Apologetics interview | Education homework help

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Apologetics interview | Education homework help
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For this assignment, you will need to find 4 people who do not consider themselves Christians and interview them.


During each interview, you will take notes and ask the same questions. The purpose is to find out what people believe in general, what they believe about Christians, and what could/would convince them to consider Christianity as a credible option in life. The questions you will ask are below: 


Worldview Questions: 

1.(Origin question): How do you describe the origin of the human race and the world? 

2.(Identity question): Who are “we” as the human race? Are we an accident? Do we have intrinsic value? 

3.(Meaning/purpose question): What is the meaning and purpose of life? 

4.(Morality question): Where does the idea of right and wrong come from? 

5.(Destiny question): What do you think happens to people after they die? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Who decides or how does one get to heaven versus hell?

Apologetic Action Questions: 

6.What is your opinion of Christians in general? 

7.If a Christian were to sit down and talk with you about their faith, what would it take to convince you that it was worth looking into or accepting? 


Once you have interviewed all 4 individuals, summarize their responses. You may synthesize their responses into a single answer per question or you may relate specific answers from specific people as you summarize the responses. Make sure to give each participant a pseudonym in your summary. Follow the provided template for this assignment. 

In a final paragraph, reflect on this experience and analyze what you think your responsibility is and should be in providing these people what they said would attract them to Christianity? How can you be a witness, an apologist, take what you have learned here, and apply it in ministry this semester? 

Use the attached template to complete the assignment.

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