70 Best macroeconomics research paper topics for college students

70 Best macroeconomics research paper topics for college students

Would it be great if you learned how to make, save, and spend money wisely in your business and economics classes? Unfortunately, that is not the case. In this article, we will go over several macroeconomics research paper topics as well as clarify the importance of macroeconomics in the world.

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70 Best macroeconomics research paper topics for college students
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Macroeconomics is a crucial subject in business and economics. However, it is very challenging. Students often become astounded by the subject and get discouraged to pursue it. Worry no more, we offer a list of fascinating macroeconomics ideas for all your essay needs to help you nail your assignment.

What are macroeconomics research paper topics?

As an economics student, you might know what macroeconomics is and its impact on humanity. Macroeconomics is the study of behavioral trends and the decision-making process of an economy.

The range of things discussed under microeconomics is quite diverse. They include inflation, unemployment, fiscal and monetary policies, political economies, finance development, gross domestic product, national and international trade, etc.

Types of writing in economics

An economics paper requires a lot of time and research to comprehensively compile and submit. There are different types of economic papers. For you to pick a proper topic and write about it, you need to know the kind of research paper you need to write. They include;

  1. Empirical papers. Data is run through a series of equations in a mathematical model. Insight and knowledge in econometrics help come up with economic hypotheses that disprove or prove the theory.
  2. Theoretical papers. The basis of theoretical papers is a model based on certain foundations that prove and count on certain outcomes.
  • Case note. This type of paper looks at economics from a legal and financial point of view. It allocates a monetary examination of the legal hearings and the court’s verdict.

If you are wondering how to write an economics paper, the structure is quite simple. Ensure all relevant details are covered in their respective sections. Add graphs, diagrams, and any other visual aids you may deem necessary to help your reader to understand your economics research paper.


Your introduction should talk about what your economics research paper is all about. Start your introduction with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. Present a brief history of the problem statement and finally create a thesis statement for your paper.


The body section of your economics research paper is the largest. Hence, it is divided into sub-part. Each paragraph in the body is introduced by a topic sentence. Additionally, each paragraph only contains one idea which is exhaustively discussed.

Different points of view contribute to arguments that prove or disprove the thesis statement or give a solution to the problem statement. Every end of a paragraph should include information from external sources of research.


You should restate the goal of the paper in your conclusion. The thesis statement should be paraphrased and restated in your first statement in your conclusion. The conclusion must make a summary of the arguments of the paper with no new points being added to it.


Scholarly articles add authenticity to a paper. Scholarly articles are a collection of research information previously carried out by other researchers. Citations and references for economics papers should always be scholarly.

Good topics for macroeconomics research paper

The process of coming up with a macroeconomics research topic might be daunting for most students. Luckily for you, here is a list of macroeconomics research paper topics:

  1. Explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different branches of the global economy
  2. Conduct an economic analysis of the 2007-2008 financial recessions. Investigate the fiscal and monetary policies enacted to mitigate the recessions
  3. Discuss the nature of catch-up of development in developing nations
  4. What are the limitations of using a county’s GDP as a measure of economic wellbeing
  5. What is the relevance of Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hands’ in contemporary economies
  6. What is the effect of marijuana legalization on local, state, and global economies?
  7. Do alternative currencies (Bitcoin) have the strength to impact economies over a long time?
  8. Wall street doomsday: give an example of the collapse of the stock market, state the causes and effects of the collapse
  9. Is human resource still useful in the manufacturing industry? Is it possible for machines to entirely replace humans in the workplace?
  10. In what ways have technological advancements aided the economic development of developing countries?
  11. Do theoretical economic models work within a real economic structure once implemented?
  12. What are the current American fiscal policies and their impact on economic growth?
  13. Classical versus Keynesian economic models and policies
  14. Make an analysis of the structural adjustment program by the International Monetary Fund and its impact on the recipient countries
  15. What are the effects of the America-China trade policies on the global economy?
  16. What is the effect of money on a population’s psychology and financial wellbeing?
  17. Analyze the effects of foreign direct investments on the best performing economies in Africa
  18. What is the correlation between money supply and inflation?
  19. Explain the significance of the informal sector (blue-collar jobs) to the economy
  20. What are the effects of government spending on an economy?

Macroeconomics term paper topics

Preparing a term paper could be confusing and intimidating. With proper preparation and technique, you may write a paper on any topic whether assigned or of your choice.

If your instructor does not assign you a topic, that leaves you with no other option than to choose one on your own. It is always prudent to select a topic based on your area of interest. Here are a few interesting term paper topics:

  1. Analyze the causes of failure of cryptocurrency in 2008
  2. What causes continuous recession despite government action to prevent it from happening?
  3. Compare and contrast roles play by the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank
  4. What is the economic impact of mergers and acquisitions of multinationals on the global economy?
  5. How is the global economy affected by franchising?
  6. What role do banks play in an economy? Will the structure and role of a bank evolve?
  7. Analyze global economic sustainability and the global trade imbalance
  8. What are the basis and outcomes of deflationary and inflationary gaps?
  9. Analyze the most effective approaches to reach market equilibrium
  10. Financial economics for fiscal policy and infrastructure
  11. Analyze the evolution of economic progress from ancient civilization to modern times
  12. Discuss the factors influencing production and marketing decisions
  13. Discuss the price discriminations problem, its effects, and possible mitigation practices
  14. What role does elasticity play in business development?
  15. What are the various ways government regulation affects a county’s economy?

