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Towards a Sustainable Future: The Environmental Impact of Air Transport




Daley, B. (2016;2010;). Air transport and the environment. Florence: Taylor and Francis. doi:10.4324/9781315566320

            This eBook examines the multitude of issues which relates to the subject of air transport and how it affects the environment. These issues can range from a micro to a macro scale which involves technical, operational and policy considerations which is highly relevant to the research topic. Furthermore, the eBook also provides information relating to the environmental issues associated with air transport and helps to provide to provide a fresh analysis of the relationships between air transport, environmental protection and sustainable development. In terms of currency, this eBook was published in 2010 and is considered quite current.This eBook is especially helpful for the research report as it provides statistics over a period of four decades. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with a constructive, policy-relevant synthesis of a wide range of perspectives rather than just supporting one viewpoint. It focuses on presenting the relevant environmental issues instead of describing technological or operational systems or procedures.

Gössling, S., Upham, P., ebrary, I., Högskolani Kalmar, &Handelshögskolan BBS. (2009;2012;). Climate change and aviation: Issues, challenges and solutions. London;Sterling, VA;: Earthscan. doi:10.4324/9781849770774

This eBook provides information about the interrelationship between climate change and the aviation industry.The eBook explains that rapid growth in air travel is a product of powerful social, economic, cultural, technological and commercial trends. One major strength of this eBook is that it uses scientific evidence to back up its data in the research. For example, about 10 years the greenhouse gas emissions trends of industrialized nations will need to contract year on year by at least some 4 per cent per annum until 2050. However, this is not likely to happen if any economic sector receives special treatment or is even allowed to grow.In terms of relevancy to my research topic, it provides scientific evidence of how the aviation industry is a big player in a bid to reduce climate change. This proves that the book is very credible in terms of the information provided. The purpose of this book is to educate readers about how the aviation industry is contributing to climate change. This book also includes information on how the aviation sector can reduce climate change using various mitigation methods such as biofuels or introducing new policies which makes it highly relevant about my research topic in creating a sustainable aviation industry

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Ivanic, K., Tadic, Z., &Omazic, M. A. (2015). Biomimicry – An Overview. The Holistic Approach to Environment, 5(1), 19.

This journal article is written in an educational format with intent of explaining biomimetic engineering as well as providing relevant examples to my research topic. The journal explores biomimicry in nanotechnology and cybernetics while focusing on the uses of biomimetic engineering with relation to the economy and the environment. The intended focus audience for this paper seems to be for business which are looking for eco-friendly alternatives which is evident in employing the Da Vinci index to identify growth of biomimicry. This scientific journal is relevant to my research paper as it explains how the study of biomimicry can create a sustainable environment through learning from nature.In addition, the paper links the benefits of biomimicry to both the economy as well as the environment – relevant considerations in the development of my paper. However, as the paper does not go entirely in depth due to its format, it cannot be considered as a stand-alone source when used to develop arguments for biomimetic engineering in the aeronautical sector.

Karakoc, T. H., Ozerdem, M. B., Sogut, M. Z., Colpan, C. O., Altuntas, O., &Açıkkalp, E. (2016). Sustainable aviation: Energy and environmental issues. Switzerland: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-34181-1

This eBook is a compilation of various journal articles relating to the use of sustainable methods in the aviation industry. The article provides different engineering solutions and methodologies for a sustainable aviation. Policies of the environmental considerations in the aviation industry and ways for the solutions found to decrease environmental impacts are discussed which are relevant in the research for my research paper. This eBook is somewhat credible as it contains 31 conference papers on sustainable aviation that were presented, hence, it may not be peer reviewed. However, these papers were still presented in an international, multidisciplinary symposium thus it would be credible to some extent. Furthermore, this eBook contains many current issues relating to the field of aviation such as improving aircraft fuel efficiency, fostering use of biofuels, minimizing environmental impact, mitigating GHG emissions and reducing of engine and airframe noise which is my main focus in my research paper.

Karakoç, T. H., Colpan, C. O., &Şöhret, Y. (2017;2018;). Advances in sustainable aviation(1st 2018 ed.). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

This eBook discusses the future to a sustainable aviation. The book consists of a compilation of outstanding papers being presented at the International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation 2016. The paper consists of 4 parts with each area attending to a different form of sustainable method for the industry. One such area which is relevant to my research topic is the necessity to use renewable biofuels in aviation. One of the paper suggested that the use of biofuels has decreased fossil fuel dependence and increased the utilization of renewable resources. However, the findings of the paper have found out that even though these biofuels can be used, they have a higher production cause and aircraft engines need to be modified before these fuels can be used.

