220+ best humanities research paper topics

Choosing a paper topic can be a daunting task for any assignment. A student may face agony trying to come up with the best topic to impress their instructor and readers. The best way to come up with a humanities research paper topic is to broadly begin with an area that holds your interest and then capture this as your paper writing decision. Choosing a topic that captures your attention and captivates you makes the paper-writing process entirely seamless.

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You may start by reviewing your course book for ideas on several subjects in humanities you might discuss. Humanities contain an array of topics such as history, music, philosophy, architecture, art, religion, etc.  You may choose to write on any of these subjects unless required to write about a specific subject by your instructor.

What are the humanities?

Humanities study features of human society and culture from a critical point of view. Humanities promote vast research, critical thinking, creativity, and qualitative analysis. Each discipline within humanities employs certain interpretation methods most suitable to it. For example, historical methods are used on history to evaluate whether it is oral, cultural, or quantitative history.

Topics for humanities research papers

We have understood how to come up with a topic and what humanities are. Here are a few examples of good research topics:

  1. Analyze the causes of war? Will planet earth ever experience peace?
  2. What are the underlying ethics and moral issues behind modern reproductive technologies?
  3. Is objectivity a ripple effect of critical thinking?
  4. What are the drawbacks of pragmatism in North America?
  5. How are idealistic concepts applied every day?
  6. Make a critical investigation of why it is so hard for humans to understand each other’s feelings
  7. How do advertisements influence political views?
  8. Compare and contrast: Sheikh Zayed and Barrack Obama
  9. Issues surrounding the US-Mexico border
  10. What is the correlation between public policy and collective action?
  11. Is the application of behavioral game theory feasible in politics?
  12. An analysis of urbanization in developing nations
  13. What effect did the 911 terrorist attack have on Muslims
  14. The importance of studying humanities
  15. The effect of social media on modern human interactions
  16. Animal and human sacrifice in religion
  17. Reformation in art
  18. The age of enlightenment
  19. Human subcultures
  20. The correlation between theology and medicine
  21. The role of music in pushing political propaganda
  22. The relevance of humanities in the age of information
  23. Racism and the relation to the human family unit
  24. Mayan architecture, art, and history
  25. Cults and contemporary religious movements
  26. Can photography be used to shape public opinion?
  27. Liberal arts in edification in the 21st century
  28. Modern music and political clarification
  29. The printing press: is it a dying industry
  30. Social Darwinism
  31. The education experience: color and gender
  32. Why do human beings engage in acts of violence?
  33. The dystopian revolution: corporate and social control
  34. The meaning of freedom within humanities
  35. The sciences versus humanities
  36. A historical review of humanities on the late, middle, and early middle ages
  37. Roles and jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
  38. Is it fair for an employer to dictate employee conduct outside the workplace
  39. Ethics and moral dilemmas surrounding assisted suicide
  40. A study of conscience rights within the workplace
  41. The roles of labor unions in workplace negotiations
  42. The threat of maritime piracy in the 21st century
  43. Is human cloning morally and ethically acceptable
  44. The life of Christians in the modern middle east
  45. A look at the neo-romantic era
  46. Analyzing the theme of tragedy in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare
  47. The role of symbolism in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
  48. The politicization of futurism in the 20th century?
  49. Scientific revolution within the arts: Francis Bacon
  50. Egyptian art as a world heritage
  51. The life of Jesus as depicted in medieval Europe
  52. Mosque architecture: typology and art
  53. Art in the Renaissance era: the human body
  54. A history of the culture and ways of Native Americans
  55. Effects of the reconstruction on African Americans
  56. Revolution against slave trade: John Brown
  57. Socrates’s philosophy in Western democracy