Good contemporary topics for macroeconomics research paper

Factors affecting economics continuously experience change. As such new trends occur within the field of macroeconomics. Here are a few modern macroeconomics research paper topics:

  1. Analyze the situation on the financial transactions tax (FTT) on the Euro and Brexit
  2. Discuss the meaning and implication of macroeconomic short-term and long-term equilibrium
  3. Analyze the effect of NAFTA on the global economy
  4. What are the implications of Joe Biden’s policies on international equity markets?
  5. Discuss the effect of macroeconomic fluctuation on the UAE’s stocks markets
  6. Discuss the most recent developments in China’s economy, its macroeconomic effect on the global economy, and the future role of China on the global economy
  7. Analyze the impact of behavioral economics on globalization
  8. Compare and contrast the economies of Nigeria and South Africa, which is a stronger economy?
  9. Analyze the effect of biological advancement on economic growth. Base your arguments on healthcare, agriculture, and food technologies.
  10. Core-econ: what significance and impact does this online platform offer in availing economic data?
  11. A macroeconomics approach to analyzing the growing wealth gap: what are its causes and possible remedies
  12. Explain the importance of a country’s GDP to prospective investors
  13. Compare and contrast the four types of securities markets structures
  14. Describe the impact of COVID-19 on global economics; discuss different government intervention strategies to curb a recession
  15. Make an analysis of the future of the leading stock markets; NYSE, NASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange



macroeconomics research paper

Macroeconomics research paper topics for undergraduate

College students often face the daunting task of coming up with a topic for their research papers. In case you get stuck while doing your economics paper, it is always prudent to seek some research paper help.  Here are a few suggestions of suitable undergraduate economics paper topics:

  1. Discuss the effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, on the economy of the United States
  2. Global unemployment is at its highest, is it possible to sustain economies with this trend
  3. Is it possible to increase the GDP of a country and stimulate the economy through the pandemic
  4. Discuss the aspects and effects of trickle-down economics
  5. What are the macroeconomics effects of healthcare development
  6. What is the structure, function, and history of the world bank
  7. Does internet banking have any impact on bank profitability
  8. What is the correlation between demographic fluctuation and the economic performance of a country
  9. Analysis of economic indicators of China and Canada
  10. What are the implications of rising interest rates on Africa’s economy
  11. Discuss the potential of ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations) as a leading global economics force
  12. Explain the theory of effective demand and its implication on the global economy
  13. Compare and contrast real versus nominal exchange rates: which one accrues more benefits?
  14. What is the impact of government support in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within an economy?
  15. What is the impact on economic determinants of diverse currency regimes

Examples of macroeconomics topics for research paper

Macroeconomics research papers explore the implications and contribution of macroeconomics to different fields. Here are a few topics available to make a good research paper:

  1. Analyze Africa’s macroeconomic trends and forecasts
  2. Evaluate the impact of a trade war and the products affected within US jurisdiction
  3. Discuss the causes, effects, and possible solutions to economic inequality in Europe
  4. Discuss the role of aggregation and its influence on political economy
  5. Discuss ways of supporting developing nations’ economies through renewable resources
  6. Evaluate government tools and policies used to alleviate economic pressure from consumers and producers
  7. Study the impact of macroeconomics on the demand for healthcare insurance

Microeconomics topics for presentation

Microeconomics topics would make great avenues for an interactive and interesting class presentation. Here are a few topic ideas that would be ideal:

  1. Explain how to create a perfect competition
  2. What is the impact of supply and demand on pricing?
  3. Describe the effect industrialization had had on nature: how does the destruction of nature affect economies?
  4. Create a visual on how a business would navigate a quality-related issue
  5. Is supply stimulated by social media marketing?
  6. Discuss the correlation between the purchasing power of consumers and pricing strategies of businesses
  7. Define the law of diminishing returns and its impact on input
  8. Analysis of the correlation of healthcare profits and taxation
  9. Discuss the impact of local manufacturing on society
  10. An analytic essay on the structure of the microeconomic market
  11. Discuss the economics of information

AP microeconomics topics

Advanced placement microeconomics is the study of the foundations of microeconomic thinking. In case you need an advanced placement microeconomics topics, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Define the meaning of opportunity cost and hence compare and contrast implicit versus explicit costs
  2. Discuss the causes and impact of market failures, analyze the predictability of a market failure
  3. What is the application of game theory in real life?
  4. Discuss the nature and roles of product markets within an economy
  5. Discuss the perfect competition concerning production and cost
  6. Discuss the limited commodity availability phenomenon: is it possible to alleviate individual deficiency of resources?

In Summary

Macroeconomics is a significant subject in economics despite it being challenging. Macroeconomic research paper topics help us explore various aspects of macroeconomics.

Writing an economics paper requires a lot of research before starting your work. It is important to understand the type of economics paper you need to write and choose the best writing structure. If you are tasked with writing a macroeconomics research paper, why not go through this article and garb some topic ideas.

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