Top 247 + ethics research paper topics for college students

Top 247 + ethics research paper topics for college students

Every society’s code of morals is defined by what is perceived to be good or bad. Everyone has to accept the moral guidelines established in the society they live in. Normal ethics will see murder, harassment, or theft as bad morals. However, many influences affect our comprehension of ethics. Keep reading to understand various ethics types and the best ethics research paper topics to talk about.

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Top 247 + ethics research paper topics for college students
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Categories of ethics

Current philosophy divides ethics into these sections:

  1. Metaethics
  2. Applied ethics
  3. Normative ethics


Metaethics deals with morality and its origin. It defines the origin of values, reasoning, and motivation.

Normative ethics

It deals with one’s behavior. It answers questions such as how a person should act. Generally, it emphasizes a person being kind to others.

Applied ethics

It applies moral influences to controversial subjects of reality. Its scope varies greatly and can include criminal justice and bioethics. It deals with certain practices and actions from the moral understanding point.

Ethics can be further split into more areas. Over the years, philosophers have brought different ethical theories. They include utilitarianism, virtue ethics, deontologist, and right.


This is a person entitled to certain moral responsibilities but they don’t follow them. When certain ethical conflict arises, they judge quoting their proclaimed standards.

In utilitarianism,   when a decision is made, it should produce great benefits to the majority of the population.

Rights are considered a high priority when they are at the base of ethical theories. Rights are established by law and given from an individual to the other in a society.

When a person is judged by virtue, one’s character is considered not his/her actions. Ethics, motivation, and reputation play an important role in virtue ethics. After understanding these basics, you can begin writing your essay on ethics.

Ethics research topics to write about

Ethical issues deal with situations where you have to make a decision about which action is right or wrong. This essay research topics raise different questions thus a student must defend their stand completely. The following is a list of ethical issues you can talk about:

  1. Discuss what should be done about change in climate
  2. Discuss the moral complexities surrounding the topic of abortion
  3. How can eating meat be justified?
  4. Discuss plastic use and its disadvantage in the beauty industries
  5. Show whether it is not ethical to be rich
  6. Why you should buy products from nestle when they make water a private resource?
  7. How can unequal wealth distribution be unethical?
  8. Should workplace ethics consider sexism? Discuss how
  9. What measures must be taken to counter racism?
  10. Discuss reasons why euthanasia should be legalized?
  11. Reasons why war can be ethical at times
  12. Should students be punished by their schools for using Fridays for protests?
  13. Would the use of drugs be considered not ethical if it was legalized?
  14. Show the moral difficulties that arise with the automation of jobs
  15. Should institutions be made to employ more ladies in top positions?
  16. To which extent should a persons’ privacy rights go?
  17. Why using animals for scientific purposes and testing is not ethical?
  18. How are governments supposed to act in the case of refugees?
  19. What is the carbon effect of getting children?
  20. Can present societies be accountable for the actions of their nations?
  21. Analyze and explain the profits and downsides of universal currency.
  22. How many regulations should a country have on communication and media?
  23. Should religion be taught in schools?
  24. Discuss ethical issues related to downloading various media from the worldwide web?

 Computer ethics research paper topics

The rise of information technology has changed the culture of our societies. Computer ethics employs past moral beliefs to everything in computers and internet security. The following list contains interesting computer hacking ethical research topics.

  1. How much functionality should we dedicate totally to computers?
  2. What are the problems of storing sensitive information on the internet?
  3. Are computers safe to store lots of data about our daily lives?
  4. Explain why hacking should be justified morally.
  5. State and explain security-related issues relating to computers.
  6. Should every application be free?
  7. Can possessing a patent of computer algorithm be legitimized?
  8. What should be applied to counter cyberbullying?
  9. Show the moral impacts anonymity imparts on online communities.
  10. Whose laws take effect if you want to protect yourself online?
  11. Show how the need to have a computer affects third-world countries and their population.
  12. Which ethical issues do everyone encounter due to the effects of the internet?
  13. Can hacking a person’s computer be justified? If yes, when?
  14. Which are the responsibilities that arise when developing new software?
  15. Cybercrimes are less dangerous than human-related crimes? Discuss
  16. Who is the owner of data that is stored online?
  17. Between easy accessibility and privacy, which should be considered first?
  18. Show the moral effects of AI in society.
  19. Who is to blame if computers do big mistakes?
  20. Analyze and explain the need for netiquette.
  21. How should technology corporations combat ethical issues?
  22. Can AI technology necessitate ethical behavior?
  23. When do technical companies require ethical boards?
  24. Various ethical conflicts arise when drones are used, which ones are they?
  25. Discuss racial discrimination in recognition software.

