Ashford mat 126 (survey of mathimatical methods)week 2 dq & quiz a+

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Ashford mat 126 (survey of mathimatical methods)week 2 dq & quiz a+
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MAT 126 Week 2


Ashford MAT 126 Week 2 Quiz 20 MCQ’s


·           Multiply. 1B7twelve x 29twelve

·          Find the value of 327 in the mod 7 system

·          Determine the place value of the digit 8 in the number 3,684,159.

·          Evaluate (3 + 4) + 1 in the mod 5 system.

·          An arithmetic student needs at least a 70% average to receive credit for the course. If she scored 86%, 77%, and 64% on the first three exams, what is the lowest score she can get on the fourth exam to receive credit for the course?

·          Solve the equation. 2x – 4 = -10

·          Convert 1111two to base ten.

·          Three times a number is 10 less than five times the number. Find the number.

·          Find the value of y in the mod 9 system.
5 x y = 4

·          Which property of the real numbers is illustrated by the following statement?
(18 + 3) + 14 = 18 + (3 + 14)

·          Find the LCM of 18, 28, and 48

·          Write 426 in expanded notation.

·          Convert 11010two to base ten.

·         Solve the inequality: x + 14 < -11

·         Evaluate (2 x 4) x 2 in the mod 5 system

·         Dorothy is 6 years older than Ricardo. The product of their present ages is twice what the product of their ages was 6 years ago. How old is Dorothy?

·         Write CDIX in the Hindu-Arabic system.

·         Evaluate. 7-3

·         Find the LCM of 4 and 20.

·         Which property of the real numbers is illustrated by the following statement?
-6(17 + 14) = -6(17) + (-6)(14)

·         MAT 126 Week 2 Assignment (Is It Fat Free).

·         MAT 126 Week 2 Assignment Quadratic Equations.

Ashford MAT 126 Week Two Discussion 1

This Discussion should be an eye opener for most students. We will look at our food shopping trends and how we spend our money. The outcomes should reveal some interesting facts.

  1. Save a cash register receipt from a shopping trip to the food market, or borrow one from a family member or friend. The cost of four prepackaged food items that are sold by weight and the cost of at least three fresh fruits, or vegetables need to appear on the receipt. If you have no access to a receipt with these items, then you will need to go to the store and write down the cost information, or find a grocery advertisement online. Do not use liquids such as milk, juice, or soda because these are sold by volume and not by weight. Also, do not include ingredients like flour, sugar, oil, dry beans, etc. because these items are not prepackaged foods.
  2. Fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound. Add up your prices per pound for the fruits and vegetables and find the average cost per pound. (Example: If bananas are .79 per pound and apples are .59 per pound, the average is calculated like this: (.79 + .59)/2 = 1.38/2 = .69 per pound on average for the two fruits.)
  3. Locate the weight of your prepackaged food items. (For example, on a box of Frosted Flakes it says 15 oz.)
  4. Add up all of the weights for your prepackaged items in ounces, and then add up all of the costs for your four prepackaged items.
  5. From the totals, find the average cost per ounce of prepackaged items. Convert your results to cost per pound. (Hint: How many ounces in a pound?)
  6. Now, compare the cost per pound of unprocessed food compared to prepackaged processed food.  Discuss your comparison. Are you amazed or did you expect these results? 
  7. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Do the calculations seem reasonable? Based on the posting you authored and the postings you read, do we seem to be paying for the product, convenience or the packaging?

Ashford MAT 126 Week Two Discussion 2

This Discussion will help us learn to develop our own mathematical models, write down the equations and then solve the equations for unknown values using algebraic methods.

  1. Refer back to Week One Discussion and use the names and ages of yourself and the other two people you selected. Make sure one is older than you and one is younger than you.
  2. In years, how old was the older person when you were born?
  3. Write an equation that models how old in years each of you will be, when your ages add up to 150 years old. For example, if x = your age and the eldest person was a year older than you, you would write their age as x + 1. Then the equation would be: x + (x+1) = 150.
  4. Explain the reasoning which helped you develop your equation.
  5. Solve for your future ages. Are your answers reasonable, do they add up to 150?
  6. In years, how old were you when the youngest person was born?
  7. At some point during the lives of you and the youngest person, your age will be three times his/her age at that moment. Write an equation which models how old in years each of you will be when you are three times as old as the younger person.
  8. Explain the reasoning which helped you develop your equation.
  9. Solve the equation for your ages when you are three times as old as the youngest person. Are your answers reasonable?
  10. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Check their equations and investigate for mathematical errors. Help with a constructive critique.

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