College Essay Tips from Admission Counsellors

College Essay Tips from Admission Counsellors

Finishing high school is one thing, and getting to join college is another. After taking all the necessary tests, have your recommendations ready, complete all the general applications, and finally, focus on the main challenge, write the essay. Also, note that most of the lucrative scholarship programs are highly competitive and require their applicants to write essays to show that they are worthy of the chance. Writing an outstanding essay can take some students several days, or even weeks. On the other hand, it only takes the admission counselors at most five minutes to read the essay you put so much effort into. Therefore, Myhomeworkwriters.com, provide these college essay tips from admission counselors will put you in the front line of such competitive opportunities.

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College Essay Tips from Admission Counsellors
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Applying for scholarships would be an easy process had it not been for the requirement of an essay. Essays for scholarships need planning, self-reflection, and critical analysis of required information. Every scholarship applicant would happily write several pages defending themselves on why they deserve the scholarship. However, there are no such provisions. Scholarship essays have guidelines and rules that one must adhere to, to be among the competitive applicants. The main tip is to keep the admission officers glued to your essay and keep them convinced by every single claim you present. Thus, My Homework Writers provide you with the college essay tips from admission counselors that would make your essay outstanding among the pool of essays.

College Essay Tips

The fact that an essay can take you several days to write, while it only takes the admission officers a few minutes to read and make a decision, is very crucial. That is to say; The admission counselors look for specific information and features of the essay to make a final decision. Therefore, when writing a scholarship essay, you must pay keen attention to identify what is required of you.

College admission essays form a fundamental part of your college application process. Most students have the desire to attend college after high school. Therefore, when applying for college, it is prudent that you own the entire college application process. College selection and application affects your entire life, thus, getting a chance in the college of your choice is the first step of having the motivation to push on.

For this reason, our team of professional writers here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, offer you these college essay tips from admission counselors that would make the writing process easier than ever before.

Writing college essays can be divided into three major parts:

  1. Planning
  2. Writing
  3. Editing


The first step of college application is planning. You must get prepared with your college selection list, from the one you prefer the most to the least. Also, planning entails keeping all the timelines in check and having all the required documents and information at your disposal before you begin the application process. The planning process involves three main activities:

College Essay Tips From Admission Counselors

Proper Prior Planning

The last-minute rush affects the quality of your essay. Take a keen interest in noting all the deadlines and keep track of them. Different colleges provide different timelines; therefore, in case you are eying more than one college, it is necessary to note all their timelines. Additionally, ensure that you have enough time to gather all the required documents for supporting your arguments in the essays. Lastly, have enough time to conduct research, brainstorm, make consultations, and time to go through your essay before submission.

Knowing your Audience

Every college has its admission counselors who know what they are looking for in your essay. Therefore, the only way to keep them interested is by giving them what they want. To prove to the admission officers that you understand their needs, first, conduct proper research to get to know more about the college. Remember, different colleges have different core values and beliefs, get to understand what the college advocates for. By so doing, you will be in a position to address their needs.

Secondly, find out what they term as their ideal candidate. Every college has a standard and cut off points for selection and elimination. Therefore, before you start the application process, visit their websites to find out what exactly they are looking for. Do you fit the desired qualifications?

Lastly, do not try so hard to fit the box. Remember, there are many colleges that would be glad to have you. Also, you can use your weakness and make them your strengths. Failing to get your desired college is never the end of life. Keep an open mind and explore other available options.

Selecting the Topic of your Essay

There are colleges that provide you with a topic for the essay. However, there are colleges that keep it open, and it is upon you to make that choice. Always ensure that you select a topic that interests you, and you feel free talking about it. The topic you decide to write on has a major influence on how you will explain yourself. Furthermore, admission officers do not have much time reading boring essays. They have several essays they must go through too. Thus, make sure the topic you decide to write on is compelling enough to keep the reader interested in reading the entire essay.

College Essay Tips From Admission Counselors

Generally, the method of submission will provide you with a guide on whether or not to include a topic for your essay. There are two most commonly used submission formats. First, a provision to use a text box entry. In such a provision, you are basically being asked to copy and paste the body of your essay. Secondly, you might be required to submit the essay in word form. In this case, including a topic is optional.

However, including a topic is generally not necessary. On the other hand, a topic can play a key role in the creation of the first impression on the admission counselors. The topic or title of your essay can provide the admission officers with prior information about who you are before reading the essay. Subsequently, when required to include a topic, use the following college essay tips from admission counselors when coming up with a topic:

Write the Title After Writing the Entire Essay

When you take time to compose the entire essay, the likelihood of having a suitable topic is high. You will have the time to think of a relevant and compelling topic that would almost summarize the entire essay. Your topic should neither be boring nor too complicated. Avoid clichés and use the knowledge you have to compose one that is unique and relevant to the content of your essay.

