Cant pay till next week homework due in 3 hours

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Cant pay till next week homework due in 3 hours
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After completing the Internet research on the topics presented, post your essay in the Turnitin link on your findings. Be sure to follow the writing requirements for the course. Review the syllabus or writing rubric for details. Always cite your sources for Music 114 assignments. Be sure your citations are in a verifiable format. Make sure all your words are your own. Do not include direct quotes by anyone in this assignment. Paraphrase your findings but still give proper credit by citing your sources.

Internet research topics:



*The origins of the electric guitar.

*When were the different versions of record albums and 45 records invented, and how did they change music recording? Trace the evolution of this important medium for popular music.

*What is the difference between an analogue recording and a digital recording? (Don’t get too technical here. Just provide a paragraph or two summary for each technology)

*Who were some of the main inventors and innovators of many of the hallmark elements to rock music such as electric basses, amplifiers, synthesizers, electronic keyboards (these are not the same as synthesizers) and all levels of special effects for electric guitars? Be sure and report on all the items listed in the question to be eligible for the full points.

Please submit your essay along with proper citations in the Turnitin link for this week’s assignments.

Apple users: Turnitin does not support file types made in Pages. Please use .doc, .pdf, .rtf, or .odt files for all writing assignments in this course. HERE is some information from the Apple support discussions on converting Pages files.

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