Sports ethics research paper topics

Ethics and morality in sporting activities are derived from respect, integrity, fairness, and responsibility. This often places the participants into a dilemma: am I supposed to win, or am I supposed to act ethically? Deriving answers to such questions are never easy. The list below provides sports ethical research paper topics.

  1. What are the moral problems brought by the use of enhancement drugs?
  2. Can gamesmanship be unethical?
  3. What is the importance of sports ethics?
  4. State and explain the ethical obligations of athletes.
  5. Which ethical reasons play a part in paying college athletes?
  6. Discuss the ethical effects of kneeling during national anthems.
  7. College sports activities and the requirements of advanced education go side by side?
  8. Discuss the gender bias found in sports.
  9. Is it mean when the female football team of the United States went to court for equal earnings with the men’s team?
  10. Which moral responsibilities do institutions of learning have to their athletes?
  11. Can cheating be justified, if yes, when?
  12. Can professional sporting events be unethical to the environment, how?
  13. Which ethical implications do health employees have regarding sportspersons?
  14. Which moral responsibilities do teams’ managers possess?
  15. Professional sportsperson are entitled to lucrative salaries? Are these salaries justified?
  16. Olympics barned the wild card system in 2003. Show how that was appropriate?
  17. Due to the Paralympics, disabled sportspeople do not participate in the Olympics. Show how that can be discriminatory?
  18. Money affects fairness in a sporting activity. Explain.
  19. Children are badly used in training to become top athletes. Show if that is true and how it happens.
  20. Which moral responsibilities do good sports activities follow?
  21. Do parents need to involve their selves with their children’s physical education? If yes, show how much?
  22. Show how today’s ethics code should influences sporting activities.
  23. State and explain the ethical effects of motor racing.
  24. Who should take the responsibility when a player is injured during sports?
  25. Referees are always fair? Discuss?

Bioethics ethics research paper topics

Bioethics takes part when we are dealing with health and life. It plays a part in genetics, neurology, and also plastic surgery. When looking for a harmonizing solution, researchers always get involved in conflicting situations. This confirms bioethics as an interesting topic for an essay. The following topics revolve around the field of bioethics.

  1. Explain genetic engineering’s moral implications today.
  2. When using CRISPR, there are ethical responsibilities involved. State and explain them
  3. Discuss the effects of research in stem cells.
  4. When is it appropriate for humans to be used in drug testing?
  5. Vaccines must be mandatory for all. Discuss
  6. Discuss the code of ethics that applies to medical practitioners.
  7. Discuss the negative problems of plastic surgery on humans.
  8. Should a person who has a dead brain be killed?
  9. Is it appropriate that good health care is proportional to a person’s wealth?
  10. Should every person donate an organ for free?
  11. Your right to privacy is more important than information that will put relatives at risk?
  12. Prenatal testing: is it ethical?
  13. Neuro-enhancement drugs should be legal. Discuss
  14. Discuss ethical problems involving barring service and Disclosure.
  15. Is it right to enhance memory capabilities using brain stimulation?
  16. Investigate the ethical implications of precision medicine.
  17. Discuss the effects of surrogacy?
  18. Should health service personnel gather healthy parts of a dead person without their agreement?
  19. The brain of a mother dies during childbirth. How should the unborn child be handled?
  20. Discuss the importance of anonymity during research?
  21. Show the consequences that mentally challenged individuals face due to their actions.
  22. Is it ethical for Sweden to impose less strict covid 19 lockdown measures?
  23. To what limit are corporations responsible for the health of their employees?
  24. Health care should be free.

Criminal justice ethics research paper topics

Law enforcers are supposed to act ethically. Usually, that does not always happen. Both attorneys and police officers find themselves in morally unaccepted situations. Mostly, they don’t do what is considered right.

