Community health assesment paper | Human Resource Management homework help

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Community health assesment paper | Human Resource Management homework help
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  • List and discuss at least three health consequences of.
  • Explain why youth violence is a health issue and discuss risk and protective factors relating to youth.
  • List and discuss at least three health issues that affect special populations and what specific population might be at high risk of the health.
  • Discuss the term “meeting people where they are” and why it is particularly important in successful intervention among special.

Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

HA560-1: Identify the role of assessment in public health.

HA560-5: Evaluate information used to make public health decisions.

PC-5.1: Use language that is clear, concise, and organized.

This is Part 1 to the assignments throughout this course. All of your assignments tie into each other, so read ahead to Units 4, 6 & 8 to understand what is expected of you for each assignment.


Answer the following questions concerning the role of assessment of public health:

  1. Define public/community health. How does this differ from personal health?
  2. What are the benefits of public health assessments? What are the disadvantages, if any? Give an example of a potential conflict within the community that could arise as a result of public health assessments. How can public health advocates and policy makers prevent and/or manage such a conflict?
  3. How can public health assessments be used to form public policy?
  4. Choose one health concern and cite legislation that has been passed to address this concern. Discuss how this legislation has affected or could affect your

You may choose one of the following or one of your own choosing:

  • Smoking in public places
  • Accessibility for physically handicapped populations
  • Legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes
  • Youth violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse

Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines. Be sure to list your sources of information at the end of your assignment. You should have at least three academic sources.



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