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Please its my humble request to answer all parts including bonus part please please. Do not waste my question by giving wrong answers.Homework For You

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Company’s Break-Even Point Assignment | Homework For You
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A company has a cost of goods of 60% of the selling price of its products. It has $250,000 in fixed overhead for administrative expenses, rent and salaries. In addition, it spends 18% of every sales dollar on marketing.

Question #1: What is the company’s break-even point?

In order to start the business the owner got an investor to put up $500,000. The owner wants to pay back the investor out of profits, using 30% of the pre-tax profits to pay the investor, and he has guaranteed the investor he will get back $750,000.

Question #2: How long will it take to pay back the investor, if sales in year one are $2 million, and sales increase 14% each year. (Assume fixed expenses will increase each year at the rate of inflation or about 3%)

Question #3: Based purely on the financial return, and not factoring risk (think about this–what creates risk?), would the investor have been better off loaning the company $500,000 at 10% interest, to be paid back over ten years at $50,000 per year in principle plus interest, or agreeing to be paid out of profits each year at the rate of 30% of profits? Are there any other factors that should be considered in making a decision.

For the above answers there is no need to take into account or to use Net Present Value concepts.

BONUS PART: Would your answer be different if you did take into account Net Present Value in determining which alternative is better? Show calculations.

You may answer the question by providing a mathematical formulas and solving the formulas, or you may answer the question by building a simple spreadsheet. Get Finance homework help today

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