  58. The role of religion in influencing Middle Eastern politics
  59. The role of song in warfare
  60. The correlation between ear training and human biology
  61. Modern music and file-sharing issues
  62. A review of classical compositions: Mozart
  63. The foundation of modern rock music: the pentatonic minor scale
  64. The influence of music on human emotion
  65. Mastery of an instrument: practice versus innate ability
  66. The evolution of music production in the computer age
  67. An account of past piano methods
  68. Medical anthropology
  69. Cultural imperialism and contemporary media
  70. Political correctness in the new millennia
  71. Pagan festivals and rituals
  72. Cultural implications of deviant behavior
  73. Critical race theory
  74. Lives of contemporary Jewish families
  75. The influence of health and illness on human society
  76. The rise of cities and the way of living of the modern man
  77. Technology and automation: evolution of human behavior
  78. Islamic societies: lives of inter-racial couples
  79. The influence of the first African American president: Barrack Obama
  80. Culture and life of the Quechua people of Peru
  81. Modern policy and environmental anthropology
  82. How does archeology enable the study of past human culture?
  83. The significance of the Digital Archeology Record in preserving irreplaceable archeological recordshumanities research
  84. Derivations about the earthly species from the archeological study
  85. The correlation between time, space, and archeological records
  86. A behavioral evaluation of vandals: ancient and ceremonial archeological records
  87. The Taj Mahal: inspiration of its creation and building
  88. An analysis of contemporary artists breaking genre stereotypes
  89. Art by Pablo Picasso
  90. Trends and aspects of digital art
  91. Does the expression of art have boundaries?
  92. Compare and contrast Mesoamerican and Egyptian pyramids
  93. The history of the Venetian masks festival
  94. What is the relationship between art and philosophy?
  95. A critical analysis of the foundations of futurism
  96. Discuss the element of style in Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss
  97. Discuss the power of art therapy
  98. Should academics include the recognition of art?
  99. American vs. Bollywood dance routines
  100. Contemporary dance styles in modern society
  101. Greek vs. Roman mythology
  102. 18th and 19th-century art: similarities and differences
  103. Description of art in India and Artwork
  104. Influence of Adolf Hitler on art
  105. Is it possible to decode abstract art?
  106. Political cartoons as a form of art
  107. The thinker vs. Venus de Milo
  108. Is television becoming obsolete?
  109. The intrinsic value of truth and knowledge
  110. The mind philosophy: dualism
  111. Moral epistemology
  112. What is the difference between knowledge and vagueness
  113. Probability theory and quantum thinking
  114. Understanding happening in semantic history
  115. The welfare and rights of animals in society
  116. Understanding of the Copenhagen concept
  117. Discuss contemporary life values
  118. Discuss argumentatively: Is earth home to the only living organisms in the universe?
  119. Can an individual attain happiness without a family?
  120. What is the moral concept of breaking laws and rules for the greater good
  121. Explain the concept of love and why it is so important to humans
  122. Which is more important in the contemporary world: a higher IQ or EQ?
  123. Is ideal democracy achievable?
  124. Discuss the concept of life after death, do you believe in it?
  125. Explain what happiness means to you
  126. Which theory appeals most to you: determinism or free-will
  127. The impact of genetics on human life
  128. Safety issues in construction sites
  129. Challenges in the design and building of sports structures
  130. An analysis of the uniqueness of Chinese architecture
  131. Is virtual planning feasible and reliable?
  132. Methods of preserving ancient buildings
  133. Compensation and payment disparities among architects in the US and Europe
  134. Is extreme weather a factor to consider in determining the durability of a building?
  135. Pros and Cons of vertical housing
  136. What are the applications of computer technology in architecture and building
  137. What are the most significant things to consider for resilient design?
  138. Discuss the best practices in urban planning
  139. Assess the origins of Islamic architecture
  140. What has information modeling done to influence architecture?

