The Best Appeal Letter to University for Admission

The Best Appeal Letter to University for Admission

There are many reasons why you may need to write an appeal letter to university for admission. The steps mentioned in this article should help improve your chances of admission

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The Best Appeal Letter to University for Admission
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Generally, no one appreciates receiving rejection letters from universities that they apply to. And sometimes, you realize that the admissions teams’ decision to deny your admission is unfair or arbitrary. However, receiving a rejection letter isn’t always the end of the road to joining your dream college. In most instances, this is the case, but there are also a few exceptions to this rule. Comes the appeal letter to university for admission. Most universities allow for appeal options, giving you a second chance of acceptance.

Writing an appeal letter to your dream college after being rejected can, in some cases, lead to your case being reviewed, and your decision overturned. Still, you must have a legitimate reason for overturning a rejection decision. In most cases, an appeal isn’t always even warranted, especially if you don’t have sufficient new evidence to fight for a spot.

appeal letter to university for admission

Writing an appeal letter doesn’t have to be intimidating. Sure, you might not feel as confident as you were the first time writing your original admissions letter. But writing an academic appeal letter may actually end up working in your favor.

Here’s why:

How to Write an Appeal Letter to University for Admission

Most schools don’t always overturn their initial rejection decisions. But it happens in some cases, especially if you can put up a strong valid case. If you, therefore, feel a drive and urge to want to appeal, then that’s exactly what you should do. Only ensure that you do it right to improve your chances of acceptance.

A good appeal letter to university for admission should generally be a one-page document that explains your circumstance and plans to improve your academic performance if admitted. To get started on your letter of appeal, here are some critical steps that you must consider and follow:

Submit Your Appeal Letter As Soon As Possible

From the moment you receive that rejection letter from your dream college but feel that the decision was unwarranted, start working on your appeal. Remember, each passing day draws closer to the enrollment deadlines and other options. Therefore, you have no time to waste.

Contact the university’s admissions team upon receiving the rejection decision. Ask them whether an appeal for your case is possible. You may also inquire if it’s possible to know which qualifications you didn’t meet that led to your rejection.

Remember, the sooner you submit your letter of appeal, the sooner you will hear from the school. From there, you can finalize your plans.

Check the School’s Appeal Policies

Before you start writing a college appeal letter, ensure that you first review the school’s policies. Different schools require applicants to submit appeal letters in a specific way. As such, some universities may ask that you include transcripts, your worksheet with your degree plan, or formal appeals applications.

appeal letter to university for admission

Besides speaking to an admissions officer, it may also be wise to check the school’s appeal policy from their website. You will get a lot more accurate information from these sources than from asking friends or family members.

Follow the Proper Formatting

All appeal letters must typically include the writers’ complete mailing address and address of the committee that you are addressing your letter to. A subject line and salutation will also need to come before the body of your letter. You must also remember to include the right closing. Generally, this should include your printed name and signature at the end.

However, it’s best to visit the school’s official website or call the admissions team on any formatting procedures that you need to follow.

Explain Your Situation

Your appeal letter to university for admission is basically your second chance and shot at getting your admissions approved. You’ll, therefore, want to start by clearly stating your reason for writing the appeal letter. Some universities prefer that you briefly introduce yourself to the appeals committee before you start writing.

Follow all the requirements needed in your appeal letter for readmission to the university with information about why your application was affected. You want to report all the facts in your college appeal letter without overdramatizing what happened. Also, it’s critical that you stay on message throughout the letter. Don’t include any information that isn’t relevant to your academic performances.

Here’s where you will cover all issues that address the problems that might have been costly in your initial application. You will also want to highlight all of the improvements that you’ve made on your application. Careful not to threaten the admissions team. Rather thank them for reconsidering your application and appeal letter.

Provide the Required Documentation

It might be that your first admissions application was rejected because you didn’t submit crucial documentation with it. Here’s where the appeal letter to university for admission comes into play. You must remember to include all the relevant documentation in your appeal letter. Include the necessary documentation that directly relates to the reasons that might have resulted in your academic problems.

If there are any situations that prevented you from completing a semester, ensure that you explain it in detail and with supporting documentation. For example, if you missed some semesters due to sickness, ensure you include the necessary documentation for your stay in the hospital. The same concept also applies to situations that kept you from finishing your studies.

Some of the vital documentation that you may need include:

  • Proof of disability
  • Updated SAT or ACT scores
  • Copy of an award that you won
  • New high school transcript
  • A recommendation letter supporting your appeal

It’s vital to know which documents you will need to include in your college letter of appeal. You can do this by listing all of the documents you intend to attach at the bottom of your letter.