When a student is given an assignment on criminal justice, they need to analyze all these situations. You will need to choose the best ethical research topics in criminal justice to talk about. Here are some examples of criminal justice ethics research topics.

  1. Is it appropriate for police officers to act violently?
  2. Which way can a police officer stay unbiased?
  3. Should officers publicly wear guns?
  4. How much police force is deemed too much?
  5. Show the relevant ethical effects associated with podcast crimes.
  6. Prostitution should be legalized in the United States.
  7. How is interrogation ethical?
  8. How can we morally justify torture?
  9. Investigate the ethical impacts of lying as a member of criminal justice.
  10. Working as an undercover is a deception. Discuss
  11. Discuss how it is a citizen’s moral obligation to take part in a jury.
  12. Should the state be verified to have access to every person’s data?
  13. Investigate the ethical problems associated with “innocent till proven guilty.”
  14. Should criminals be permitted to see and visit their children?
  15. How can teaching morals in institutions prevent crimes?
  16. Should have NATO got involved in the United States Afghan war?
  17. Which are the moral challenges of shooting drills in schools?
  18. Edward Snowden was morally wrong in his doings. Explain
  19. Child soldiers: How we should deal with them?
  20. Investigate whether Julian Assange’s prosecution is justified.
  21. How can capital punishment be justified?
  22. Analyze and conclude the ethical complications in private prisons.
  23. Which moral rules should one consider when giving prisoners a right to work?
  24. It is ethical to lock juvenile offenders? Discuss

Business ethics research paper topics

Business as a subject is one of the most pursued courses worldwide. Most students want to understand business concepts to apply them in their daily lives. To understand these concepts, you must dedicate a lot of energy and resources to learning. You must also undertake good research to grasp the concepts. These business ethics topics will make your life less difficult and challenging.

  1. Weigh the relationship between moral practices and business decision-making.
  2. What brings about unethical behaviors in the workplace?
  3. Explore the psychological origin of business ethics.
  4. Discuss personal integrity and the relationship to business ethics.
  5. Discuss ethics in workplaces showing how one can make proper decisions
  6. Can ethical mistakes result in bankruptcy?
  7. Discuss the workplace ethical dilemmas in our society.
  8. Explain the difference between the ethics of managers and that of employees
  9. What are the best measures to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?
  10. Discuss trade associations’ code of ethics.
  11. Investigate the effects of teaching business ethics
  12. Explore the difference between business concerns of different cultures.
  13. What are the best ways of ensuring good business behavior at work?
  14. How can we maintain a proper balance between pragmatics and ethics in business management?

Environmental ethics research paper topics

  1. Evaluate and explain the environmental code of ethics of the United States government
  2. Should companies be held responsible for protecting the environment?
  3. Looking at EU admin, evaluate business ethics and environmental policy
  4. What are the issues of the environment in business ethics?
  5. Discuss the ethics of constructing residential in a fragile environment.
  6. Explain the impacts of hunting and its relation to recreational environmental ethics.
  7. Discuss and analyze climate change mitigation efforts.
  8. Investigate the ethics behind commercial whaling.
  9. Show the rights of the diverse range of ecological entities?
  10. Explain the implications of pollution trade-off programs and whether they are ethically justified
  11. Show the societal views on good and bad ethics
  12. Electrical cars will save our planet. Discuss
  13. Show the difference between reading paper books vs reading eBooks.

Biomedical Ethical research paper Topics

Bio medics involve the treatment of living things. It is a complex subject that requires skills and expertise. Many students encounter difficulties when choosing biomedical ethical research topics to use in their assignments. After choosing their topics, scholars should conduct thorough research to get the right information. You can use the following topics in your research paper.

  1. Define medical ethics and its importance in the medical field?
  2. Do medical ethics need to be similar in their application worldwide?
  3. Analyze the importance of global ethics in the field of medicine.
  4. Is it ethical to terminate a patient’s life? If yes, explain when it is necessary
  5. Analyze and explain the appropriate methods of monitoring the application of ethics in medical   fields.
  6. Discuss the ethical challenges encountered when practicing medicine in foreign countries?
  7. What are the responsibilities of doctors when ethics in medicine are not existing?
  8. Discuss the difference between medical ethics in Europe and Asia?
  9. Considering ethics in pregnancy, when should a doctor demand an arrest of a patient?
  10. Which nursing theories are more ethical? Explain
  11. Show the difference between religious beliefs and medical ethics?
  12. Explore the problems of ethical behavior in medicine.
  13. Do vitamin supplements bring more danger than good?

