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CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence


To achieve a competent result for this unit you must satisfactorily complete all the assessments requirements listed below.

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Child Care Assessment Assignments | Online Homework Help
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Assessments for this unit are as follows:

Assessment Number Type of Assessment Description and location
Assessment 1 Short Questions/Multiple Choice Questions/True or False


 There are short questions found in this booklet.

You will be given the opportunity to respond to each question in your own words in a written format.  In special cases you may respond verbally.

Assessment 2 Case studies/Scenarios


There are Case studies/scenarios in this booklet. Read the case studies given and answer the questions that follow. Use your own words in answering these case studies.
Assessment 3


Research Activity


There are research activities found in this booklet. You are required to research the topic and respond to each question in your own words in a written format. In special cases you may respond verbally.
Assessment 4 Personal/Reflective Journal  Instructions for the journal are in the supervised work placement booklet
Assessment 5 Third Party Observation Will be performed by the workplace supervisor while the student is on Work Placement.
Assessment 6 Work Place Observation Your workplace supervisor observes you in the work place setting demonstrating the practical application of the skills and knowledge that you have gained in relation to these units.  Your supervisor is required to observe you performing tasks in the workplace using the checklist provided in the third party report. During the observation your assessor will make a judgment as to whether you have met the required skill level for the qualification, or if further practice is required. Instructions and checklist for work placement are in the supervised work placement booklet. When an assessor is unable to visit the workplace they shall liaise with your workplace supervisor to confirm your ability to perform the tasks as part of the training package.
Assessment 7 Portfolio In your portfolio you should collect information relevant to the unit such as the Children’s  Developmental Stages, Playground policies etc.


Instructions to the Student

Please read all the information given to you before you start any assessment task. If you do not understand some or all of the questions, please ask your trainer/assessor for assistance.

Attempt to answer ALL questions in your own words on the assessment paper provided. The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the unit as well as your underpinning knowledge.To satisfactorily complete this assessment task you are required to complete the whole assessment. To do this you will need to answer all questions correctly and demonstrate you have achieved the required knowledge to industry standards. This assessment is intended to be fair and flexible. If you feel that we should change any aspect of this assessment to be fair, equitable or flexible, immediately contact your assessor who will attempt to make alternative arrangements.


Assessment Tasks Outcome

Unit: CHCECE001 Develop cultural competence
Student ID: Click here to enter text.


Student Name: Click here to enter text.


Assessors Feedback

Assessors: Please return this cover sheet to the student with assessment results and feedback.  A copy must be supplied to the office and kept in the student’s file with the evidence.



Tasks included in submission

Assessment Tasks Title Satisfactory/ Not yet satisfactory Assessor


Date Re-submission Satisfactory/ Not yet satisfactory
Short Questions Assessment  1


Case Study 1-2 Assessment 2


Research Activity 1 Assessment 3



Satisfactory                        Not Yet Satisfactory                      


Assessor Signed: Assessor  Name:           Date:




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Page left intentionally blank


Assessment 1

Short Questions

  1. Write up to five words to describe your self-identity – choose words that reflect who you are – your self-dimension, your cultural beliefs and values.

Click here to enter text.



  1. Describe one value that you hold as an adult that can be directly attributed to your upbringing. Reflect and comment on why this value has stayed with you into adulthood.

Click here to enter text.



  1. Describe your best personal attribute. Now describe how this attribute contributes to your self-identity.

Click here to enter text.



  1. Describe a tradition or ritual that is practiced by you and/or your family. Reflect on the meaning of this ritual and describe how it contributes to your self-identity.

Click here to enter text.


  1. e. Imagine you have been transported to a place in the world where the culture – language, traditions, values, beliefs and practices, food, dress, gender roles, religious beliefs, individual rights, family roles and child rearing practices are completed different to your own. You are required to live in this place for 6 months without any contact with your home or family.

Describe how you might feel.

Click here to enter text.


  1. What would you miss most?

Click here to enter text.


  1. What assistance would you like from your new community to help you settle in and feel safe?

Click here to enter text.


  1. Referring to your answers from above, how would you support children in your care who come from families from a culture different to your own?

Click here to enter text.





  1. What aspects of the environment have an influence on an individual’s cultural identity?

Click here to enter text.





  1. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (2009) describes cultural competence as ‘the ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures’. Complete the following:

According to the EYLF what does cultural competence encompass?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Select one of the above skills that you feel you could work on to improve your own cultural competence and describe how you would go about acquiring or improving upon the selected skill.

Click here to enter text.





  1. With reference to the EYLF:

            Principle 2 Partnerships,

            Principle 4 respect and Diversity

            Outcome 1 Children have a Strong Sense of Identity

How can Educators acknowledge and support children’s family and culture? Educators can:

Click here to enter text.





