Top 50 philosophy essay topics to write about

Top 50 philosophy essay topics to write about

Even though philosophy is not a complete science, writing philosophy essays is not as easy as many people may think. A lot of research, additional reading, and sticking to the established rules are required to write a good philosophy paper. To write quality essays, you need to choose good philosophy essay topics.

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Top 50 philosophy essay topics to write about
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Choosing good philosophy essay topics requires some knowledge and skills. First, you need to select a topic that interests you. It gives you a forehand and makes it easy to dive into your research. This guide has provided a list of the top 50 good topics you can write about. It has also outlined the basic procedures on how to write a philosophy paper.

Though all essay topics are similar in some aspects, philosophy essay topics are special. It’s not about just expressing your opinion. You need to understand what message you want to deliver to your audience. You need to convince your readers by showing why your reasoning is credible. They should trust you and accept your reasoning as their own.

This is why you need to get your ideas from modern philosophy paper topics. The following tips will help you choose the best philosophy topics for presentation:

  • Ensure you have a debatable and current research topic in philosophy
  • You and your future audience must have an interest in the topic
  • Ensure the philosophical topic you choose provides different opinions and views

How to write a philosophy paper

Understand your assignment

The first step is to understand your assignment. Pay careful attention to words like ‘compare’, ‘outline’, and ‘evaluate’. Most research proposal topics in philosophy will require you to signify your understanding through explaining your argument. They will also measure your ability to evaluate your theories by providing an assessment.

Read instructions carefully

Philosophical topics need attention. You need to focus on course notes and recommendations from your instructor. When reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which philosophical topic is the author talking about?
  • What does the author mean by key concepts or ideas in the text?
  • What is the author’s argument?
  • Which theories is the author proposing?

Then, ask yourself how you will solve the questions. Be selective, draw your ideas carefully and leave adequate space for your evaluation.

Sort your ideas logically

You should write the ideas as you read and arrange them in a logical way. This helps to identify problems in your theory. It also avoids confusion as you will present your ideas in an orderly manner. Once you have noted your ideas, begin writing your essay.

Introduce your essay

A good introduction to philosophy essays should describe what you want to show. You should have an idea that works and easy to understand. The idea should be stated in a single sentence to ease the process of understanding. You should also provide a sequence on how you wish to accomplish each task in your paper.

The next step is to convince the reader that your theory is right. Present arguments that show why your theory is correct. In this step, assume your readers know about your philosophical topic but disagree with you. Strive to prove to them why your explanation and evaluation answers and addresses all sections of your question. Consider the following points when explaining your argument:

  1. Minimize your arguments – Don’t present too many arguments. It will be hard for your readers to keep track of the arguments that tackle the topic from different positions.
  2. Show discrimination – Develop the best compelling arguments. Weak arguments indicate your inability to differentiate them from the strong ones.
  3. Cover lesser ground –Incorporating many different theories will lead to a shallow explanation of your ideas. You should tackle fewer arguments in great depth as it helps give focus to your paper.

Precautions when writing philosophy essay topics for presentation

Avoid lengthy introductions

They should be brief. They should only introduce the topic to your readers.

Avoid long quotations

Quotations are necessary when showing another author’s exact word selection. Also, paraphrasing should be minimized. Consider that it is your reasoning your instructor wants to evaluate.

Avoid leaving questions unanswered

Never bring arguments in your paper and say you don’t qualify to settle them. Even if there has been a division among philosophers, you can take an independent stand based on how you evaluated your arguments.


Every philosophical writing has some dignity. No writer is an idiot in philosophy even if you don’t support the views they present. Don’t show that your opponents are incorrect by declaring their conclusions false. You should demonstrate your position in a manner that doesn’t propose it is correct.

Top philosophy essay topics

Current research topics in philosophy are numerous. This makes it difficult to choose the right one. A good topic to write about is one that is discussed in lots of literature. It should be easy to understand as well. This guide has provided the best research proposal topics in philosophy. They include the following:

  1. Imagine having a time machine, which occurrences would you change in your life?
  2. Do you think you are a unique person? What do you think is the difference between you and others?
  3. How precious is the truth? Are there situations when lying is better?
  4. Is there a need for education? Has the importance of education changed in current times?
  5. Should human beings always follow the rules? Is there a difference between breaking rules for a good course or rebellion?
  6. Does life after death exist? If true, how do you think about it?
  7. Our knowledge and understanding a product of experience, learning, or evolution?
  8. Peace and war. How do they relate to each other?
  9. What is the meaning of the supernatural? Is there any proof it exists?
  10. Communism or capitalism? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  11. Are science and religion compatible/incompatible in the contemporary world?
  12. What are your thoughts regarding the assumption that death is the equalizing factor in the world?
  13. Is death the final thing in human life or the beginning of another life?
  14. Should governments be warranted in confiscating the evidence of alien visits?
  15. Are parents responsible for the actions of their children?
  16. Is there a possibility of designing an ideal world?
  17. What role does religion play in this modern society?
  18. Can believing in God change human behavior?
  19. Should experiment on humans be justified ethically?
  20. Is capital punishment necessary? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  21. What do you think is a perfect life? What hinders you from achieving it?
  22. Is being rich having a lot of money?
  23. What makes life meaningful? What makes it meaningless?
  24. Differentiate between utilitarianism and hedonism?
  25. Are conspiracy theories good? Why do many people like them?
  26. How does genetics affect human personality?
  27. Is immortality possible? How can humans achieve it?
  28. The idea of happiness in the mind of modern youths.
  29. Is there a chance of developing a worldwide language? What made previous trials fail?
  30. Discuss the ethical concerns of abortions.
  31. Is the meaning of life similar in humans and animals?
  32. If freedom is the ability to do what you want, do animals have more freedom than humans?
  33. Is humanity going in the right or wrong direction?
  34. Does studying philosophy ever give answers or generate more questions?
  35. Of intelligence and wisdom, what would you choose?
  36. Where is the best place to find life meaningful? Work, religion, family, helping?
  37. Is jealousy a negative emotion or a power driving people to self-improvement?
  38. Is there any order in nature or is it chance and chaos?
  39. Does language affect how we think? If yes, by how much?
  40. If there was no religion, would people be less, more, or equally corrupt?
  41. Is there a difference between revenge and justice?
  42. With no established rules to control your behavior, how do you think you will behave?
  43. Why is beauty associated with morality?
  44. What do you think is the definition of evil?
  45. What are the advantages and disadvantages of diversity in society?
  46. Will technological progress come to a stop?
  47. Does life have a meaning? If yes, what is the meaning?
  48. Why do humans dream?
  49. Does your name affect who you become?
  50. Will humans go extinct? If so, how?

It is often difficult for students to choose the best philosophy essay topics. This guide has provided the top 50 current research topics in philosophy. It has also provided some tips on how to write a philosophy paper. You can also look for a philosophy paper example to gain more insights for writing philosophical essays.

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