Comparative criminology 500 word essay

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Comparative criminology 500 word essay
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Comparative criminology is stated to be based upon three different theoretical frameworks. Briefly describe the three frameworks and elaborate on how they should be viewed pertaining to an inverted triangle. 





·         Comparative Criminology


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana


I am sure you have heard various versions of the above quote. A common rendition is “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Whatever the version you recall, the meaning of this powerful statement remains – unless we pay attention to the outcome of the actions and responses of others, we are likely to do the same to our own good or detriment.


Comparative criminologists are a good example of following the concept alluded to in this quote. They recognize the importance of noting the patterns and structure of crimes committed not only within the United States, but internationally in order to learn. By comparing not only the crimes, but also society and the justice system’s responses, they learn more about the criminal element and therefore are possibly able to add to theory as well as make a difference in fighting crime.


One unifying thread throughout comparative analysis of crime lies in demographic and cultural differences. This underlying factors are present with respect to social policy irrespective of the theoretical foundation of comparative criminology.


Briefly, comparative criminology is stated to be based upon three different theoretical frameworks. The three frameworks are (a) grand, (b) structural, and (c) demographics. It may be helpful to envision an inverted triangle with grand being the top, widest level, structural would be the middle level, and demographics would be narrow downward pointing cap.


The grand framework tends to be comprised of the most abstract theories that typically center on one issue or concept that is viewed as having the strongest influence with respect to crime. Grand framework theories include modernization, civilization, opportunity, and world system. The names of these theories identify the singular focus the view of crime is centered upon.


The structural framework involves a more narrowed view of the same constructs of the theories of the grand framework. Culture, social disorganization, and strain theories are representative of this framework.


Taking an even more narrowed view are the theories based upon the demographic characteristics. The demographic characteristics of not only the country, the states, cities, and even neighborhoods would be appropriate.


However, regardless of the theoretical perspective from which a comparative criminologist works, the key focus is on the societal concerns with respect to the criminal element in hopes of finding an answer to the whys of the committing of the crimes and addressing it so history is not repeated.


In summation, comparative criminology is like Atlas who carried the world on his shoulders. The comparative criminologist is carrying all the societal concerns of the world on his or her shoulders in an attempt to quiet them and find solutions.



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