How to get better at math

How to get better at math

Math is not difficult. However, it is complex and tough compared to other subjects and requires a little bit more time and energy spent on it. It is a huge misconception that having great mathematical ability is something one is born with. Conversely being good at Math has nothing to do with genetics. This means that anyone can learn Math skills just like any other apprenticeship and use them in everyday life or to further their career.

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How to get better at math
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Hence the big question, would you like to know how to get better at math? Here are a few tips and tricks that will radically progress your Math skills. For assignment help visit us at My Homework Writers.

Becoming good at Math

Deliberate practice is a strategy that you can easily implement in becoming more skilled in Math. This is how it works. As you go through math problems you initially find ones that are complex and ones that puzzle you in solving them. Then, you find problems that are easier to solve and progressively build to the harder problems. This is defined as purposeful practice that aims at having in mind where you are going and how to arrive there.

There are a few strategies to successfully learn how to be good at math using the above principle. It however works with intention and practice. Let’s get down to the tips employing deliberate practice:

  1. Disintegrate complex problems into easier ones. To get to the root of each problem you have to recognize the concepts, segregate them and work on them individually.
  2. Practice with simple numbers. Using simple numbers means solving operations that can be done without the aid of a calculator. Also, use low limits to avoid repetitive operations on concepts you already have a grasp on.
  3. Analyze the core concepts. If you do not understand the problems outright. Dissect them and reach out for the individual concepts that build-up to the whole problem. Reframe and re-word the question in your mind to get a different view on what exactly is required of the solution.
  4. Get procedural guidelines from an online tool. Try to find a solution to a problem before turning to online aid for step by step tutorials. They are important however in that they show a procedural way of tackling a problem and there is the benefit of going a few steps back in case you miss a point on a certain step.
  5. Work through the problems slowly. You will be tempted to do your homework in frenzy and embark on a more enjoyable task such as catching up on your favorite series. However slow deliberate learning allows your brain to grasp concepts firmly and deduce connections in between them.

More tips on getting better at Math

It is common for humans to aspire to greater achievement. While the tips in the earlier section, will aid you in making huge improvements what more can you do to learn how to get better at math?

  • Avoid skipping tasks. When you come across challenging tasks, it is prudent to try them out rather than try to stick to the easier more manageable problems. Practicing with more complex tasks is one of the strategies that help you to learn math fast
  • Focus on understanding. Understanding how to get the solution, that is; the logic and concept, to any math problem, is more important than memorizing or understanding it. Memorization has its limits however in that you may not be able to apply the same concept when tasked with a slightly twisted problem
  • Learn from previous errors. Dismissing your mistakes will only lead you to repeat them. Analyze and go over where you went wrong finding the most suitable solutions. Find out commonly made mistakes and existing knowledge gaps and take note of them
  • Ask for help. Find a tutor to clarify any questions you may have. You may also seek a study partner just to make math more fun and easier when there are two heads to tackle the problems.
  • Test yourself. Search for sources of good tests either on your course book or online tests. This will prepare you in advance for the classroom tests in addition to having fluency in solving several math problems
  • Involve creativity. To keep yourself interested in Mathematics, devise creative ways to solve problems to keep it fun and interesting


How to study math in college

Studying math in college requires great strategy and an open-minded attitude. College students are faced with the challenge of studying very complex modules in math and have to keep up with campus life hence being a little smart on how to get better at math in college goes a long way. Here are a couple of hacks to help you go through it while in college:


It is often assumed that math homework is a task that will eventually be submitted to the instructor. In retrospect, homework is a way of learning primary concepts and ideas in math and of developing precision and accuracy. What is submitted is a result of what has been learned. Here are suggestions on how to study effectively at home:

  • Familiarize yourself with class teachings by going through your notes and thinking back to what was said in the lecture
  • Recall the formulas, methods, and ideas needed to accomplish the assignment and go through worked-out examples to ensure you have an understanding of the concepts demonstrated
  • The last step is doing the assignment. Keep your work neat, accurate, show how you worked out the problems, and recheck your work to ensure you have done everything correctly
  • Help a friend if possible. Teaching someone something reinforces your understanding of that particular subject

Maximize your efficiency in class

Make a point of attending lectures and classes without fail. Attending classes is the first step to figuring out how to understand math easily as it is much harder to grasp something you have never been taught.  Sit in class a few minutes before it begins and think over the most recent lesson. Get your writing material ready and concentrate once the class is in session. Do not forget to ask questions in areas you do not understand and listen to those asked by your peers as well. Be a part of the class discussions and participate in active listening throughout the whole session.

Using a textbook

  • When you can’t recall the meaning of a word or needs its definition use the glossary to help you find its exact page on the text-book
  • Analyze the examples provided and deduce the key concepts in them and try out the exercises
  • If you have difficulty doing the exercises, do not give up, re-read the explanations in the book or refer to your notes

Revising for tests

  • Start revising early in advance so that you have ample time to cover all the content required, have enough rest prior to the exam. In case you are wondering how to become good at math overnight, sorry, no short cuts you have got to put in the work
  • Go through your notes and the examples therein; tutors almost always set what they have taught in class
  • Make a list of formulas and practice either writing or saying them to commit them to memory
  • Review the material at the end of the chapter as it often a summary of the main ideas of the topic covered
  • Practice over and over again until you are confident of being well prepared

Taking a math test

  • The most important thing before taking a test is having the right attitude. Have faith in your work and preparation
  • Ensure you have all the necessary equipment and material needed for the test; calculator, pen, pencil, logarithm tables, protractor, etc.
  • Read and listen to all the instructions carefully on how to go about writing the exam
  • Skim through the questions quickly and start answering the ones you are sure with first unless you are required to do the questions in the order given
  • If unable to solve a question, leave it and move on to another one and come back to it later
  • Outline your work clearly showing all the steps made in solving the problems
  • Review your work for accuracy, be on the lookout for errors and careless mistakes

All of the above tips and strategies will help you in improving mathematical skills.

Finding Math Homework Help

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In summary

Math is one of the most important disciplines that encompass all areas of life. As such it is only prudent to learn how to get better at math. Becoming good at math is a gradual process that takes patience and the use of the suggested tips and strategies. When overwhelmed with tasks or can’t solve a certain math assignment no matter what you try, ask for some homework help. With this, you might be able to answer how to be a math genius, because you will be one.

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