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Assignment 2: Job Analysis & Job Evaluation




Objectives: At the completion of this assignment, you will be able to:


1. Write a job description for a benchmark job using O*Net (CH 4)


2. Conduct a job evaluation using the point system (CH 5).








1. Read Chapters 4 and 5  (two of the three chapters assigned for this coming week). Much of the terminology will make more sense after you have read these chapters.




2. Read the CASE file that is uploaded on BLACKBOARD as part of assignment #2. Nothing that follows will make much sense UNTIL you read the case file.




3. The first deliverable, as described in the case file, is to create a job description for the Benefits Manager position. All other job descriptions are provided in Appendix A of the case file. Thus, using the other job descriptions as a template, create a job description for the benefits manager based on information you obtain from the O*NET website. The description should be no more than 1 page in length and formatted similar to the others.




4. The three other deliverables are described in this “addendum” to the case file:




The compensation committee appreciates the example job evaluation for the front desk receptionist that you provided them. They agree with the general approach you plan to take. Specifically, they are happy with the 3 compensable factors you have identified (skill, responsibility, and effort), as well as the six more specific sub-factors that are listed in the EXAMPLE TABLE.




However, after looking over this example job evaluation, they have a few questions. To ensure that the job evaluation process is done consistently and perceived by all parties to be fair and accurate, they have asked that you provide the following:




First, they agree that 4 degrees for each of the sub-factors should be enough to differentiate between jobs, but it isn’t clear to them what each “degree” for the sub-factors actually represents. For example, what does it mean to rate the front desk receptionist as a “1” on the “degree of technical skill” sub-factor?  Thus, the SECOND deliverable for this assignment is a “KEY” for each of the sub-factors that clearly explains the degrees for each sub-factor.  This means you need to describe, in detail, what a “1”, “2”, “3”, and “4” represent for:


a.       Degree of Technical Skills


b.       Score of Control


c.       Impact of Job


d.       Degree of Problem solving


e.       Task Complexity




Next, the committee noted in the example job evaluation that you weighed the factors as follows:  50% Skill, 30% Responsibility, and 20% Effort. They are willing to accept that weight distribution (and the more specific weights for the sub-factors), but they want to understand the thought process that resulted in these weights. Thus, the THIRD deliverable is a more explicit justification for how you determined the weights for the compensable factors (and sub-factors). **If you prefer to adjust the weights in order to better align with your own thought process that is acceptable as well. **










Assuming the committee is satisfied with the above information, the FOURTH deliverable is a finalized job evaluation for the 5 benchmark jobs. For the following positions, assign “degrees” for each compensable factor and provide justification for the overall scores:


a.       Front Desk receptionist (you may adjust the example if you feel it is necessary)


b.       Administrative assistant


c.       Payroll assistant


d.       Operations analyst


e.       Benefits manager


**Your decisions for assigning “degrees” to various jobs should be heavily based on the job descriptions in APPENDIX A**




In summary, you have 4 key deliverables for Homework Assignment #2:


1.      The job description for the Benefits manager position using O*NET


-its format should mirror the other job descriptions provided in the Appendix A of the case file.


2.      The KEY for each compensable sub-factor in terms of what a 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent


-be sure to use the textbook, its examples, and guidance for creating good “descriptions” of degrees


3.      Justification for the weights assigned to each compensable factor (and sub-factors)


4.      The finalized job evaluations for the 5 benchmark jobs (with justifications of scores)




For deliverables 2, 3, and 4, you have been provided an excel template to use.




The justifications you provide for the weights and the job evaluation of the 5 benchmarked jobs (deliverables #3 and #4)  DO NOT have to be polished or professionally written. They DO need to be clear enough for an outside observer (me) to understand the thought process you have gone through in determining the scores. I want evidence that you put time and thought into making these determinations. That said, there is not ONE right answer to this exercise. FULL credit will be given if the justifications and assessments are align with the textbook content, seem thoughtful, and appear to have been applied consistently across the 5 jobs.






Deliverables: To earn full credit, you will need to post the following in the assignment drop box.


1.      Attach your “BENEFITS MANAGER” job description to the assignment dropbox prior to the due date.

Attach the job evaluations template filled in with the compensable factor key, justification for weights, and final job evaluations of the 5 benchmarked jobs to the assignment dropbox prior to the due date

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