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Assignment paper | Human Resource Management homework help
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Assignment  is about leadership, systems analysis and personal productivity.  Review the miniature case studies in the attached document and evaluate the actions of the managers involved.  Make sure you support your answers with research into the positions you take.  This is the final assignment and your ability to support your work with APA style citations and references will also be scrutinized.

Answer the following questions and critique the actions of IBM, Best Buy and Unilever in resolving their problems with systems analysis in APA 6th edition with in text citation and references

a.  Specifically, did IBM get so big that management simply didn’t see what was happening right under their noses?  

b.  It took IBM five years to fix their systems problem, Is that reasonable or was this a fault in leadership? 

c.  At Best Buy, it became clear that sales forecasts weren’t very accurate but nobody seemed to be willing to do much about it.  Can we put it down to poor leadership?

d.  At Best Buy, the solution of crowd casting was utilized as a way to increase forecasting accuracy.  Is this really a method a of statistical analysis or that a respectable business should be involved in?

e.  At Unilever, they seemed to solve health problems but they did so in a way that really increased their bottom line in the Indian marketplace.  Is this really ethical? 

f.  If Unilever hadn’t been able to make a profit on their products, do you think they would have still offered them up to the Indian market dispite the fact that they actually did have a positive impact on the lives of the poorest Indians?

g.  Thinking back to the example of the lost keys, can you see a correlation between that systems analysis and your own actions and can you apply what you learned about systems analysis to problems with your personal productivity?

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