  1. How can you access more information on the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Educators can demonstrate cultural competence by gaining knowledge of the cultural practices and protocols of families using the services.

Give two examples of cultural practices Educators need to consider when communicating with families and community members from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Click here to enter text.





  1. Explain why Educators should avoid saying to children ‘We are all the same’?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Provide one example of how Educators can use routine experiences as opportunities to talk about differences and similarities?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Colonisation has had a severe impact on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Historically government policies have been identified as contributing to the disadvantage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture past and present.
  2. What are some of the impacts of government legislation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture?

Click here to enter text.





  1. What is the role of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Outline the distinctive rights that Indigenous Australians hold as the original people of this land.

Click here to enter text.





  1. Outline three ways Educators can find out more about the Indigenous cultures within their community

Click here to enter text.





  1. List 2 examples of policies and procedures an educator needs to follow in relation to working with children from a different cultural background.

Click here to enter text.





9.How can childcare educators interact with children to help them have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing within their world?


Click here to enter text.





  1. How might you obtain information about the cultural identity of families attending a service?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Identify three ways Educators can create a culturally inclusive physical environment in a Child Care Setting .

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  1. Identify eight practical tips to consider when working with families where English is a second language.

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Assessment 2

Case Study 1

Read each scenario and using the strategies below identify how the Educator could address the bias.


·       Address misinformation and stereotypes

·       Promote pride in own culture.

·       Explore similarities as well as differences

·       Intervene; let children know that words can be hurtful.

·       Give children factual information

·       Broaden children’s knowledge of diversity

·       Talk about fairness and empathy (thinking about the needs/feelings of others)



You are sitting on the lounge reading a story to two 4-year-olds, Jock and Max. The story is about an Aboriginal boy and his dog called ‘Rabbit’. The boy tells the story of how the dog got his unusual name. The illustrations show the boy living in a large country town. At the conclusion of the story the following conversation takes place:

Jock: “Aboriginals have spears and eat snakes. They cook them in a fire.”

Max: “Yeah, I know. They live in camps on the river. I don’t like Aboriginals ’cause they got brown skin”



Select three strategies Educators can use to address the bias in this scenario?

Click here to enter text.







Zennie (3 years) is lying on the cushions in the reading area, looking quite upset. The Educator sits next to her.

Zennie: “Pia and Milo say I can’t be their friend cause I talk funny.”

Zennie speaks with a strong accent but is easily understood.

Click here to enter text.





Select 3 strategies Educators can use to address the bias in this scenario?

Click here to enter text.





Case Study 2

You are to prepare a short presentation (3 minutes in length) in class or online students submit a 3 min video presentation or 15 slide power point on your own cultural background.

The areas that you must cover are:

  1. What are you able to bring to benefit others from your culture?

Click here to enter text.





  1. How often has your culture influenced you in everyday life? Explain two experiences?

Click here to enter text.





  1. Name 2 things that people have commented on about your culture? (These can be both negative and positive responses).

Click here to enter text.





Assessment 3

Research Activity 1

This task requires you to investigate and identify cultural groups within your service and/or community, as well as inclusive practices that support and encourage the inclusion of families from diverse cultures. Plan an experience activity that supports inclusive practices from the culture that you have chosen you must be able to use your activity in the workplace please use the template below for your activity.

Cultural Group:

Click here to enter text.



Click here to enter text.










Research Activity 1: Culturally Diverse Community

Cultural Identity and Practices

What cultures are represented within your service and local community?




What methods does your service use to collect information about the diverse backgrounds of children and families’ at your service?




How does your service reflect the diverse backgrounds of children and families as well as the broader community (consider policies, procedures, teaching strategies, practices, program, environment)?








Research Activity 1: Culturally Diverse Community

Cultural Experience Plan

Age of Children: Group Size:

oSmall     oLarge

Location:   Indoors   Outdoors   Routine Task             Other __________________________
Goal: (how will this experience support the group’s development/learning? What do you want to achieve?)




Performance Indicator/s: (What will you see and hear to demonstrate achievement of the goal?)




Rationale: (How does the experience support the interests/learning/goals of the child/ren?)




(List the resources and materials you will use for the experience)








Transition Strategy:
(How will you gather children to the experience? How will you smoothly transition the children to the next experience/routine at the conclusion?)







Description of Experience/Procedure:
(List/describe how you intend to implement the experience with the children from beginning (set up) to end. How will it be set up? What will the children be required to do?)







Teaching Strategies/Adult’s Role
(What role will you play in the experience? How will you facilitate children’s engagement









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