Com:3700 [u04d2] unit 4 discussion 2 gender conflict in the workplace

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Com:3700 [u04d2] unit 4 discussion 2 gender conflict in the workplace
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Gender Conflict in the Workplace

Note: This is a graded discussion. Please refer to the Scoring Guide for this discussion question to see how you will be evaluated.

Identify a gender conflict that you have experienced or observed in a workplace setting. This can be an explicit conflict or a more implicit one that is present in the background but not openly discussed.

For this question:

  • Describe the conflict.
  • Identify variables within the organizational structure that may have contributed to this conflict. In other words, how have factors within this organization—especially in relation to the hierarchy of the organization and how the organization itself is structured—contributed to the conflict?
  • Have there been attempts by the organization or individuals to resolve this conflict (or to resolve problems related to this conflict)? If so, describe these, and then evaluate in detail the degree to which these have been successful. If there have not been attempts to resolve this conflict, evaluate the organizational issues that have hindered the ability to attempt to resolve this conflict.

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two learners. Offer feedback on how this conflict either has or has not been resolved. Propose suggestions for how this organization might better address this conflict.

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