Brian is helping to set up 20 small tables for an exhibit of eskimo

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Brian is helping to set up 20 small tables for an exhibit of eskimo
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Solve problems using diagram and or sketches. Please show work, not just solution


1.      Brian is helping to set up 20 small tables for an exhibit of eskimo sculpture at museum. Each table can have one sculpture on each side. If he pushes all the tables together to make one long table ho many sculptures can he display?

2.      Melissa’s cat is at the bottom of an 18-ft. well. Each day if it climbs up 3 ft. and each night it slides back 2 ft. how long will it take the cat to get out of the well?

3.      Pastor Plans to post the page numbers for three hymns at chapel each day. To do it, he must buy plastic cards each with one large digit on it, but obviously, he wishes to minimize the number of cards to be bought. The hymnal has hymns numbered from 1 to 632. What is the least number of cards must he buy to make sure that any selection of the three hymns is possible

4.      In a school election, Jan received 160 more votes than Julie, and James received twice as many as John. If a total of 440 votes were cast, how many votes did each person receive?

5.      The perimeter of a rectangle is 216. The length is twice the width. Find the length and width of the rectangle.

6.      Brenda and nine classmates spent the day at the amusement park. At the end of the day, they decided to pair up for roller-coaster rides so that each friend would ride with each of the other friends exactly once. What is the total number of roller-coaster rides made by Brenda and her friends?


7.      Of the members of three of the women’s athletic teams at CU, 21 are on the basketball team, 26 on the softball team, and 29 on the soccer team. Fourteen play softball and basketball. Fifteen play softball and soccer, and 12 play soccer and basketball. Eight are on all three teams. How many female athletes are there altogether. 

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