Top 40 New Ethical Arguments Topics 2021

Top 40 New Ethical Arguments Topics 2021

When writing about ethical arguments topics, you should ensure you capture your readers’ attention. In the case of a college assignment, your primary audience is your instructor.

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Top 40 New Ethical Arguments Topics 2021
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One of the best ways to capture your instructor’s attention is by following the provided instructions. To write an effective ethical argument essay, you must also understand what is an argument and what is an ethical argument.

An argument is a reason you provide concerning a subject. You will need to discuss and compare different viewpoints on the subject. When debating an ethical topic, you are trying to show how particular activities are morally right or wrong.

What Makes an Argument an Ethical Argument?

When presenting an ethical argument, you need to remember the three parts of any argument. They are the statement that you provide, evidence from external sources to prove your statement, and the reasoning that links your statement and evidence.

Your argument becomes ethical when the conclusion of the argument is a moral statement. An ethical argument can be debated and criticized like other arguments.

Ethics Topics for Presentation

There are a variety of ethical arguments topics that you can choose from. Conduct thorough research and select a topic that interests you.

You can also come across some controversial topics in your research. Ensure that the topics you select will grab your readers’ attention and make them interested in your paper. Here is example categories of a list of ethical topics you can choose

  • Animal
  • Sports
  • Social Media
  • Leadership and many more

In the above fields, you can generate ethical argument topics for your essay. Below are the top 40 ethical argument topics in these categories.

Ethical Arguments Topics about Animals

Writing an excellent ethical argument essay on animals requires you to properly understand the ethical issues you will be dealing with. Ensure you are familiar with the topic you select and seek clarification from your instructor if you are unsure.

Other students can also help create the best topic in this category, but you will need to conduct thorough research as well. Here are some of the ethical argument topics on animals

  1. Should animal cruelty be banned?
  2. Does human action contribute to animal extinction? Should such activities be banned?
  3. Animal health is a venture for making money
  4. Is animal testing beneficial?
  5. Can animal testing be justified in medical cases and not cosmetic cases?
  6. Do animals have rights?
  7. Can all species of animals benefit from wildlife reserves?
  8. Bullfighting is a form of animal cruelty
  9. Should lonely people use animals for companionship?
  10. Drugs can be given to dairy cows to boost their milk production

Ethical Argument on Social Media

In the current generation, almost everyone knows something about social media. Most people understand the impact of social media on society.


You can provide clear arguments with logical reasoning and convincing facts on the topics in your ethical papers. A high-quality, ethical argument will require you to present your position, provide relevant facts and summarize your points. Below are ethics paper topics on social media

  1. Is social media important in society?
  2. How has social media influenced business ethics?
  3. Can Social media be used to promote world peace?
  4. How has social media contributed to cyber bullying?
  5. Are there challenges of using social media in society?
  6. Should social media be allowed in school? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  7. How has social media contributed to radicalization?
  8. Should world leaders hold social media accounts?
  9. Social media should not be tolerated at the workplace
  10. Social media contributes to anti-social behavior and loneliness

Ethical Argument Topics on Sports

Top 40 New Ethical Arguments Topics

Essay writing about sports can be fun, especially for sports enthusiasts. It is important to note that ethical argument topics are controversial topics and should start a debate.

To have a high-quality ethical paper on sports, ensure your topic is interesting. An ethical argument example on sports can look at the negative physical effects sports has on the human body.

You can learn more controversial topics from newspapers, magazines, or even sports channels. The following are some exciting sports ethics paper topics

  1. Is it ethical for basketball players to be transferred from one team to the next mid-season?
  2. Should basketball players be allowed to use steroids?
  3. Should sports teams be named after the region they originated from?
  4. Should athletes be allowed to use steroids?
  5. Is boxing a violent sport?
  6. Animal sports should be made illegal
  7. Women should not do power lifting
  8. Alcohol advertisements should not be aired during sports events
  9. A video game is a sport
  10. Should sports betting be legalized everywhere?

Ethical Argument Topics on Technology

Technology is developing at a great speed, and it seems like something new is always being created. Technology affects people in both positive and negative ways.

You can personalize your essay and think of issues about technology that interests you. Ensure your topic is current and newsworthy. Here are some ethics paper topics on technology

  1. Can cellphones be harmful to people?
  2. How has technology invaded the privacy of users?
  3. Are teenagers more independent on the internet?
  4. How has technology contributed to loneliness in society?
  5. What is the impact of technology on the human body?
  6. Has technology made people lazy?
  7. Should children be taught computer coding?
  8. Are Cognitive computers unethical?
  9. Can artificial intelligence be used instead of doctors?
  10. How is technology affecting traditional social groups?

Tips for Choosing Ethical Arguments Topics

When writing your ethical arguments topics, you have to make them effective. Here are some tips that will make your essay successful

1.     Knowledge

It is essential to choose a title about ethics that you are knowledgeable about. In addition to the knowledge you already have, make sure you perform in-depth research to verify the claim. When you understand your topic, it is easier to present a solid ethical argument.

2.     Interest

Researching and writing about a title that interests you is easier and more enjoyable. When you enjoy writing your ethical paper, your audience will likely enjoy reading it.  An ethical argument example like sports will be a much easier assignment to work on if you pick a sport that interests you.

3.     Audience

Make sure that your ethics paper topic resonates with your audience. Think about the audience that will read your essay, what they will think, and if they will relate to it.

4.     Adequate Information

The research you perform on your topic should provide adequate facts and evidence that you need to support your statement. Also, ensure you have information about your counter-arguments.

5.     Use Current Topics

Current and relevant topics will motivate your readers to read your paper. Make sure you select current topics that will make your paper relevant.

How to Write an Ethical Argument

Ethical arguments have a structure that you need to follow when essay writing. The following is a guideline on how to write an ethical argument using a structure.

1.     Choose your Topic

Select a title about ethics in the field that interests you. This is the first step in generating your outline.

2.     Introduction

Introduce your topic to your readers and state the points you will argue about. Include background information and a thesis statement in your introduction.

3.     Body

Present your argument point by point in the body section. Each point should be exhaustively discussed in its own paragraph, complete with evidence and reasons.

4.     Conclusion

Provide a summarized version of the main points in your final paragraph. Restate your thesis statement and inform the readers about the significance of your argument. You should not add any new information in your concluding section.

5.     Proofread your Work

Read through your work and ensure it is easy to understand. Check to make sure you have followed all your instructor’s instructions and seek clarification if needed.

Also, check and correct all grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Make sure your work flows smoothly and logically with all evidence and examples appropriately placed. Use the following checklist to counter check ethical papers

  • Do not use rhetorical questions
  • Use words that you understand
  • Make sure you use ethical sources to support your arguments
  • Provide readers with a list of misconceptions about your topic
  • Use case studies in your paper
  • Do not use complex words that can confuse readers

Key takeaway

The changes around the world have resulted in many ethical arguments topics that you can choose from. When writing your essay, it is important to select a topic you are knowledgeable about and interests you. Ensure your topic is up to date so that your paper is relevant and interesting to the readers. Also, perform in-depth research to come up with a high-quality paper and follow your instructor’s instructions. 

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