Competitive analysis of banquet or restaurant menus and pricing

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Competitive analysis of banquet or restaurant menus and pricing
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Please read all of the requirements and samples on the file that I attached. 


1. At least 18 pages (cover page and reference do not count the requirement of the pages)

2. APA format; no copy

3. The title and topic must be ” Competitive analysis of Banquet or restaurant menus and pricing optimization”


he Internship Research paper will have the following structure: 


1. Cover/Title Page (including the title, the author’s name, the names of the University and the publication date); 


2. General Topic and Research Question (two statements identifying the topic and research question); 


3. Abstract (Brief summary of the paper – 250 words or less); 


4. Introduction & statement of research problem (background information on the topic and description of why this topic is important to investigate. Answering the “so what?” question); 


5. Manuscript Body, which can be broken down into the following sections: 

a. Literature Review (what is/has currently been written on this subject 

b. Data Collection (what data has been collected, how was it collected) 

c. Analysis and Results (without opinion, what does the data collected show? Writeup and include tables, charts and graphs) 

d. Discussion, recommendation and conclusions (what conclusions and recommendations can one make given the data, current literature findings; How would you answer the research question? How does this study answer the “So what?” question?) 

6. Reference (provide APA style refences of all citations); 

7. Appendix (encouraged but optional) 

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