Ethics research paper topics in Nursing

Nursing as a subject involves a lot of research. Students must prove that they got the knowledge to deal with human medical problems. These require the students to have a good understanding of ethical research topics in nursing. Students should also possess great skills in research to succeed in nursing. The following are examples of ethical research topics to write about in nursing.

  1. Discuss the steps involved in analyzing ethical problems in nursing.
  2. State and explain the moral code of ethics in nursing.
  3. Do nurses often get involved in assisting people to commit suicide? If true, show how?
  4. Discuss ethical implications when dealing with psychiatric patients.
  5. Discuss the complementary health care in the US concerning ethics of data collection
  6. Analyze and explain the ethical implications of abortion.
  7. Discuss ethical responsibilities in the treatment of homeless people.
  8. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the promotion of medical sales.

Ethical dilemma topics

 Ethical dilemma research topics show the gap between the understandings of different people on ethics. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which is right and what is wrong. This creates a dilemma in that society.

Ethical issues clash when conflicting moral standards oppose each other. It is not easy to get a clear way to an accepted solution of moral standards. Use the following ethical research paper topics to discuss morals.

  1. What should health care workers do if their patients oppose certain medical solutions due to their religion?
  2. Should parents or guardians monitor everything their kids encounter on the web?
  3. Would you offer your products or services to clients with opposing political views?
  4. Should you advertise something you don’t like for pay?
  5. Is it ethical to lie to get a well-paying venture that will put your problems away?
  6. Your friend lied to you. You get this opportunity to take your revenge on a person they like. Which ethical issues arise in such a situation?
  7. Is it ethical to you another person’s photo on the internet?
  8. Your professor is biased against some of your friends. You are best friends with the professor. Would you confront your professor about the issue?
  9. Your kid loves dresses. He wants to wear a dress to school today. Would you allow it?
  10. You are a chairperson in your church. Your elder daughter wants you to attend her wedding with her female friend. Would you allow it? Would you attend?
  11. Your prenatal test shows that your child is disabled. Is it ethical to abort the child?
  12. You have been married for twenty years. Your other half finds a job abroad. Would you permit them to take the job?
  13. Your grandpa died and gave you his best mink coat. What should you do?
  14. You have an incurable disease. You are that it will cost all your money to keep you alive. Is it ethical to consider assisted suicide to unburden your family?
  15. A friend requests a loan from you. He fails to give the loan back in time. You know he has not been financially stable. Will you force them to give back the money?
  16. Sometimes ago, your partner asks you to store their gun. Now, the reasoning ability of your partner has deteriorated due to drugs and they want their gun back. Are you obligated to give back to them?
  17. You are a friend to this couple. You know that a member of the couple is cheating. Is it ethical to     tell them?
  18. During your graduation, a friend brings you a shirt she made and you feel it’s ugly. Is it good to tell   her?
  19. You are vegan. Is it ethical to purchase products that can be dangerous to manufacture?
  20. You entered a mall and purchased your items. You are given more change than you needed.   Should you give the excess back?
  21. You get to a hotel. You place your order. The waiter brings the order late and they look stressed.   Is  it ethical to leave your food and go?
  22. You are on a walk with a partner? You find a $100 note on the way. Would you give some to them?
  23. Your kid is a fan of Santa Claus. During this Christmas, the kid finds out that Santa Claus is fake.   What should you do?
  24. Should the government kill violent offenders?
  25. Should prostitution be illegal? Explain why
  26. Is it morally right to consume animal flesh as they are living organisms?
  27. Do developed nations have the responsibility to host refugees from other countries?
  28. Why should humans move quickly to colonize other planets?
  29. Should parents who permit their children to eat fatty foods be declared irresponsible?
  30. Should smoking mothers be judged for risking the lives of their unborn kids?
  31. Is it possible for all humans to live happily ever after?

