Why I hate homework and 9 Solution to make it better

Why I hate homework and 9 Solution to make it better

Who loves assignments any? Even your teacher who is very much enthusiastic about giving you home hates it, and they know it. They provide you with homework because they are paid to do that, which is why I hate homework.

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Why I hate homework and 9 Solution to make it better
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Look at how teachers react when they are about to leave, and another teacher will handle their class. They cannot even look at the homework they gave you yesterday. Let me tell you why I hate reading and what can be done to make it better.

Destroys students attitude towards learning

Sometimes homework makes students hate school. Teachers give students too much work that they end up getting annoyed by the assignment. Imagine staying late at 1:00 am doing some work you had forgotten because it means a lot to you. Homework has been highly regarded in schools so much that students who fail to do it face various consequences, including performing poorly in their final exam.

The same exam influenced by your homework will determine your future.  Now I have to do the assignment not because I love it, but because it affects my life. I hate school. The only time I love school is during games and festivals. It is the only time I don’t have to do assignments.

Assignments has no place for learning

The school collaborates with parents to give students assignments as a way of keeping them busy.   The real reason why students are given assignments is to prevent them from being idle. Have you ever argued with your parents and then out of nowhere you are asked whether you have finished your homework?

What is the relationship between the argument and you finishing your homework? Your parent is trying to tell you that you are exceptionally idle; you need something to keep you busy. Teachers and parents think that students need homework to protect them from wasting their time.  

A teacher will add you to an assignment even before marking the previous one.  It is as if it’s a crime for you to go home without homework. You did not understand yesterday’s assignment, and you are sure you will fail, and the teacher has not looked at it.

 Today you will go home with another assignment with concepts related to what you did yesterday. What is the point of giving a student work without first looking at what they did the previous day, primarily if the concepts are related?  Another reason why I hate school!

I hate homework because it fools everyone

It is not a wonder that kids perform well in their homework and fail in supervised work.  Do you think that the kids perform well because they can think straight when they are in their rooms than in school? The real reason is that parents help kids with their assignments. 

Most parents do not have time to sit and wait for their kids to work on ten mathematics questions.  The easiest way is to get the kid sited and give them all the answers. In the next five minutes, the homework is done, the parents can continue with their plans, and everyone is happy, including the teacher.

At the end of the semester, the grades spike up for students who perform better in their homework. Homework becomes an element of discrimination for poor performers because they did not have anyone to help them do their work. The good news is that many websites are willing to help them do their homework.

Homework is one student’s work

Technology has made it easier for students to copy from each other by using group messages.  Everyone depends on “sharp” students to finish their homework and post on the Whats-app group. Others pick it from there and put it in their words to try and look original.

Amazingly, a teacher cannot detect the work is done by one student and edited by ten because they only want to see the assignment.  The only thing the teacher will look at in your project is the subtitles and the format. If you have done well to follow their instruction, you are off the hook regardless of the content.

Homework adds stress to stressed students

The high cost of living and broken families is enough for most students. Students have to decide what percentage of stress they will take from assignments and family issues. They are left to suffer whenever there is a conflict or divorce in their home. If you are eighteen, you get a chance to choose whether you should stay with your mum or dad.

I hate homework because it fools everyone

 Some parents will use their children as revenge against each other, not knowing they are hurting them. They create a co-parenting schedule where you have to jump from one city to another every weekend. Your parent shouts at you because they are stressed. The shouting and traveling should be enough for a weekend.

However, on Monday morning, your lecturer is at the door at 8 am asking for the homework.  You were so stressed that you did not have time for the assignment over the weekend, but the teacher will not hear about it. They deduct some marks from your final grade, and now you cannot get a college sponsorship because you failed.  All this is because of homework.  

Now you understand why I hate homework. However, we can get angry about it, but we have to do it anyway. Here are some tips on what to do if you hate school.

1.   Look at your assignment as a chance to learn instead of a grade

Grading homework is what brings discrimination to students.  But the teacher is worried that if they do not grade the assignment, you will not do it. That is partially true because not many of you do the homework anyway. Those who do it have either copied from a friend or done by their parent.  

The purpose of an assignment is to help you understand what was taught in school rather than enforce discipline. However, you cannot be blamed for thinking that homework is to force the class’s concept on you. You have the right for the teacher to explain to you in detail the purpose of the assignment and give you options to choose how you want to do the learning.  

The best thing is to see your homework as a chance to be autonomous and what you can do with what you learned. Let your lecturer do their work of explaining to you all you need to know about the homework before you go home.