Have Enough Time to Think of the Topic

Ensure that you have enough time to give you room to think of a suitable topic. Remember, your topic should be one that interests you, and you feel comfortable and confident to talk about.


Writing is the subsequent phase after planning. The process of writing a college essay is demanding and requires composure. What you write is what the admission counselors use against or for you. As noted earlier, every scholarship applicant wants to have the opportunity. Therefore, they can write as much as they can just to prove that they deserve the chance. Nevertheless, writing a college essay entails following instructions and the prompts. Also, you must answer all the questions properly and comprehensively.

College essays have a particular format that you must adhere to. The format helps students organize their ideas in a systematic and uniform manner, making it easy for the admission officers to examine.

A college essay has the following outline:

  1. An introduction
  2. The body, and
  3. A conclusion


An introduction is the opening part of your essay. Therefore, you must use a powerful and compelling hook to keep your reader interested in reading the whole essay. Also, make sure that your introduction is as original as possible and avoid using quotes and clichés. Your college essay is your own; therefore, try as much as possible and own every single bit of it. Use unique hooks and be as natural as possible.

To conclude your introduction, use a thesis statement. The thesis is to showcase why you deserve the opportunity. Make the thesis statement short and precise. The bottom line is, use your own words to avoid having instances of similarities with other essays. Your introduction must be unique and catchy.


The body of your essay is where you will elaborate on why you deserve the opportunity. In this modern era, several people have similar academic qualifications. Therefore, you will have to provide details of what makes you different besides your academic qualifications.

The following questions will help you when writing the body of your essay:

  • What are some of the challenges you have encountered in your life?
  • How did you manage to overcome the challenges?
  • What are some of your career goals?
  • Reasons why you selected this particular college?
  • State why you want that field of study.
  • Elaborate on how the chance in the college will help you achieve your career objectives?
  • What do you plan to do with your degree?

Furthermore, ensure that you address each concern in a different paragraph.


Your conclusion should entail a summary of your key points. Additionally, you can create more emphasis on the conclusion by restating your thesis statement. That is, state how the college opportunity will enable you to achieve both your long-term academic objectives and your career objectives.


Editing your essay is the last activity before you submit your essay. First, ensure that you go through your essay as many times as possible before you submit. By so doing, you will be in a position to know whether you have answered all the questions as required. Furthermore, editing your essay entails more than just proofreading.

This last section should trigger several questions, such as, what is the suitable font size and style, what is the suitable length? And so on.

First, go through the instructions to understand the formatting procedures in case you are provided with them. However, there are some colleges that do not have this provision; therefore, it is upon the student to make their essays presentable. From the college essay tips from admission counselors, the following are the standard formatting techniques:

  • The font style is Times New Roman.
  • The font size should be 12.
  • One-inch top, bottom, and side margins.
  • Double spacing.
  • The essay should be at most 600 words.

Additionally, your essay should showcase the following:

  • A thorough and clear understanding of the instructions.
  • A well-detailed and organized essay outline.
  • The use of all the outlined information on your essay outline.
  • Clear elaboration of each point mentioned.
  • The use of simple, direct language in the entire essay.
  • An essay free of grammatical errors and one that answers all the asked questions.

Additional College Essay Tips from Admission Counsellors

The following are more tips for writing a comprehensive essay that would amaze the admission counselors:

  • Carefully follow and use the narrative structure.
  • Personalize your essay as much as possible, own the entire process.
  • Have a well-detailed and comprehensive outline for your essay.
  • Make sure you fit the desired qualifications of the admission counselors.
  • Avoid clichés and be as unique as possible.
  • Do not be ashamed of marketing yourself.
  • Follow all the instructions and adhere to the prompts.
  • Use realistic arguments and claims that you can backup.
  • Ensure your essay is precise and short- to the point.
  • Embrace the use of transitional words to make your writing eloquent.
  • You can have a friend or your teacher proofread your essay to help eliminate any grammatical errors or to improve the quality of the essay before submission.

Nevertheless, there are a few scholarship programs that are strictly based on academic transcripts. A chance to write an essay is a chance to express yourself and convince the admission counselors that you deserve that scholarship opportunity. In case you are still wondering where to get comprehensive college essay tips from admission counselors, click on to Myhomeworkwriters.com. Our team works round the clock to provide you with all the information you need, and high-quality services at affordable prices.

In conclusion, the first step to writing a good and comprehensive college essay is personalizing the entire process. However, you can make consultations, conduct research, and ask questions concerning the college and the available opportunity. Make use of every single opportunity to make yourself relevant. The above college essay tips from admission counselors, put together by our experts here at Myhomeworkwriters.com, are essential tools to make your essay outstanding. Keep an open mind and always be willing to explore the other available options in case you miss the college of your dreams.

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