The purpose of this paper is to educate readers on the effects that biofuels have on the industry. It has been proven that these fuels are able to provide a sustainable alternative for aviation, however, it comes at a cost. This source also includes an extensive list of references from many scientific articles which serves as a fantastic platform to begin my research on alternative biofuels.

Lee, D. S., Pitari, G., Grewe, V., Gierens, K., Penner, J. E., Petzold, A., . . . Sausen, R. (2010). Transport impacts on atmosphere and climate: Aviation. Atmospheric Environment, 44(37), 4678-4734. doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2009.06.005

This scientific journal article explains about the effects that the aviation industry hason the climate and the mitigation options that are needed. The author explains that the aviation industry has altered the composition of the atmosphere and this has driven our planet into climate change and ozone depletion. To counteract this, the article has come up with solutions to counteract this effect.

This paper is very informational and relevant for my research paper as it comes up with alternative fuels that have to be considered. These alternatives such as cryoplanes can reduce CO2 emissions which is helpful in choosing a substantial substitute related to my topic.

McKnight, M. (2017). Generative Design: What it is? How is it Being Used? Why it’s a Game Changer! The International Conference on Design and Technology

This is a short paper which introduces generative design using technology to augment the engineers design process. It explains the fundamentals behind generative design technology, how it works and the advantages to using this method. This is an excellent source for my research as it incudes how Airbus uses a generative design to develop cabin partitions for the A320 which can be used as a case study for my paper. However, one disadvantage is that this paper is quite limited in scope and its references. Therefore, it is not very credible to some extent.

McWilliams, M. R. (2017). Ensuring surety of supply through sustainable aviation fuels. Air & Space Power Journal, 31(1), 81.

This journal article suggests that even though the manufacturing of biofuel is readily available, very few production companiesare interested in manufacturing it. This is relevant to my research topic as economics play a very important role in the sustainability of the environment. Producing biofuels has a significantly higher cost price then traditional jet fuels hence manufacturing companies or even airlines are hesitant to make the switch even though it is better for the environment. This article further explains on the future state of biofuels. There needs to be government intervention such as policies and other organizations to take charge before airlines and companies are willing to change to a more environmentally friendly approach. In terms of credibility, most of the sources found in this article are from many government reports which proves that this article can be trusted. The information in this article will be used for research in the challenges to using sustainable methods for my research paper.

Nelson, E. S., & Reddy, D. R. (2017;2018;). Green aviation: Reduction of environmental impact through aircraft technology and alternative fuels. Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press.

This eBook discusses about how the use of renewable energy sources and sustainable policies can offer long term benefits to the environment. Replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy can reduce the anthropogenic emission of greenhouse gases and their impacts on climate. This book is very relevant to my research as it explains about the different pollutions caused by aviation industry. This book also uses many scientific journals and government publications as their source of information, making it very credible. Besides information about aviation pollution, this book also provides information about how modern design can improve aero propulsion fuel efficiency which is also relevant in creating a sustainable method for the aviation industry.

The purpose of this book is to educate a broad diversity of readers including stakeholders and professionals so as to increase awareness and understanding of renewable energy source and the use of sustainable materials to create an environmentally friendly industry. The objective of this book is also to focus on practical solutions in the implementation of sustainable energy and climate protection projects. In terms of credibility, the information in this book is authored and edited by world-renowned scientists and engineers and by leading authorities in economics and politics which makes it a very credible resource.

Yilmaz, N., &Atmanli, A. (2017). Sustainable alternative fuels in aviation. Energy, 140, 1378-1386. doi:10.1016/

This journal article discusses the potential use of alternative fuels in aviation. Additionally, this article also discusses about the environmental benefits of alternative fuels and how the future of sustainable aviation fuels has proven to have a good trend. This article is highly relevant to my research paper as it gives actual facts and figures about how the usage of these alternative fuels would allow for an 85% decrease of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. In terms of credibility the sources from this article are mostly from many other peer reviewed scientific articles and government publications. Furthermore, this journal article also discusses about the problems with biodiesel and bioalcohols. This proves that the article is not biased as the author discusses about the advantages and disadvantages of using biofuels as well. The main purpose of this article is to educate readers about the different types of biofuels in the aviation sector. The article discusses about designing new and improve fuel systems for aircraft so as to help with a sustainability and a better environment.

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