Apple vs. Samsung Essay | 825-word Essay Sample

Apple vs. Samsung Essay entails how both these phones have their similarities and differences. With both dominating the smartphone market, both companies are working hard to ensure they release the best gadget that people will love using.

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Apple vs. Samsung comparison is what makes a person choose. Everyone has their preference in terms of features, camera, and storage, and there is more to look at. With the different features, every consumer knows which one they prefer since both phones are pretty good. Their differences are not vast, but it makes an impact on the user. Look for the wow factor before choosing.

Is Samsung or Apple better?

As phones become mature and sophisticated, it’s harder to choose one brand over the other. Is Samsung better than apple? Do you like the small or large screen? Do you play graphics or processor-intensive games to make calls mostly, browse and watch movies occasionally? Do you need less storage or store a terabyte of data? Are you willing to pay and own the greatest or the latest device? These are some of the similarities between apple vs. Samsung essay you need to ask you need to look at before buying:


When evaluating the speed for general business purposes, the criteria are subjective. Does the phone feel fast enough for you? iPhone uses the Antutu test software. With this software, iPhones run faster compared to Samsung. We can conclude, that for most users, it does not make a practical difference, but iPhones are faster than Samsung.

Storage Capacity

Depending on what one needs, some like more storage, and others are okay with any storage. Samsung phones have a MicroSD card expansion slot. The slots allow the user to increase storage capacity beyond what the inbuilt iPhone has. iPhones do not have expandable storage.

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Password Management

With the need for unique, strong passwords to grow, the hassle and complexity of remembering the passwords also increase. Password managers such as Dashlane and LastPass help users create strong and unique passwords for every website. The credentials are automatically supplied when logging into an app and website.

Apple has improved its password integration significantly to the point they are safe and convenient to use. Password convenience and safety rarely go together, but Apple does a better job.


For people taking casual photos, both phones offer good enough quality. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to videos and pictures. Samsung has a better telephone lens, while apple has a better dynamic range. In most cases, the dynamic range in Apple comes at the expense of contrast images and flattering visual tones.

The new iPhone has larger sensors that gather more light effectively than in the past. Depending on what you are photographing, each phone gives a superior result that the other, and neither of them will fail you.

Which is a better iPhone or Galaxy?

Apple vs. Samsung essay is the titans of the world’s smartphones. For you to know which brand is better, you need to explore the features. For anyone looking for a high-end phone, chances are they will choose between a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and an iPhone 13 pro. Both brands manufacture phones that are very expensive. Let’s explore the apple vs. Samsung company comparison:

Phone Design

iPhone has evolved from rounded, plastic-backed iPhones. New models have a sleek glass design with a stainless steel band that is connecting the back and front. They have gotten rid of the home button to provide an edge-to-edge display.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have veered away from the plastic design too. The newest Galaxy has featured a bezel-free, larger screen and a hole-punch design for the camera, giving it a more seamless display.

Screen Quality

Apple, in its latest launch, has increased the display resolution of its smartphones. Samsung, on its latest launch, has a higher resolution. For anyone looking for a bigger screen, the iPhone 11 pro max has a larger inch. Their display is different, and the iPhone has a super Retina XDR OLED display while Samsung has a Dynamic AMOLED display.

Apple vs. Samsung Essay

Is Samsung or Apple more popular?

Samsung, which is a Korean smartphone maker, is beating Apple globally. Samsung is the world’s most popular smartphone brand. Samsung leads first due to the company’s selection of budget devices. Apple focuses on the high-end smartphone market as they introduce an expensive and sophisticated smartphone. This is why Apple manages to stay slightly highly profitable.

Meanwhile, Samsung makers focus on the low-end smartphone market, trying to mine their fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. Look for the Apple vs. Samsung research paper for more information.

What is the difference between Samsung and Apple?

Apple vs. Samsung essay is known as the two leading competitors in the smartphone industry. Both phones release annually flash phones, and people prefer one over the other. You will find significant differences when you compare and contrast apple vs. Samsung.

Samsung releases the latest features, the newest capability, tech, or form factors. The unique element of Samsung captures most people’s attention. With the many releases, sometimes the products are not ready for release.

