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Property Assumptions:

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Purchase Price:                                                  $4,000000

Year 1 PGI:                                                      $600,000

PGI Growth Rate (Annual):                                3%

Annual Vacancy and Collection Loss (VCL):      5%

Operating Expenses (OER):                               35%

Terminal Capitalization Rate for Sales Price.       09                        Capitalize NOI (Year 4)

Anticipated Holding Period:                               3 Years

Maximum LTV:                                                70%

Interest Rate:                                                     5%

Amortization Period:                                           30 Years

Payments Per Year:                                                  12

Discount (Hurdle) Rate (Unleveraged & levered):       15%

Gibbs' reflective cycle in nursing

1. What is the Unleveraged IRR and NPV?

2. What is the leveraged IRR and NPV?

3. What is the DCR for Years 1-3?

4. What is the NOI for Years 1-4?

5. What is the “Going In” (aka overall) Capitalization Rate?

6. What is the Cash on Cash (BTCF) for Years 1-3?

7. What is the Mortgage Constant?

8. Based on the NPV’s and IRR’s (unleveraged and leveraged, hurdle rates), do you recommend purchasing this property? Please explain.  Get Finance Help Today

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