Don’t Be Accusatory

No matter how you feel or how unfair you think the admissions teams’ decision to decline your admission letter is, don’t imply that they were wrong. This may be how you feel honestly, but it’s still highly inappropriate and often unhelpful in this case.

As an applicant, you must first consider your knowledge of how the admissions team makes acceptance and rejection decisions. For one, you know very little about what the admissions office considers and what it doesn’t in each admissions letter. You are, therefore, in no position to know whether the admissions team made the right decision to decline your admission application.

Rather, if you believe that your initial application didn’t accurately represent your, then the appeal letter to university for admission is your second chance to have a go at it. It’s reasonable to ask for an opportunity to correct any errors that you may have made in your initial application. It, however, doesn’t mean that the admissions committee was wrong in rejecting you.

Don’t claim that the admissions board made a mistake in rejecting your application unless it’s factual information. In any case, this may only end up infuriating the admissions officials and diminish your shot at a second chance.

Proofread the Appeal Letter

Nobody wants to have a glaring spelling or punctuation mistake in the middle of their appeal letters. This will only justify the admission teams’ decision to dismiss your application. Ensure, therefore, that you go over the letter a few times before sending it off. You may also want to have someone who’s proficient in grammar and punctuations to have a look at it.

This allows for additional suggestions and insight into how you can polish your appeal letter further.

Be Patient

Most colleges don’t always consider appeals requests until after they have checked all of the other applicants for admission. What’s more, it may take even longer to hear back from the institution if you were denied entry by a university with rolling admission.

You, therefore, just need to wait after you have sent your appeal letter to university for admission. Don’t call the admissions office to ask for an update. This never reflects well on you.

appeal letter to university for admission

Can You Appeal A Rejection? Does It Ever Work?

From the points mentioned above, you probably already know that you can appeal a rejection. Unfortunately, appeal letters hardly ever work. Most of the time, your appeal won’t be successful. Most schools hardly ever overturn rejection decisions.

On that note, most academic professionals advise that you only appeal if there’s some key evidence that was missing from your original application. And that this new evidence will improve your chances of acceptance significantly. Perhaps, you forgot to include your test scores, or your teacher neglected to send a letter. Such inconveniences may lead to your application being rejected.

On a more positive note, students have won appeals by connecting with departments that really want them. Send in additional materials that the college allows you to submit together with your appeal. If it doesn’t work, however, at least you’ll know that you tried.

Valid Reasons to Write an Admissions Appeal

  • Your guidance counselor neglected to send the recommendation letter promptly
  • Your school miscalculated your GPA. So, you are providing proof with updated an updated report
  • You were diagnosed with dyslexia in your junior year. That’s why your grades during freshman year are low

Invalid Reasons for Writing an Admissions Appeal

  • You’ve always wanted to go to that specific university
  • You didn’t get in anywhere else. That university if your last option
  • You don’t agree with the admission team’s decision. You are a straight-A student who meets all the admission requirements

When to Write an Appeal Letter to University for Admission

From the excerpt above, you can already tell that most university admissions decisions are final. Most colleges never reconsider their decisions once they’ve been made. And some colleges, especially major private schools, don’t consider appeals for any reason. If schools like Harvard, Stanford, or Yale decline your admission, your only option is to accept that rejection with grace.

appeal letter to university for admission

Public schools, on the other hand, are always more likely to reconsider admissions appeals. Still, policies vary greatly from one school to the other. Ensure, therefore, that you check with the school’s admissions website to determine if appealing is an option. Sending an academic appeal letter to a school that doesn’t consider appeals for any reason is obviously a waste of your time.

In addition, the reason why you are requesting an appeal is just as vital, even if that school doesn’t theoretically accept appeals.

To have solid grounds for an appeal, you must be in a position to prove that your first application might not have accurately represented your achievements. Some specific circumstances under which a school might be willing to reconsider admitting you include:

Clerical Error

Supposing a major part of your application was incorrectly reported. This can be anything from your test scores to your GPA. In such an instance, you may have a solid case to appeal. An admissions officer may be more inclined to help you figure out where the problem lies. Such situations allow you to write an academic appeal letter for grades.

New Information

Other colleges may reconsider your appeals based on accomplishments that you achieve after submitting your initial application. An appeal letter to university for admission may include accomplishments that prove to be substantial enough to change the minds of the college’s admissions committee.

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Having your application ejected isn’t always the end of the road. If anything, it should give you the opportunity to learn the mistakes you might have made in your initial application and polish them. Still, an appeal letter to university for admission must be ironclad and specific to the college’s appeal policies for you to even stand a chance of acceptance. The steps mentioned above should help get you there.

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