Business Proposal Writing Guide | Professional Writing Services

Business Proposal Writing Guide | Professional Writing Services

Advertising yourself on paper is one of thing that is becoming a challenge to many people. For that reason, people or organization seek the help of professionals to handle their business proposal writing in order to win their prospective customers. We understand how important business proposal writing is to you. Thus, at My Homework Writers, we offer our clients professional writing services to enable them to write a winning business proposal.

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Business Proposal Writing Guide | Professional Writing Services
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business proposal writing

Why Write a Business Proposal?

Many people mistake a business proposal for a business plan. For the sake of its high significance, it is necessary to understand that a business proposal is a written offer service tailored to a prospective customer. We write a business proposal to highlight an organization’s financial and operational objectives. However, its main purpose is to request a specific opportunity from a client to solve their problem.

What to Include in your Business Proposal Writing

Forget about research and essay papers, a business proposal has key components that you need to address exhaustively when planning to write one for your client. According to professional writing services, it is not easy to win a potential customer.

business proposal writing

Simple Tricks

The tricks below will enable you to understand how and what to cover in your business proposal writing.

  • Solutions: Ensure your proposal solves your client’s problem. But, how? Well, your presentation should focus on providing tangible solutions to their problems. Discuss in details how your solutions are the best and why you think the client needs them.
  • Benefits: Professional writing services recommend that you keep in mind that business is all about profits. Elaborate all the benefits that the customer will attain by working with you. Be precise and up to the point. Some of the benefits you can mention to your client include meeting tight deadlines and maintaining the confidentiality of your collaboration.
  • Credibility: How credible is your business proposal writing? A winning business proposal should always glow with credibility. Avoid overlooking this aspect because you can lose your client. The trick here is if you have in the past worked with other clients on the same field; as you will get an endorsement.
  • Samples: Remember business proposal writing is part of bidding. Therefore, alongside your business proposal provide your client with samples of previous sample evidence. This way they will ascertain that you are in a better position to solve their problems as compared to others. This is the best practice in professional writing services.
  • Language: Lastly, language is very critical in business. How you communicate with your prospective clients determines if they will eventually become your long-term business partners or not. Therefore, keep it professional, but most importantly, understandable.

Outstanding Tips for Business Proposal Writing

While different professional writing services experts recommend the obvious methods of writing a business proposal, our team have fresh and innovative ideas for the same. You can rest assured that your business will thrive when you finally follow and adopt the tips below. Considering its significance, you need to follow the tips to the later to avoid messing your business. Let us get to it!

  1. Be audience Centric

Unlike when writing other business documents, ensure you have an accurate understanding of your clientele base. Otherwise, if you rush to in business proposal writing you will end up messing everything. Well, conduct some little research to understand why the clients chose you over others. Which problem led them to you? This way, you will understand how to address their problems in your business proposal writing. Many at times, most people lose their clients because they deviate from customer’s expectations. It is for this reason that professional writing services advise you to keep your customer in mind when writing your business proposal. Invest much of your energy and time in engaging them. Mention the benefits they are likely to get when they finally accept your proposal.

business proposal writing

In case, you need to confirm whether your business proposal writing has captured your prospective clients ask yourself the following questions.

  • How fit is your proposal in addressing your clients problems?
  • How much help is your business proposal helping your clients to solve their problems?
  • Do you think your clients will respond positively or negatively in terms of your pricing?
  1. 2. Be mindful of the Language and Tone

Unlike other documents, in business proposal writing, remember to avoid jargons. Make it simple but professional. Many people lose potential clients by being too technical. The content in the proposal should be straight to the point and easy to read through. Such kinds of documents are easy to understand. You do not want to lose a lifetime opportunity because the content in your business proposal is technical. Well, keep it definite and precise. Like in professional writing services, try to have someone read through your proposal when you are through. Do not be in a hurry to send it to your prospects. For instance, they may assist you to identify areas where you need to use plain English.

Takeaway Tips on Language:

  • Avoid exaggerations and hyperbole that may contradict your company’s services or products,
  • Keep it real, but consistent with the basic rules of business proposal writing,
  • Avoid using humorous language. Even if you were funny during the first meeting never repeat it in business proposal writing, and
  • Keep the tone professional.
  1. Budget Appropriately

Many at times, the state is thought to pay extremely well for project contacts. However, do not let it get into your head. Some companies may present reasonable and long contracts, but with slightly lower profits. Therefore, when you plan to write your proposal ensure you give this fact enough consideration. Even with that, do not undercut your budget that much that you will find difficulties handling the project. In such a case, you are likely to hurt your firm in terms of profit margin. As per professional writing services, you need budget well to cover man-hours, hard resources, and duration.

