Case study (read carefully) | Business & Finance homework help

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Case study (read carefully) | Business & Finance homework help
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All information for this assignment will be posted below in a word document. Turnitin MUST be under 20% and only academic sources can be used,

You need to use a local manufacturing company that would be willing to help you with your project, even if you are not an employee.

A title page with properly formatted APA running head, an abstract and reference pages are required. 

The 8-page minimum/maximum does not include the required title, abstract and reference list pages. Do not incorporate enlarged type, extra line spaces, extra points at the end of a line, over-sized graphs and charts, or unusual margins to artificially inflate the page length – the score will be significantly reduced if the proper APA formatting for these elements is not applied.  


Include the appropriate use of headings and sub-headings for every section of the project. A good strategy will be to use the assignment rubric as a basic outline for headings and subheadings. 

NOTE: Do not use overly wordy phrases. DO use “economy of expression.” Use concise and precise language that avoids slang or colloquial expressions. For example: Instead of using “on the other hand…” simply use “alternatively…” 

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