Apple’s upgrade approach is more conservative. They may not have big new features for their device, but their upgrade is fantastic. That way the iPhone is faster. iPhone does not have the latest new stuff, but they focus on making major improvements to old stuff as they deliver new innovative features.

The difference in approach is what makes people choose one side over the other. If you want the latest new tech, you have to compromise some qualities.

Should I get an iPhone or Android?

This is a common argument people have about whether to buy an apple vs. Samsung essay. Apple vs. Samsung argumentative essay helps you with detailed information. There are many different things to look at, such as:

Ease of Use

Most people say Apple products are easy to use, which is certainly true. Frankly, using an android phone is easy too, if you use one of them, you have no trouble with any other. These were 10 years ago. At the moment, both phones have minimal differences when it comes to ease of use. Android phones give you control, and their flexibility has made people build loyalty to them.

Finish, Fit, and Price

The iPhones are beautiful. Android, on the other hand, varies wildly. Apple controls every step of the manufacturing process hence having a great finish and fit, same as big android phone manufacturers. But you will come across some android phones that are not attractive. Apple makes nothing but luxury phones, and you cannot find a cheap iPhone.

Open vs. Closed System

As ever, the iPhone remains proprietary. iPhone users are not able to watch a Google play movie using play movies or buy an e-book on amazon from the kindle app. On the other hand, Android is open source, and it is open to alternative applications. For people who prefer open systems to closed ones, this is an essential differentiator.

A. and Voice Assistants

When you differentiate Siri and Google Assistant, there is no doubt Google wins by a country mile. Google assistance is an excellent voice interface for more than Google search. Siri has been in the market for some time, but it is still basic. It does a good job answering questions, but it does not offer much assistance. Google assistance fits best for anyone who wants to compare the two.

Timely Update

When it comes to timely updates, apple beats Android hollow. When the iPhone releases a new patch or update, all phones that they support receive the updates. For Android, you are not guaranteed to get new updates. Apple controls every detail of its iPhone. On the other hand, Android, Google supplies some programs and base operating systems. This means that it is up to the phone manufacturer to deliver patches and upgrades.

Why did Samsung jump to S20’s?

Samsung is celebrating 10 years of Galaxy with the start of a new decade. Galaxy is introducing a whole new Galaxy S that builds on the innovation they have achieved throughout the years. Since people are expressing and communicating in new ways, their phones needed an appropriate new name. They came up with Galaxy S20 to kick off the next 10 years of innovation, and now the latest being Galaxy S22 Ultra. In a new decade, it marks Samsung as the pioneer of a mobile ecosystem powered by AL, 5G, and IoT.

What is the best phone in the world?

In 2022, it is not easy to pick the best phone in the market to buy due to the variety of good phones being manufactured. With lots of research to find the best handset, researchers have viewed every current phone on the market. They look at the performance, delivery style, and lots of features. This is a phone with a long-lasting battery, excellent photography, and a good appearance.

What is the best phone in 2022? In 2022, there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra takes the lead. That is why Samsung did not manufacture the S11. It’s moving to the next generation. Galaxy S20, then to S22. You can read the iPhone vs. Samsung essay for a better understanding. Anyone having trouble should look for an iPhone vs. Samsung compare and contrast essay.

Which Samsung phone is the best value for money?

It is not easy to get the right answer to these questions. Depending on what someone wants, some look at the processing power, and others prefer batter to looks. The A-series and M series are selling well among midrange and budget buyers. When you want a Samsung phone best in everything, you will have to pay more. The best thing is to do enough research on what you are looking for, but the S series will not disappoint.

Why is Samsung so bad?

Samsung is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, and they are known to make good phones. People have had some complaints about these phones. Below are reasons why Samsung sucks:

The IU

Earlier, when there were developments in Android, the UI did not have a good look. Samsung developed the UI, TouchWiz which was good, and made Android phones to be top. But with time, there have been many changes, and Android IU is more fluid since the introduction of Android Lollipop. There have been many developments making it a con for old Samsung users.

The Design

Samsung has come up with beautiful phones like Notes, S and S+. But they have left a flagship aside; people have to pay a lot of money for a similar phone. You will find that most Samsung phones like A-series and J-series are the same with a difference in overall form factory and sizes and some hardware changes.


