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Please read Chapter 9 Discussion Case “Stop Online Piracy Act- A Political Battle between Old and New Media” (pp. 207 – 208) and provide responses to the following questions below. Also view the discussion case video.

Using the concepts presented in Chapters 8 & 9 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a one (1) paragraph response to each of the following five questions and respond to one (1) of your classmate’s posts:

  1. Figure 8.1 provides the types of regulation and U.S. regulatory agencies that impact businesses and society. In your opinion, what U.S. regulatory agency oversees SOPA and why? 
  2. Which of the seven (7) political tactics discussed in Chapter 9 are evident in the case? Provide justification for your choice(s). 
  3. According to this case, Google “reportedly spent $5 million in the first quarter of 2012 to combat SOPA.” In your opinion, would Google be considered a member of a PAC or a Super PAC?  Provide justification for your comments. 
  4. In your opinion, what can traditional organizations learn from the new forms of political activity described in this case? 
  5. The support video identifies two (2) tactics used within American borders. Briefly describe both tactics. 

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