Assignment 221 | Education homework help

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Assignment 221 | Education homework help
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.  Low Hanging Publication or Blog Post. (Also known as “how to write a white paper”)

Write a 1000 (Plus or Minus 100) word practitioner focused piece to help address issues, challenges, and effective implementation of AT to support your population of interest. Explain where you think this piece could find a publication outlet. 


1. Connect to at least 1 model of AT evaluation and cite it.  Doesn’t have to one of the articles from last week. Explain how this AT Evaluation model would work with your population and give some example of at least 3 (but try to keep it under 7) areas of need that are likely to be identified in an AT eval for individuals in your population  

2. For each likely area of need identified identify 1 or 2 assistive technologies that might help 

3. Address the concerns of AT abandonment and your population and these tools 

4. Include at least 1 on topic picture, figure, etc that you have the legal right to use and publish.  (Creative commons, Royalty free, or graphic/photo of your own

5. Include one Table with resources or tools you discuss

6. Cite it all correctly (including the picture, the AT tools if the are software/hardware, If they are low tech tools like pencil grips don’t cite them)

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