Samsung somehow provides updates to their flagship, but people with a mid-range budget android phone are screwed. The delay in pushing software updates so you can move to a high-end flagship. Samsung has late updates, and they need to customize their OS.


Samsung has good specs for people with flagship devices or upper mid-range. The more you spend money, the better you get a faster processor and other hardware options.

Why are androids better than Apple?

In recent years, the gap between the Apple vs. Samsung essay has dramatically lowered. In the past, iPhones were technically superior, and most people chose Android due to their affordability.

Today, the technological gap that once existed between the top Android and the latest iPhones has vanished. Day by day, most people are finding it easier to use android devices. Find out why Samsung is better compared to Apple.

With Android Software, You Have a Lot of Choices

When looking for a phone in the market, Apple offers three choices of hardware unless a person wants to buy the latest model for a minuscule discount. The current lineup for iPhones come in two, price range, two sizes, big and small, two price range, expensive, and really expensive. They rarely have a discount.

On the other hand, android phones cover a wide range of shapes, sizes, price points, and feature sets. Some high-end Android devices have comparable price tags to that of a new iPhone.

Do you Need A Headphone Jack? No Problem

Most people forget their pesky headphone dongle for their iPhones, making it impossible to plug in headphones. Most Android devices, thankfully, offer 3.5mm jacks. From the hardware, you move to the code that runs under the glass and specifically to the organization and navigator paradigms defining the mobile operating system.

Settings are a Swipe Away

Both Apples vs. Samsung essays offer similar shortcuts to common system settings. When you swipe down an android screen from the top, it brings a dozen of icons above the current notifications. When you swipe again, you see a bigger assortment of setting customizable icons. When you swipe down from the top, you get the control center. It has a selection of shortcuts that makes excellent use of Force Touch Features.

You Can Replace the Launcher

One frustrating thing about using an iPhone is the inflexible home screen. Per the app, you get one icon, and you can arrange them into folders on multiple screens. On Android devices, one can easily replace the default android launcher. Regularly, device makers do these with mixed results.

Pinned Icons Are Useful

On Apple phones, home screen icons are shortcuts to individual apps. One can access a particular document, photo, or website quickly? Sorry, one has first to open the app. Android icons can represent individual items that are not apps. You can have a home screen shortcut to pdf files or excel workbooks.

On The Home Screen, iPhone Has Widgets

Both Apple and Android offer a unique home page whereby swiping the right one can quickly add widgets. Android phones, on the other hand, can add widgets directly to the main home screen.

There is a back button

For the first decade, Apple has only one button which you could hold, press, double-tap, and tap to accomplish tasks. Android, on the other hand, has three soft buttons on the button. The recent home button function similarly to the double-tap or touch button, but the back button is unique.

Do iPhones last longer than androids?

Depending on what you mean by lasting longer, you can break it down into:

  • Usable battery life
  • Usable performance
  • Resale value
  • Software and security update

Usable Performance

iPhone devices were known to have fewer specs compared to android phones in the past. They have less CPU and memory; hence the latest apps and IOS are a struggle. The good thing with an apple vs. Samsung essay is a memory card slot. This means you can always get more space for files and apps.

Battery Life

Regardless of how often you charge your phone, your device as it gets older will lose battery life. With waterproof devices, batteries in most devices are no longer removable; hence it is expensive to send them off for repair. In this case, both apples vs. and Samsung’s essays are in the same boat.

Software and Security Update

After some years, Apple is known to discontinue its support for older devices. With no update, some apps will no longer run due to a lack of the latest version. On the other hand, Android is open-source, making it possible for one to download aftermarket custom Rom giving you the latest OS.

Resale Value

An iPhone has a higher resale value compared to an Android, but you will have lost more money since it’s expensive to buy the iPhone.

Apple vs. Samsung Essay

Apple vs. Samsung Essay | 825-Word Essay Sample

Smartphones are the latest rage in mobile phone technology. The yearly sale of mobile phones worldwide is more than a billion, of which 20% accounted for smartphone sales (Kenny and Pon, 2011). There is a 100% annual increase in the sale of smartphones, and the high rate of penetration suggests that by the year 2015, there will be 2 billion smartphone users globally (Kenny and Pon, 2011).

