Easy Steps to Write a Term Paper 2023

Easy Steps to Write a Term Paper 2023

Are you looking for an A+ in your upcoming term paper but unsure how to go about it? A simple guide on how to write a term paper will help you realize your dreams. Our writers at My Homework Writers, are conversant with the requirements for writing a quality term paper. We are committed to guiding you to draft a top-notch term paper. Use the following easy steps to write a quality paper.

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Easy Steps to Write a Term Paper 2023
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How to Write a Term Paper

To write a term paper, understand the topic and instructions provided by your instructor. Go through each instruction and seek clarification before writing your paper. This will help you craft a paper that aligns with your instructor’s requirements.

Using the topic and instructions provided, develop a creative and compelling title. This helps you capture your reader’s attention as the title gives the first impression of your paper.  

The title narrows your research to a specific discussion, question, or study. This enables you to gather relevant data sources for your paper.

Restrict your research to credible sources such as peer-reviewed materials to develop strong ideas and arguments throughout your paper. Follow the term paper layout to organize your paper and present your arguments smoothly

How to Write a Term Paper Outline

Come up with an outline or plan to write your paper seamlessly. It forms the structure of a term paper as it consists of all the elements that must appear in your paper. Below is the general outline you should follow when crafting your work.

  • Cover or Title Page. This is a separate page containing your personal and course details, centrally aligned. Provide your name, course code, title, name of your instructor, and date of submission.
  • Abstract. Contains the description of the purpose of your paper. indicate the subject at hand and why it’s essential to address it. The abstract should be a few paragraphs-less than a page.
  • Introduction. Marks the start of your work with a general but captivating statement regarding your paper’s central argument, problem, or idea. Follow this with a thesis statement stating the answer or solutions to your paper’s focus. If your instructor hasn’t specified the length of this section, the rule of thumb is 10% of the total word count.
  • Body. This part provides the reader with the foundation of your paper. Write a brief history of the paper’s argument (literature review), the main points, effects, and solutions to the issue using research perspectives.
  • Results. In this section, you explain why your research findings are effective in providing a solution to the paper’s topic. Indicate whether the research findings have changed the thesis or solution highlighted in the introduction. If yes, explain how.
  • Conclusion. Includes a summary of the main findings, final thoughts, and solutions to the problem and question in your term paper.
  • Biography. Comprises the resources used to back up arguments, claims, and ideas throughout your paper. They’re organized alphabetically and formatted following the citation style directed by your instructor.

Formatting Your Term Paper

The formatting style to be used throughout your paper is determined by your instructor. This helps you to organize your references in an orderly manner and allows you to give credit to the sources of your data. Adequate and proper formatting eliminates cases of plagiarism.

If you are taking social sciences, use the APA term paper format. Wondering how to write a term paper in APA format? All you need is to understand the rules of APA citations. They include:

  1. Title Page. Contains the title of your paper written in bold, followed by your name, institution, and date. They should be center aligned.
  2. Headers. Each paper page must have a header consisting of specific page numbers. The title page has the 1st number on your paper’s left top corner.
  3. In-text Citations. This aid you to acknowledge the source of your research data. Indicate the author’s last name, a comma, and publication date (Author’s last name, 2022).
  4. References. At the end of your paper, list all the sources used throughout your paper. For APA citation, use “references” as the subheading to your sources.
  5. Margin. Your paper’s margin, (bottom, top, right, and left) should be 1 inch.
  6. Font Type and Size. All your work, including the header numbers, should be in Times New Roman, font 12.
  7. Spacing. Double-space your entire document and make sure there are no spaces before and after your paragraphs.
  8. Numerical formatting.
  • Use numeral numbers for main headings
  • Capital letters for first-level subheadings,
  • Arab numerals (1-9) inside the 1st level subheadings
  • Letters in the lowercase below the subheadings in Arab numerals.

APA Term Paper Outline Example

Here’s is how your complete APA term paper outline should be like:



Student’s Name

Institution Affiliation


Paper Title [On a new page 

  1. Introduction

(i) Discuss the main idea

(ii) State the problem (why)

(iii) Problem background


2. Main Body. Section 1

A. The extremity of the problem

  1. What?

2. Why?

3. When?

B. More details on the problem

  1. Facts

2. Examples


3. Main Body. Section 2

A. Cause and effect of the problem

  1. This was/is the problem


4. Main Body. Section 3

A. Possible solutions

  1. What measures are to be taken

5. Conclusion

A. Summary of the main points

B. Reinstate the thesis

C. Recommendations

6. References

      1. List sources in alphabetical order (ascending)


After meeting the content and formatting instructions, review, proofread, and edit your paper. This helps you correct any grammatical errors, typos, and poorly structured sentences. Re-read your paper aloud to verify the flow and understandability of all points.

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