Interesting humanities research paper topics

A great way of easily writing a humanities research paper is searching for an interesting topic. These topics are usually non-technical but offer insight and learning into your subject of study. Here are a few examples:

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  1. American distress and popular culture
  2. Discuss the theory of distraction
  3. Philosophical theory: hedonism
  4. Discuss the nature of being
  5. Is war justifiable
  6. An analysis of the theory of scientific realism
  7. Outlook of the philosophy of language
  8. The black hole theory
  9. Describe your view of a perfect life
  10. What roles do good and evil play in society
  11. Compare and contrast spiritual power and free will
  12. Egoism: pros and cons
  13. Should abortion be legalized?
  14. Is patriotism a virtue?
  15. White lies: when should we tell them
  16. Will Artificial Intelligence renders the humans useless
  17. Describe anti-utopianism
  18. Is it ethical to allow euthanasia in healthcare
  19. What has impacted human knowledge: evolution, experience, or learning
  20. What is power?
  21. Are people and animals different?
  22. Discuss the role of society in the formation of an individual’s society
  23. Which is better, a vocation or a well-paying job?
  24. Has the significance of education evolved, is it for everyone?
  25. Is there relativity in truth?
  26. Discuss the concept of eternity
  27. Do video games affect the morality of their consumers?
  28. Is it possible to always think positively?
  29. Communism vs. capitalism
  30. Is it ethical to perform experiments on human subjects?
  31. Should there be a reason for the creation of a space code of ethics by humans?
  32. Does culture influence morals?
  33. Is the existence of the American dream still there?
  34. Human nature: God and man
  35. Is capital punishment justifiable
  36. Discuss mass incarceration’s effect on the overcrowding of correctional facilities and ways to impede it

Social science research topics

Social science is a division of science that studies individuals’ relationships with society. Social sciences try to understand the working of the human mind and how society functions. Students studying social sciences develop dispositions, content, ideas, and skills that are needed to become well-informed and fully active citizens. Here are a few social science research topics for college students available for your social science assignments:

  1. Conspiracy theories
  2. A study of the New World Order
  3. Issues of race and politics
  4. The gold rush of California
  5. Real issues that led to and sustained the Vietnam war
  6. The impact that WWII had on women
  7. Should same-sex marriage be made legal?
  8. State vs. Federal power
  9. Discuss the concepts and underlying principles of advertising
  10. Labeling theory: an analysis of its basic principles
  11. Do sports have an impact on adolescents’ mental health, how so?
  12. What is the process and contribution to the establishment of social norms in society?
  13. Opinions and concepts on intersexuality
  14. Prostitution: what would be the impact of legalizing it
  15. Should there be more stringent punishment for hate crimes?
  16. Is social media activism impactful: role of social media in policy implementation
  17. Discuss the impact of prison overcrowding on society
  18. Analyze the evolution of feminism in the last ten years
  19. Analyze the issues of data and information security in the information era
  20. Religious discrimination: islamophobia
  21. Do movies influence human value systems?
  22. Compare and contrast experiences between growing up in a nuclear family versus an extended family
  23. Psychological development of children: analysis of gender-oriented toys
  24. The influence of same-sex parenting on a child’s psychology
  25. Is population control ethical and moral?
  26. Hitler versus Obama: an analysis of good and bad role models in history
  27. Impacts and Issues of English as the global language
  28. A comparison between the metric system and the imperial system
  29. The effects of cosmetic advertisements on self-image
  30. The importance of taking care of your mental health
  31. Does technology promote and enhance a culture of procrastination
  32. A review of steps to making a friend
  33. Perception control: should people judge me based on what I wear?
  34. The workplace: a look at women’s rights
  35. A statistical analysis of the worldwide suicide rate according to gender
  36. What role do tabloids play in defamation: an ethical and moral approach
  37. A moral approach: the electric chair versus a lethal injection
  38. Are facial recognition and behavioral analysis systems used for racial profiling?
  39. Correlation between race and education levels
  40. Aspects of immigration and assimilation
  41. The influence of romantic comedies on women’s ideas about love
  42. Does social media promote narcissistic tendencies?
  43. Instagram vs. Twitter vs. Facebook: an analysis of each of its users and audience
  44. A review of food laws and regulations
  45. Is being a vegan a great practice?
  46. The culture of extreme sports: skiing, surfing, and skating
  47. Does competition between young women digress strides made by feminism
  48. The dilemma: globalization vs. national identity
  49. Trends and ways of bullying in colleges and the workplace
  50. Is society overloaded with too much data: information overload
  51. Social stigma and isolation of people living with HIV/AIDS
  52. The impact and influence of developing countries: the global economy and international law
  53. An evaluation of the effectiveness of fighting poverty on earth
  54. School gun violence
  55. Could virtual reality redefine social interaction?

humanities research

Humanities research example

From the list of our research paper topics, we have picked one of the interesting topics we have for our paper example. The example below is under linguistics one of the branches of humanities:

Impacts and Issues of English as the global language

What would happen if the world did not share common languages? Would people from different cultures and countries communicate? English is used by many people across the world and is considered one of the most important languages in the world’s history. We will look at the impacts (both good and bad) of using English as a global language.

