-grandparents, is encouraged but not required. Client consent should be obtained and included with the assignment and all names should be changed to protect privacy and confidentiality.


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