Philosophy and ethics research paper topics

There is a relationship between ethics and philosophy essay topics. Philosophers have been proposing various theories of the origin of morals and their roles in society. These have brought a different understanding of ethical norms in society. You can employ these topics in your essay.

  1. Are humans enslaved by their moral values?
  2. Explain the relationship between your education and ethics?
  3. Can mass surveillance be justified?
  4. It is ethical to have circuses. Explain
  5. The present laws are appropriate in protecting people from discrimination?
  6. Evaluate ethics surrounding cryptocurrencies.
  7. How should we tackle ageism?
  8. Can feminism be justified? Have its goals been achieved?

Easy ethical research paper topics

Sometimes it is good to use easy ethical topics which your audience will understand. Easy topics hook your audience and keep them engaged. They are also simple for you to express your ideas. Consider using easy ethical research topics sometimes in your essay. You can use one of the following topics:

  1. Show the difference between moral and immoral problems.
  2. Explain which is a morally upright action?
  3. Explaining moral responsibility showing examples.
  4. Should people treat bad people well?
  5. Analyze and explain what psychological egoism is.
  6. Discuss religious beliefs and how modern youths react to them.
  7. What is the right action to take when you experience bullying?
  8. What ethical norms should all political candidates possess?
  9. Is it ethical to change appearances using makeup?
  10. Discuss the relationship between philosophy and ethics?
  11. Explore and explain the characteristic of friendship ethics.
  12. Trace and show the origin of ethics.
  13. How should teachers be punished for prejudice?
  14. Show the relationship between the Bible and ethics.
  15. Analyze and discuss poor ethical values: hatred and envy.

Interesting ethical issues topics for a research paper

There are ethical research topics that are interesting to audiences. They involve the current issues and emerging trends in society. When you write about these topics, you keep your audience engaged and hook them to your essay. The following are interesting ethics topics you can use in your essay.

  1. Show the ethical problems of plastic surgery on youths?
  2. Discuss the effects of smoking in pregnancy.
  3. Should men and women possess equal rights?
  4. Ethics and technology: Explain the effects of advancement in technology on youths?
  5. Is it ethical to edit children’s genomes?
  6. Evaluate the impacts brought by unethical leadership of organizations.
  7. What are the applications of ethical principles?
  8. How does social media impact the ethics of different people?
  9. Genetically modified foods: Are they healthy for humans to consume?
  10. Why do students cheat on exams? Support your reasons
  11. Show the reason why the church should be distanced from politics?
  12. Should newspapers report only the positive actions?
  13. Show how different social backgrounds determine your ethical norms?
  14. Should everyone have a similar moral code?
  15. Explain whether there is a time when lying is okay?
  16. Discuss the effects of ethics on education?
  17. Show how you can overcome jealousy?
  18. Discuss the relationship between happiness and morality?
  19. Explain the root cause of racial discrimination?
  20. Desperate times call for desperate measures: justify this statement?

How to select the best ethics research paper topics

Having written the best ethics research essay topics, you may still wonder how to select the best one for your essay. Well, if your interest is in ethics medical research topics or sports ethics topics, ensure you choose topics for ideas that are:

Bioethics ethical research paper topics

  1. Interesting

  2. Factual

  3. Informative

  4. Unsolved

  5. Relevant

  6. Helpful

Look for Professional Essay Writing Help

With these varieties of ethics essay topics, you can now start your homework writing. Begin by conducting thorough research, collect your main points, and write an attractive ethics essay. Remember that you must adhere to your professor’s instructions when writing your paper even with good ethics debate topics. The instructions can be the referencing such as mla or apa, and writing style required by your supervisor, length of the essay, and date of submitting your essay.

How to write an ethical research paper

Choose a topic related to ethics

You can look into the internet for ethics-related topics or use the topics in our guide. Before choosing a topic, know that an essay on ethics does not show your standpoint on an issue. It involves analyzing agreeing and opposing arguments. Provide clear evidence for every claim you put into writing.