English as a global language allows for the transmission of information and interconnectedness among people. For example, English is the main language used in mainstream media to convey international news. Major news outlets such as CNN and BBC have their broadcasts in English. Al Jazeera, an Arabian news company changed its name from the Arabic language to English to gain a wider audience. If different people from different non-speaking countries come together, their common language of communication will most probably be English. Hence, language acts as a link between people.

The predominant use of the English language could lead to the death of other languages. According to linguists, the death of a language refers to a lack of speakers of the language. The death of a language also leads to lost traditions, culture, and heritage. The use of an international language may seem appealing hence native languages are rendered useless. Loss of language eventually leads to loss of diversity.

In conclusion, English as a global language has both its positive and negative impacts. English allows for interconnectedness and a free flow of knowledge. On the other hand, it leads to a loss of culture and diversity through language death. How has English as a global language impacted your life?

The briefly written essay above presents one of the easiest research paper topics for a humanities class. The topic is easily researchable by use of primary, secondary, and web sources.

Humanities research paper format

Since Humanities consists of very broad subjects, they are ideal for writing a research paper. After carefully choosing good research topics, go ahead and do thorough research on your chosen research topics. The best formatting style for writing your humanities research paper is Modern Language Association (MLA) format. A basic humanities research paper consists of three parts introduction, body, and conclusion.

Outline of the introduction of a humanities research paper

The introduction of your paper should have the following features:

  • Start the introduction with a hook sentence to grab the attention of the reader
  • Give a summary humanities topic you are addressing in your essay
  • Define terminology that may be new, complex to understand, or important to the audience
  • Conclude your introduction with a thesis statement

Outline of the body of a humanities research paper

The body is the largest part of your research paper. It should have the following elements:

  • All significant parts of the paper should be discussed in full within the body part of the essay
  • Back up all your main points with appropriate examples
  • Use sources as evidence to support your main points such as quotations, facts, statistics, previously done research, etc.

Outline of the conclusion of a humanities research paper

This is the final and yet significant part of your research essay. Here are a few things you should consider while writing your conclusion:

  • Paraphrase the thesis statement you had written in your introduction
  • Summarize all the main points within the body part of your paper
  • End your conclusion with a provoking question or a call to action to your audience

Humanities final project ideas

You may be nearing the end of your humanities studies and need a project to complete your course work. Coming up with a suitable project idea can be an uphill task. With a little bit of research, however, you may be able to find the perfect idea for your project. Ensure your study comprises research topics about humanities and social sciences. Here are a few final project ideas:

  1. The effects of the Somali conflict on student performance a case study of immigrant students studying in Kenya
  2. A study on the effects of alcoholism on family development in Africa
  3. Promotion of children’s rights in war and conflict regions by international organizations
  4. Motor speech skills among children suffering cerebral palsy: a study of African special schools
  5. A study of impressionism, fashion, and modernity.

In summary

Choosing a great humanities topic requires vast research over several humanities research paper topics. Once you narrow down the most interesting and researchable topic, writing the paper becomes a seamless experience. Humanities comprise the study of people and society. It is a vast subject with subdivisions that comprise many interesting topics for research.

The most suitable paper format to use with your chosen topic for a humanities research paper is MLA. A humanities paper has a simple outline comprised of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

You may need a few ideas for your humanities project as part of your coursework. Detailed research will lead you to a good idea for your project. In case you need to write a humanities paper and can’t seem to come up with a topic in mind, go through this article for some insight. For humanities assignment help visit My Homework Writers.

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