In business all that matters is profits. At my Homework writers, we recommend that you give yourself a healthy profit margin. Besides, you can use it to negotiate in case you need to overcome your competitors. We know you are wondering whether there is a method of estimating costs right now. Well, do not worry because in professional writing services we have a working formula that will prove effective to you. That is, multiply the realistic number of hours of the project by 1.5.

For example, in professional writing services, if you estimate that your project will take you 60 hours. In the proposal, multiply 60 by 1.5. That will give you 90 hours. In your business proposal writing, state your estimated time as 90 hours.

business proposal writing

Takeaway Tips:

  • Your business proposal must directly reflect your investment or pricing
  • In case you overestimate, give your client a discount to make them happy
  • Illustrate in your proposal how each budget item benefits your client
  • Separating costs helps your prospective clients appreciate significant and higher areas of investment
  1. Length of your Proposal

It is important that you keep your proposal clear, but at the same time, concise. You do not want to take chances whereby your prospect client passes your business proposal to another person— because it is too long to read. Your proposal should be that one that can be read and understood just in a single sitting. While you may want to stick to the business proposal writing format, you need also to consider this aspect. At my homework writers, we advise our customers to move any superfluous information to the appendix part. Some of the information we strongly recommend our clients to include in the appendix include testimonials, graphs, and charts.

Also, avoid repetition in business proposal writing. Just hit the nail in the head than going around. If your proposal has to be that long, then ensure your executive summary is long enough; roughly two pages. In professional writing services, we support our clients to demonstrate full concepts and client needs. How? We keep our business proposals concise and of the right length, but importantly, engaging. Sorry, but with a long proposal, you are likely to lose your prospective customer.

Takeaway Tip: Like in professional writing services, strike the right balance between content and the length of your proposal.

  1. Call to Action

As per professional writing services, it is everyone’s hope that they win a contract after they submit their proposal to their potential clients. Thus, you need to take your time to convince your client to consider you for a meeting. It takes one a lot of time and energy when it comes to business proposal writing. Therefore, remember to include a proactive call to action in the document. Ensure, it is one that sums up your hard work. Sounds tricky, right? Do not worry. It is simple, just state that you will check on them as soon as possible to discuss the proposal in detail. Give your client an impression of wanting to meet them face to face to discuss the next step. Precisely, be bold as this may lead to a long working relationship.

business proposal writing

  1. Include Testimonials

Since it is all about convincing your client about your capabilities, you may need to include evidence that you are fit for the contract. For that matter, include client quotes in your proposal. This way, you will be able to stand out among your competitors. You are likely to catch the eye of your client because not many people include testimonials in their proposal. In case you did not know, testimonials serve as a third-party endorsement. According to professional writing services, it can illustrate to your client that you are aware of your duties in that contract. Plus, they increase the selling value of your business.

  1. Avoid Mistakes

Like language, remember to be keen here. Make sure your document is free of any writing mistakes. My Homework Writers encourages sharing the document with peers to ascertain it is error free before proceeding to another step. Your business proposal writing should be the one with a proper layout with signings on it. This way, your reader will be able to navigate within the document with little to no difficulties. First, clean up your document by ensuring grammar is correct. If your business proposal wring contains grammatical mistakes, your reader is likely to skip it.

Second, spelling mistakes should never appear in your document. In case your client realizes these mistakes, they will consider you a sloppy person. Well, you know what that implies— you are a lazy person who does not take keen consideration on details. Be warned, nobody will like to give such kind of a person an opportunity to work with or for them. Precisely, get your basics right because you never know the kind of clients you are dealing with.

