Essay vs Research paper- What is the difference?

Essay vs Research paper- What is the difference?

Essay vs research paper difference is in their length, complexity, and structure, among other things. An essay is an academic paper mostly given as a university assignment to students on various subjects.

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Essay vs Research paper- What is the difference?
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A research paper is a bit more complex than an essay. It has a longer length and requires a more precise thesis.

It also needs thorough, in-depth research and data analysis, which takes more time. Sometimes a research paper can be written as a term paper.

Essay vs. paper

An essay is generally smaller and requires less time in conducting research compared to a research paper. When writing your research paper, you will not only conduct in-depth research, but you are required to collect data, process, and analyze it. The following comparative table highlights Essay vs research paper differences 


Difference Essay Research Paper
Length An essay is a shorter academic paper that mostly has a total of five-paragraph A research paper compared to an essay is longer. It has a minimum of up to eight pages
Point of view An essay is a type of writing where the author expresses his or her point of view. The sources that are presented in an essay are supposed to support the author’s personal opinion. A research paper presents the point of view of other scientists. An author can also express his or her opinion and offer a conclusion on the subject matter
Thorough research An essay requires research on the subject of discussion. The research performed in an essay may not be as in-depth as the one performed in a research paper. When writing a research paper, you need to perform thorough research on your topic.
Objective An instructor will give you an essay assignment to gauge your writing skills and capabilities in presenting your arguments. When writing a research paper, your main objective is to provide detailed knowledge on the topic by performing an analysis
Familiarity When writing an essay, you need to be familiar with the sources of your topic. This applies even when you are working on different essay types. The focus of a research paper is on the main source of the topic.
Content The content of an essay takes into account the perception of the reader A research paper’s content is written logically.
Writing style The style of writing in your essay is such that you can express your opinion as a writer A research paper deals more with facts and perspectives. As a writer, you can conclude on the subject.
Types of Writing There are various types of essays, including

·        Academic

·        Descriptive

·        Narrative

·        Comparison

·        Philosophical

The types of research papers you can write include

·        Argumentative research paper

·        Analytical research paper

Outline The structure of an essay typically has five sections. These include an

·        Introduction paragraph,

·        The main body which consists of three paragraphs

·        Concluding paragraph.

A research paper structure is more detailed. It includes-

·        Title page,

·        Abstract or summary

·        Introduction paragraph

·        A literature review

·        Main body

·        Conclusion

·        Acknowledgment section

·        References

Methodology An essay does not require you to include methodology. A methodology is used, and when writing a research paper, you need to include it.


What is a Research Paper?

This is an academic writing that expresses views concerning a specific subject. A research paper will provide supporting materials from sources like articles, books, and even journals.

You can also include a research paper example to add depth to your writing. Research papers are usually eight pages long, unlike an essay, which is a much shorter writing type. When writing your research paper, you need to do in-depth research on your topic and understand it.

Research Paper Structure

 A research paper has a more detailed structure due to its complexity when compared to an essay. Here is the structure of a typical research paper

1.     Title

A clear and informative title that tells the reader what your paper is all about. Your title should include both variables, the content of your study and the unit of analysis.

2.     Abstract

This section presents a summary of your paper. It is usually short and contains the keywords of your research paper.

3.     Introduction

This is the first line of your opening. It can have a quote or an interesting statement about your topic.


Next, you need to write the purpose of your paper and include a literature review. The end of your introduction should have a problem statement.

4.     Method Used and Materials

In your research paper, ensure you state the methods and materials used. This will help other researchers to perform repeated research to determine the credibility of your work. You need to include the research design, the method of data collection, and the data analysis.

5.     Results and Discussion

This section of your paper is where you write about the results generated after performing data analysis. You can compare your outcomes with that of other researchers as you discuss your findings.

6.     Conclusion and Recommendation

The conclusion part is where you summarize your main findings. Provide your readers with a highlight of results based on the variables used in the study.

Why Writing a Research Paper?

Writing a research paper can be helpful for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons

1.     Acquire Knowledge

A research paper requires you to conduct thorough research on a specific subject. In the research process, you acquire knowledge by gaining new insight on the subject.

2.     Creates Public Awareness

This type of paper communicates to the public about new findings concerning a particular aspect. This is a way of creating awareness on a specific topic.

3.     Promotes Business Success

The results of research performed in coming up with a research paper can boost many businesses. Enterprises can make informed decisions based on the research results.

Types of Research Paper

There are various types of research papers, and each one requires a unique way of writing. The following are types of research papers

1.     Analytical

In this type of paper, you conclude on other researchers’ findings. It requires you to be neutral and not express views that are positive or negative concerning the subject.

2.     Argumentative

This paper requires you to persuade your readers’ to join your side of reasoning. You need to provide information from different sources to support the two sides of a controversial issue.

3.     Definition

In the definition paper, you will not express your personal opinion. Instead, you will use facts from different sources to inform your readers.

4.     Survey

This paper involves the collection of data, analysis, and presentation of your findings in a report. You will need to find respondents for your survey.

5.     Experimental

This type of paper requires you to describe the procedure in your experiment. You will need to analyze data from your experiment and come up with a report.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a shorter academic paper compared to a research paper. It comprises five paragraphs and requires a lot of creativity and skill when crafting it. When writing an essay, you need to organize your work logically and support your viewpoint with evidence.

The Main Goal of Writing an Essay

An essay can accomplish several goals for your readers. Also, you need to understand what is research essay and the objectives of an essay as follows

  • An informative essay can educate your readers using accurate, relevant, and verifiable facts
  • A persuasive essay can make your readers take action
  • You can explain a topic to your readers using an explanatory essay
  • You can attract and entertain your readers throughout your writing process using a narrative or descriptive essay

Types of Essays

There are different types of essays that serve different purposes. Here is a list of the types of essays

  • A descriptive essay describes a subject and creates a vivid image in the mind of your readers
  • A narrative essay tells a story to your audience
  • A comparison essay compares and contrasts two subjects
  • A philosophical essay will prove a claim

Essay vs research paper Differences

Here is a highlight of essay vs paper differences. The points focus on the point of view, nature, and structure of each paper

  • A research paper reflects the findings and views of other authors, while an essay reflects the writer’s opinions.
  • A research essay uses fewer resources, while a research paper entails a rigorous investigation that requires many sources.
  • An essay structure has fewer sections compared to a research paper, which is longer and more detailed.

Key Takeaway

Understanding Essay vs research paper differences will enable you to write a high-quality paper. Knowing the difference in length, structure, content, and research requirements is the first step in the right direction. The most notable difference between these two kinds of papers is their lengths. Usually, a research paper is longer by approximately eight pages compared to an essay. To get help on essay vs research paper , reach out the essay writing experts .

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