Can someone help me with an art research paper? need someone that

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Can someone help me with an art research paper? need someone that
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 A research paper about the artwork that I chose called the Mother and Child. I attach the description of the artwork and a Word document that has a four page information with the picture of the Mother and Child artwork. This will facilitate the making of the research essay. Need a minimum of 1500 word research paper (approx. 5 pages in length) based on one artwork of their choosing from the museum to investigate in further detail. This assignment will require you to a thoughtful analysis based on accepted research as well as your own developed point of view. Completed essays will be sustained thesis-driven interpretations of a single artwork based on scholarly research (three sources minimum are required). A brief visual analysis of the selected artwork will ultimately support your thesis and lend credence to your research. Meaning, your discussion of the artist’s selection and use of the visual elements and principles of design should connect to your broader knowledge of style and pictorial culture. Your analysis should also move from description to interpretation as it relates to your central argument, the particular qualities of the medium (ceramic, sculpture, painting, etc.) and how this relates to the artist’s content or culture; how the visual elements found in the artwork reflect (or were affected by) important cultural values found in the society in which it was made; how the work confronts the human condition or experience of its culture; the expressive significance of formal elements, spatial design, or motifs and their interaction; or how the artist has used visual elements to communicate a particular message/experience to his/her viewers. 

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