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Requirements : cover page , apa  format, 12 font double space , cites ,references

 Reflect on your learning–about the converging forces, the forces of resistance, the 21st century skills, and the systems needed to make the new vision a reality. Consider where you will go from here. What is your vision for the future – five years from now, three years from now, one year from now? What actions will you do in the short term to realize these visions? How do you feel about the journey your have been on and the one you are about to take? What opportunities might you seize? What challenges might you face? How will the benefits outweigh the time, effort, and/or costs involved? How has this course changed you on both personal and professional levels?

Assignment length: written 2- to 3- pages.


  • Course Text: 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times
    • Chapter 8, “Retooling Schooling: Reshaping Support Systems” (pp. 117–150)
    • Chapter 9, “Conclusion: Learning for Life – Building a Better World” (pp. 151–157)
  • Worksheet: 21st Century Skills Chart – Download this chart and complete it by describing one or more observable behaviors that would exemplify of each 21st century skill. You will submit your completed chart for this week’s Content Review.

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