Develop an ethics essay outline

All subjects have unique ways of writing. Ethic assignments require the application of persuasive or argumentative reasoning when writing an essay. The commonly used structure of ethic essay should incorporate the following:

  • Proof of why the area you are tackling is difficult and why it needs to be considered
  • Develop a good thesis that you will use in your essay
  • Note down arguments that will defend your thesis statement
  • Develop the necessary counter-arguments
  • Explain all counterarguments showing how your thesis is stronger than them
  • Wrap up your thesis statement and show why it is important

This is not a defined general guideline. You may skip some sections and write from any angle. You can also start at any point, it is not a requirement to follow the chronology of events.

Develop a masterpiece introduction of your ethics essay

Well-crafted introductions for all papers are short, concise, and direct to your point. Before writing the introduction, you must know what your theme is about and what you wish to support in your ethical research essay. Also, show the structure of your essay to your audience. This will help your audience to understand the main points you will be discussing. Outline your key points and ensure you are clear and concise.

How should I start an ethics research paper? Begin with a famous misconception, a question that will be answered in your essay, or a fact.

Write the body of your essay

Set up the paragraphs of your essay in a step-by-step manner. Make sure each paragraph represents one of your key ethical arguments and counter-arguments. Explain every argument independent of each other. This helps discuss every argument exhaustively. Ensure information in the paragraphs flows systematically.

Write your conclusion

State what you have discussed in previous paragraphs briefly. State your thesis using unique wording but maintain its overall meaning. Never define or bring about new topics in the conclusion. Indicate why the issue in discussion is meaningful. Conclude this part by outlining your standpoint and the reasons as to why you know it’s correct.

Proofread and edit your paper

Ensure your assignment is simple, clear, concise, and easy to understand. Don’t use jargon or strange wording that will scare off your audience. Do your assignment early to give yourself time for revision. After a day or two, read through your work carefully correcting every grammar and structural mistake.

A one or two-day rest gives you a clear mind when revising your paper. It minimizes the chance of self-bias in the proofreading process. Remove or recreate those arguments that seem weak or inferior. Remove all repetitive parts from your assignment. Lastly, assert that you have used every instruction provided by your teacher ensuring your work is in the required format.

Tips to consider when writing an ethic research paper

  • Ensure you don’t use rhetorical questions. Each question raised in your paper must be answered correctly.
  • Ensure you comprehend everything in your assignment. Don’t incorporate jargon in your essay just to impress your supervisor. You will end up scoring low grades
  • Write in clear and concise language. Exclude all meaningless sentences and phrases in your essay. Avoid overuse of adverbs and adjectives. They make your essay look fluffy.
  • Defend your claims with ethical sources such as the Bible, traditions of a specific community, or ideas of a certain philosopher
  • Use arguments of established writers on the topic. Ensure you use citations to acknowledge the work of other authors
  • Outline various misconceptions of your thesis statement and answer them
  • Select a particular case study similar to your topic and discuss it in the ethic research essay

Topic ideas for an ethics research essay

Diversity of ethics

What is the difference between ethics in different countries? What brings about this difference?

Ethics and history

What has led to a change of ethics in recent years? Show how ethics have changed recently compared to 19th century

United States ethics

Show the priorities related to ethics in the US. Explain the emerging moral and ethical issues in America. Assisted suicide, abortions, LGBT operations, plastic surgery, gay and lesbianism, and others.

Climate change

How ethics are related to the current change in climate? Discuss the research on ethical implications of universal climate change and declaration of ethical standards towards climate change by the UN.

Ethics and philosophy

Explain ethical rationalism according to Socrates and investigate it based on a modern point of view.

Morality and its origin

Show how morality has changed over time. How many approaches to morality do you know? Which approach is most relevant to you? Discuss the part played by righteousness in society and how it affects the development of a nation.

War, violence, and ethics

Is there an ethical side to the war? Discuss the emerging issues related to violence and peace. Is war relatively or evil? Show the situations when war may be considered good.

Capital punishment

From a moral and ethical perspective, show the impact of the death penalty. Use moral issues to show why the death penalty may be considered fair. Investigate when it is appropriate to apply capital punishment

Artificial intelligence

Is there a chance of developing a thinking AI? What are the advantages of machine learning? How can machine learning be of benefit to mankind? What dangers come with the advancement of AI technology?

Genetics: What are the dangers of human cloning? Is it ethical to clone animals?


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