Case study: virgin airline;students will pick an aviation

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Case study: virgin airline;students will pick an aviation
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Dallas airport or virgin airline

For the purpose of this exercise, students will pick an aviation organization and they will conduct a case study on it.  The student will research how the organization they chose applies the management techniques covered in class.  If the organization is an airline, possible areas of coverage will be management make-up, economic profile, frequent flyer operation, fleet size and composition, route structure, labor relations, etc.  A case study of an FBO, airport or government agency will include other applicable areas of management. The paper will be written in APA style according to the latest edition of the APA Style Guide and will be 7pages in length excluding title page and bibliography. 



Lynn Library Sources

Academic OneFile

Academic Search Premier

Biography In Context

Business Source Complete

Campus Research: News and Law — U.S. (Powered by Westlaw)


General Business File ASAP

Hoover’s Company Profiles



Reference USA & OneSource

Research Library Core








Yahoo Finance

Google Finance






Student Learning Outcomes:


Students will be able to:


a.  Describe a broad overview of the history and structure of today’s aviation industry. This overview will include knowledge of several of the world’s major airlines and airports, the importance of air transport to the world economy, and factors that influence managing an aviation organization. (SLO 7.1, 7.2)

b.  Analyze the economic impact of an aviation organization on the surrounding economy and the effect of the economic and governmental environment on aviation operations.  (SLO 6.3, 6.4)


c.  Analyze the management process for various aviation organizations. (SLO 7.3, 7.5)

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