Both Apple and Samsung have innovated smartphones and have a huge market share. Together, Apple and Samsung form a major chunk of the global smartphone industry. Data from the IDC suggests that Apple recorded a whopping jump of 10 million units in a single year by selling 18.7 million units worldwide as compared to 8.7 million units sold the previous year (Albanesius, 2011).

Samsung ranks fourth in the race with a 10.8% market share, reporting a jump in units from 2.4 million to 10.8 million (Albanesius, 2011). With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung competes with Apple’s iPhone. This paper explores the comparing and contrasting factors of two major smartphone producers, Apple and Samsung.

The paper seeks to find similarities and differences in the features and use of technology. Apple is the pioneer of mobile internet with its pioneering and revolutionary iPhone in 2007. Through the iPhone, Apple offered its users a fully functional web browser that would connect them to the internet universe directly (Kenny and Pon, 2011).

Apple has its operating system the iOS, which is vertically integrated with its handsets and application stores, giving users a unique experience. Samsung, on the other hand, is a “handset-only manufacturer,” which uses licensed operating systems from Google Android (Kenny and Pon, 2011). Samsung uses a host of operating systems such as Android for the Galaxy S series and Windows 7 for its bada-powered smartphones.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S series and Apple’s iPhones have different operating systems, they appear to be similar in design and specifications. The screen, look and feel of Samsung smartphones is strikingly similar to that of the iPhone. Both phones use touch technology and have some similar software such as voice recognition. However, there are striking differences in the design and manufacturing process of both smartphone companies.

While Apple is completely involved in the development of its smartphone software, it is mainly a design company, unlike Samsung, which is mainly a manufacturing company. This is the major point of contrast between the two giants. Many of Apple’s manufacturing needs are met by Samsung (Vergara, 2012).

Samsung is the largest manufacturer and supplier of raw and finished technological parts with its operations based in South Korea (Vergara, 2012). Apple outsources its requirement for iPhone parts such as flash memory, DRAM, and applications processor (AP), which account for 26% of its iPhone mechanical parts (Vergara, 2012).

The App Store is Apple’s very own feature, which enables it to sell applications to users of the iPhone, making the novel and unique only to iPhone customers. Other popular features of Apple are iTunes and bookstore, which sell music and books to its customers, respectively (Apple: Apple Reports Third Quarter Results, 2010). Apple’s smartphone strategy is to launch a new product every few years, providing its customer with better features, better interface, and ease of usability (Kenny and Pon, 2011).

The iPhone was first released in 2007 and has been upgraded with the release of 5 models to date. Apple enjoys the trust and loyalty of its customers. Research and surveys indicate that users of the iPhone have the highest customer satisfaction of 83% (Siren, 2011). In comparison, the Android software used by Samsung showed a satisfactory rating of 77% (Siren, 2011).

iPhone 5 has an excellent user interface, a compelling design, brand value, and a host of media applications through its own iTunes store. The ease and availability of these multiple features grant Apple smartphones immense popularity and a huge market share. Samsung is primarily a handset manufacturer that has so far been unable to create its unique software or interfaces to match those of Apple’s iPhones (Kenny and Pon, 2011).

By using an operating system built by Google, the Android, Samsung smartphones lose their uniqueness to all its competitors who also use similar operating systems. This fact has a huge impact on the sales of Apple, which enjoys a first place in the smartphone market (Kenny and Pon, 2011). However, Samsung, with its Galaxy 4, stepped up its rivalry with Apple.

Galaxy 4 is very similar in design to the iPhone, which has a long screen and is slim. The Galaxy series also has all the features of the iPhone 5, giving it tough competition. It has a better, sharper, and wider screen than Galaxy 3 and has been named as the ‘product of the year” (Arch Rivals: Samsung vs. Apple, 2013). Galaxy 4 has a display screen larger than that of Apple.

It has the latest Android software, 4.2, and a 2 GB ram, double that of the iPhone 5. Samsung phones having lower prices than the iPhone has upped its rivalry with Apple increasing its market share in the smartphone segment (Arch Rivals: Samsung vs. Apple).

Anyone who wants to know more about Apple vs. Samsung Essay, this article is essential for you. Take advantage of the article and learn more about Apple vs. Samsung essay. Experts at My Homework Writers assist students with any assignment. Visit for more information.

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