Assignment- regulation & matters concerning consumer safety- 4

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Assignment- regulation & matters concerning consumer safety- 4
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Q. 1. What act created the first comprehensive scheme of regulation over matters concerning consumer safety?


Q. 2. Dave receives an unsolicited credit card in the mail. Before he can check the mail, the credit card is stolen from his mailbox. The thief uses Daves credit card and charges exactly$1,252.76 before the credit card company notices the suspicious activity and deactivates the card. How much of those unauthorized charges is Dave liable for?

Q. 3. Couch Potato Cable Co. is subject to mandatory workers compensation laws in the states in which it does business. Justin and Phil work for Couch Potato Cable Co. as part of a crew thatinstalls and repairs cable lines. While installing new cable lines at a job site, Justin is injured in an accident that is entirely Phils fault. Justin files a claim for workers compensation. Should the claim be granted? Why or why not?

Q. 4. American Automobile Assemblers Union (AAAU) is a large union whose members consist of various assembly line workers who put automobiles together. The AAAU is the official labor union of the assembly line workers who work at Fords factory in Detroit. After alarge recall in Ford trucks, Ford decides that they will not give their workers a yearly raise and they will raise their monthly premiums for healthcare. The enraged employees strike for better wages and healthcare. During the strike, Ford hires workers to come in and replace the striking workers. Ford hires exactly as many workers as those who were striking so they can keep production constant. After two months of striking, Ford and AAAU come to an agreement about wages and healthcare premiums which ends the strike. AAAU tells Ford that they must fire the scabs who were hired during the strike so their union members can have their jobs back. Ford says that they arent going to fire anyone and they dont have to. Who is right and why?



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