Article vs Essay: What is the main difference? (With tables)

Article vs Essay: What is the main difference? (With tables)

Article vs essay, the difference is found in how they are both written, structured, and in their purpose. An article is written based on facts, and it’s usually published in a medium like newspapers, journals, magazines, and even websites.

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Article vs Essay: What is the main difference? (With tables)
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On the other hand, an essay is a literature work that discusses ideas, concepts, and even experiences. An author can express his or her personal view, research, and provide knowledge on a topic. Below is a table that shows the difference between an article and an essay

Essay vs  Article: Differences

Article Essay
Definition An article is a written piece of work that you can publish in newspapers, journals, magazines, and even electronic media like websites. An essay is a piece of literature where you discuss and analyze a particular topic or issue
Type An article is objective in writing An essay is subjective in its discussions.
Tone An article uses a conversational tone to engage readers. The tone in essay writing is mostly educational and analytical.
Formatting When writing articles, you use headings and subheadings to make the text easy to skim and read. An essay does not have headings or subheadings, but you present it in a well-structured manner that flows logically.
Audience An article is written to achieve a specific objective. It also targets a specific audience. An essay does not target a specified audience or group.


Additional material When writing articles, you can use photos charts and reports to inform readers When writing essays, you don’t use photo charts or reports in the text.
Citation and references No citations or references are required in articles Citations and references are a requirement in essays

What is an Article?

1. Article vs. Essay: Definition

An article is a piece of writing that is produced to provide information to a specific audience. Articles are written and published in various electronic mediums like newspapers, websites, journals, and magazines.

The purpose of articles is to engage and retain readers by providing information that interests them. Here are the components of an article

1.     Topic

When writing an article, you need to conduct thorough research on a topic and provide your readers with original information. An engaging and exciting title should be used to attract readers. This is the part of an article that sets the theme for your writing.

2.     Introduction

This is the opening part of your article, where you distinctly provide an outline of your topic to readers. A strong introduction that is interesting will encourage the readers to read the entire information in the article. This is a critical section of your article as it determines whether your article will be read from the beginning to the end or not.

3.     Body Section

This is the central part of your article that presents detailed information about your topic. You need to clearly present your ideas in this section so that your readers can follow your line of thought. Your writing needs to be clear and easy to read and understand. You should also format it appropriately for your readers.

4.     Conclusion

This is the final part of your writing that concludes the information you have provided. It restates your main idea and summarizes your discussion in the body section. It can also include a call to action, a comment, or a suggestion as a final thought.

Types of Articles

There are different types of articles with varying lengths that you can write. Here are some of the examples

  • Research articles that are up to 5000 words
  • Observation articles that offer short descriptions and can have up to 1200 words
  • Mini-reviews which offer a summary of significant developments
  • Opinion and hypothesis are short articles that provide readers with insights
  • Commentaries with up to 1000 words that discuss issues and other special interests
  • Perspective articles are brief reviews that provide a concise overview of a particular subject
  • Resource Reports will discuss major advancements in technical issues       

What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of literature where you address a particular topic. In this type of writing, you discuss the topic as you highlight your outlook on the topic’s knowledge and experience.

An essay is a piece of writing that analyses and argues about a subject with the aim of educating the audience. An essay is a word that originates from the Latin word “exagium,” which means to present a case.

This implies that you are stating a reason or a cause of something and why it should be done when you are writing an essay. You write an essay to convince or inform your readers about something.

This means that you should be knowledgeable of the subject you are presenting. It also enables you to thoroughly perform research and explain concepts. Here are components of an essay

1.     Title

This part of an essay should be a catchy and succinct statement. Make your title is brief and suggestive of your essay’s theme but also exciting.

2.     Introduction

The introduction should be interesting and attractive to the reader. Quotes, proverbs, or a short story is used to lure your readers. This part of your essay will determine whether readers continue reading your essay or not.

3.     Body

This is the main part of your essay. This section is where you place the weight of your discussion in each paragraph. The paragraphs should be well structured and connected logically so that readers can follow your trail of thought.

4.     Conclusion

This part of the essay should be effective, and it should provide closure to your readers.

This section is where you summarize the discussion you presented in the body of your essay.

Types of Essays

There are different types of essays with an objective to persuade or inform readers. These essays include

  • Argumentative
  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Descriptive

Argumentative and Expository essays allow you to focus on conveying information by clarifying points.  Narrative and descriptive essays enable you to exercise your creativity by using interesting writing styles.

Difference between Articles and Essays

Articles and essays are both types of writing but with distinctive differences. Below are some of the key differences

1.     Article vs Essay: Definition

An article is published in journals, websites, magazines, and newspapers with information formatted in a specific way. An essay aims to present facts as information to readers for education purposes. It can also be a way of convincing readers on a particular topic.

2.     Writing Style

Articles are more objective and are based on facts. You also need to use evidence to discuss your topic.

An essay is more subjective and relies on in-depth research.  It is based on your opinion regarding the topic.

3.     Tone of Voice

When writing an article, you will use a conversational tone that will interest readers and enable them to understand your information. An essay, on the other hand, is more of educational and analytical

4.     Headings and Subheadings

An article has headings and subheadings, which makes your writing readable to the audience. An essay does not have headings or bullets. Instead, you are expected to organize your work and make it coherent.

5.     Purpose of writing

When it comes to the purpose of writing an article vs essay has different intentions. An article’s objective is to inform readers and increase their awareness of something. An essay responds to an assertion or question. It does not target a specific group.

6.     Supporting Information

You can support the information in your article using photographs, graphs, charts, and even tables. When writing your essay, you do not need this kind of support for the information you provide.

7.     References

An article will not require you to use citations or references. When writing an essay, you must include citations and references.

Key Takeaway

It is essential to understand article vs essay differences in order to understand how to use them effectively. They are both forms of writing but with different objectives, tones and formats. An essay is a structured, coherent, and properly researched piece of writing. It offers analysis on a particular subject and reflects on a writer’s personal view.

An article passes information to readers through news, product description, and reports. It uses a conversational style of writing that offers facts to its readers. To get assisted in essay vs article differences, click here.

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