Anwer 6 question it/200 | Social Science homework help

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Anwer 6 question it/200 | Social Science homework help
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1– Research and find five things that a savvy online user should not do online or while using a computing device to prevent data breaches to yourself or your company. You should include these topics:


•The risk of using a simple password


•The risk of using the same password everywhere


2-What is your Kryptonite (weakness) when it comes to shutting the doors that a hacker may use?


3– Have you or someone close to you had any recent events with your computer as a result of a hacker? What is the value of your social media versus the larger risk of going to multiple sites?


4–What is the worst experience you have personally had which is related to a hacker?


5-How anxious should I be worrying about my computer security if I taking appropriate steps for security? Should I be just as anxious when I am going 5 miles over the speed limit when I drive worried about getting pulled over?


6- It can be a little depressing and sad when you think about how society is under attack. I do not have a secret weapon to help fight the fight with hackers. The best we can all do is to do our part and not be part of the problem. We can support efforts to combat hackers, we can be responsible when we are using technology, and we can pay attention attachments, links, and shady websites. Is our awareness and helping to make sure those we interact with are aware enough to make a difference? What is?


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