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Case study format for students

After you have done all the analysis on the information you obtained, you now need to write. The following is a format that you will use to write a case study assignment template.


In the introduction section, you are required to give the problems from your case study. Ensure you include your thesis statement. A thesis statement is one or two sentences that summarizes the result of your investigation or analysis.


This section shows how well you have done your research on the problems. Here, you provide the background information and relevant facts of the case study.

Suggested solutions

Provide realistic and specific solutions for your case study. Ensure you support it with strong evidence. When writing a case study assignment, you can include your personal experiences or out of the book facts to support your ideas and solutions.


Discuss and give strategies that can be used to accomplish the solutions you suggested. It is also advisable to recommend actions that can be done to provide further solutions to the problems.

After writing your case study, ensure you go through it and check any contradiction relating to the case study’s structure or content. Your thesis statement should be clear and direct. Check if the evidence you provided supports the thesis statement. Ensure you are not missing any important component in your analysis.

Finally, proofread, check and correct any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Your case study assignments should be free from punctuation errors. Proper punctuation increases the readability of your paper.

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