Essentials of a Great Business Proposal

The above tips are very helpful in writing a perfect business proposal. However, they are not enough to secure you a contract. For that reason, let us go through the essentials of winning business proposal writing. Different professional writing services have different ideas on the number of essentials to include in a business proposal. However, even though stated differently, they are the same. The components include executive summary, proposal, services & pricing, terms, about us, e-signatures, and appendix. Read on to get a glimpse of what to include in each part.

i) Title Page

Like in any business document, ensure your business proposal writing contains a cover page. The cover page should have clear and concise information about you (name), organization name, date of submission, as well as the name of the client you are writing to address. Again, remember to state the title of the project. You may get an added advantage because many people do not include this part in their business proposal writing.

ii) Table of Contents

A perfect business proposal writing should have a table of contents. The table of content should have a complete outline of what the client should expect in the proposal. You can include it in your proposal if it is a long one. Like in any other document, a page number should follow the outline. With a proper table of contents, be assured that your business proposal will outshine those of your competitors.

iii) Executive Summary

This should be the first essential to appear in your business proposal writing. Here you will give an overview of your entire business. Be careful here because what your audience reads here may turn on or off your audience from proceeding. Take your time to outline the history of your company. Explain to your customer your current condition as well as well as the goals you seek to achieve in the future. In addition, explain to your customer why you think you are sending the proposal. Give them a hint of the benefits they should expect when they finally accept your bid. Ensure you sell the potential achievements of your firm at this point. Though, you should summarize the aspects rather than giving your reader a long history that might bore them. An additional hint is here is to make use of persuasive and direct language.

business proposal writing

iv) Proposal/Body

Unlike in the executive summary, outline the specifics of your proposed solution. According to My Homework Writers, it is at this point that you react to the “what, how, why, when and who” questions. For an outstanding proposal, consider illustrating more on the logistics and pricing of the proposed solution. Important, your proposed solution should match with the client’s needs. Further, you can outline your firm’s goals and your larger capabilities like it is done in professional writing services. Exploit this part properly by explaining to your customer what you offer and what to expect from the working relationship that you seek from them.

v) Services and Pricing

Explain to your audience in details your line of operation. What are you selling and at what costs? How will the product benefit the prospective client? These are some of the major questions that can guide you. That is when you finally settle down to draft your business proposal writing.  Possibly, list all the product and services you offer to your customers to get the customer to believe that you have what they exactly seek. Precisely, each product or service should contain its cost and supplier. On the other hand, be warned of overestimating prices. Just be specific and if you have to overestimate it should not be that high. At least your profit margin should open windows for negotiation when you finally meet on the table for a second meeting. Similarly, setting prices below your standard may result in you being stuck in the middle of a project.

In this part, you are not supposed to mention the amount of cash you require to accomplish the project. In professional writing services, we recommend you stick to the pricing of your products and services. Also, for your business proposal writing to stand out, avoid overestimation. Just devote this entire space to explain in details what your services and pricing. Disclose every information that you think is necessary to your client.

vi) Terms and Conditions

In this part, state in details the project timeline, payment schedules, and pricing. This part should outline a summary of the agreement between you and your client. If it an actual business proposal writing, then you need to consult your legal team before forwarding it to your client. You can search online for templates with this section to ensure you are on the same page with your client. Otherwise, your client may opt out of the agreement any time hurting your firm.

business proposal writing

vii) About Us Section

This a platform to showcase the face of your company. You can further talk about your overall accomplishments and experiences as professional writing services do. Talk about your marketing history in the market. In addition, introduce your team; what they specifically do in the organization. On team members, mention their skills and level of education.

viii) Appendix

As mentioned earlier, a business proposal should be concise and straight to the point. For that reason, a lot of technical information should not be included in the body. For that reason, you should list all your charts, graphs, photographs that you think are necessary. The prospective client will always refer back to this section in case they want to understand something.  However, you should arrange and name properly for easy following. Otherwise, they may confuse your client. Do you know what that means? Well, if they cannot understand them, then they may not consider your proposal. They will pass it to another person and you would have lost that chance. So, arrange your tables and all the materials that you think should be included in the appendix and name them before winding your business proposal writing.

iX) E-signature

This should be the last part of your proposal. According to many people, this is their favorite part. It should be the one, which does not distract your client. Keep it clean and neat. This is where you make your deal official with your client. However, that is if they agree with your proposal and solutions presented in the business proposal. Otherwise, expect them to sign the proposal if you have followed these tips to the later.

business proposal writing

How to Revise your Business Proposal

Like we had mentioned earlier, do not be in a hurry to submit your business proposal writing.  Go through it several times and if possible give it to another person to review it for you. This way, you can be sure that you sent the right document to your client. Pass it among colleagues and ask them to give comments on your writing. In My Homework Writers, we stand out as the best professional writing services because we review our documents before sending them to our clients. Like us, you can discover places that need changes especially grammar, spelling mistakes, and omissions.

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