1.   Study with a friend

Having a friend to study with can help you love your homework. Learning with a friend is better than letting your parents do your homework.  The best way to team up with a friend is to form a study group.


Ensure that you have rules that govern how you do your assignment and your commitment to the course. You can tell your friends to pay for fines for tasks skipped by paying for lunch or the next school trip.

Doing your homework with your friends will make it enjoyable as you will be talking and working at the same time. You will be so fast that you won’t realize you have finished your work. Sometimes you will look forward to doing the next assignment.  

2.   Be accountable to someone

Accountability can help you to work on your assignment faster than you can ever imagine. You have a variety of people to who you can be accountable. You can call them and tell them how you plan to start doing your homework even if you hate it. Explain to them your plan and how they can help.

Not many friends will turn down an offer of being bossy around you. They will take the chance to harass you for the mean things you ever said to them by ensuring that you don’t rest until your homework is done. Friends can also motivate you to do your homework to avoid many lectures from your friend for not doing homework.

3.   Start with your least favorite unit

 Stating with the unit that you dislike can help you finish up your homework. Your least favorite task will help you to look forward to working on your best subject. You may hate homework and deadlines because you can’t imagine dealing with that hard and awful subject.

The good idea is to get rid of it first and restore your peace of mind by working on it first. Later on, you can take your sweet time to work on other units that you enjoy most.

4.   Stop procrastinate

The more you procrastinate on your homework, the more you will hate it.  Procrastination makes your work harder. If there is a concept you did not fully understand, you will probably forget about it in the next three weeks.

The work becomes more challenging as you try to figure out how you will apply the forgotten concept in your assignment. Simultaneously, you cannot concentrate and think about the answers since you are under pressure because the work is due tomorrow. 

Deal with what makes you procrastinate on your homework first. You do not just wake up and ignore your assignment knowing that you will eventually have to do it. There must be a reason why you do not prioritize your homework.

Apart from hating assignments and deadlines, what else makes you procrastinate on your work? Knowing what makes you leave your work undone can help you to find a solution. Take a moment and do a thorough search in your life to understand the root of your behavior.

There are reasons why you keep on postponing your assignment. Sometimes it’s because you have more urgent issues to deal with, so you decide to do your homework later. Other days you wake up feeling lazy, and you can look at the boring assignment. Having a project with an extended due date is the best reason to put your work away for a while.

5.   Find a motivation

If homework is boring, try to find something that can spice it up.  Motivation can go a long way in helping you love school again. Start by doing something that will make you feel good about homework until it becomes natural.

Motivation can either be positive and negative. It is not about all the pizza and chocolate you can buy for completing your homework. It can also be about all the pains of doing your homework at the last minute. Whatever it is, use it to encourage yourself to love reading.  

Positive motivation can be the idea that doing your homework will help you understand the concept better. There is nothing that can make you happier than knowing answers to every question asked by the lecturer. You can achieve this by doing your assignment. Most of them ask questions from the homework they had given the previous day.

Think about how you will not graduate if you continue to hate homework. Using homework to determine who will graduate is wrong, but the people who invented homework do not care. Even if you continue protesting about homework and grading, they will still do it anyway.

The best thing is to brace yourself and take charge of your future. Do that homework even if you hate it because you will be crying alone when your name will not appear on the graduation list.

6.   Hire a professional coach

Sometimes you may try all you can, but you can’t love homework.  However, you are worried because of the consequences of not doing homework. Your best option is to hire a professional coach to help you with your homework. Many websites are willing to help you with your assignment.

I hate homework it fools

However, be careful with the sites you use because not all are genuine. I found this site very helpful when it comes to the assignment. They write original copies specifically for you. Besides, their work is of high quality, and they charge reasonably.

7.   Set a reminder

 You can take advantage of the many features on your phone that can remind you to do your homework.  The alarm on your phone can help you to get your task done. Your phone also has a calendar where you can indicate each assignment’s due dates and how to do them. be disciplined and follow the reminder until it becomes natural to do homework

8.   Use music to study

Playing the right music can help you love homework. Your brain is wired to respond to different types of music. Classical music can take away distractions in your mind and help you concentrate on your assignment.  Play it in a low tone to avoid it becoming noisy, and you end up not studying.  

Music can also be therapeutic. If you cannot do your assignment because of emotional issues like a breakup or financial problems, turn on music can be all that you need.

The bottom-line

 Now you know why I hate homework. You have also realized that nothing you can do about it no matter how much you protest because teachers will continue giving you assignments. If you are entirely unable to love homework, you can hire a professional writer to help you graduate. 

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