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Community policing work | Law homework help
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We have a good idea of where we are now in regards to community policing. But where do we go in the future to build on our successes and forge stronger ties between the community and government service providers? The Department of Justice and the International Association of Chiefs of Police have recently released a publication called “Bridging the Gap Between Law Enforcement and Communities of Color”. Navigate to http://www.theiacp.org/CommunitiesOfColor and find the first section of the tool kit, called Policing for Progress. Within the Policing for Progress section are thirteen examples of community policing efforts. Select one of the examples, click on its title and learn more about it. With regard to the community policing effort you have chosen, analyze the role of the Chief Executive’s office in its operation. In addition, evaluate and interpret the role of the community within the effort.

In approximately 150 words, summarize what you have learned. Then, in approximately 300 words, address the following issues;

1) Effective communication is probably the most important aspect of any kind of relationship. How do law enforcement and community members in the community policing effort that you chose to analyze go about establishing and maintaining effective communications?

2) Within the community policing effort that you chose to analyze, what are the mechanisms used to maintain a good working relationship between all of the stakeholders in times of conflict and uncertainty?

3) After analyzing the community policing effort you chose, what do you believe the future of community policing is?

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