An Informative Essay about Climate Change | Online Essay Writing Help

An Informative Essay about Climate Change | Online Essay Writing Help

Climate change is one of the pressing issues affecting different nations across the globe. Due to human activities and other factors, the world’s temperatures have been going up for some time now. Many countries are really struggling to control climate change in vain. For that reason, many researchers and environmentalists have initiated different programs and measures to control the crisis. Now that you understand how pressing climate change is, you can absolutely realize why you need to learn more about it. As My Homework Writers, we have conducted a series of studies on the topic. This guide outlines all the necessary facts you need as you prepare to write an informative essay about climate change.

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An Informative Essay about Climate Change | Online Essay Writing Help
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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a topic that entails a wide range of subtopics. It is under this topic you that you find other topics such as global warming. Overall, when writing an informative essay about climate change, remember to address it from all angles. What does it mean by all angles? Well, you can start your informative essay about climate change by defining the problem itself. Explain to your audience all they need to know regarding climate change. For instance, you can state to them as below. Climate change is the significant rise in the average surface temperatures on the earth. The change is majorly attributed to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.

informative essay about climate change

While some people do not agree that climate change is real, there is sufficient evidence to prove its existence. Besides, there is a broad agreement within the scientific community to ascertain this.  When writing an informative essay about climate change, states the bodies that are in support of climate change. Some of the scientific communities in support of it include:

  • The National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and,
  • The U.S Environmental Protection Agency

Important Facts to Include in an Informative Essay about Climate Change

Climate change as a topic might appear simple, but that is not the case. The information you discuss in an informative essay should serve as the core of your paper. As the best online essay writing help site, we have the following ideas for you. We believe the ideas will greatly help you write an informative essay about climate change.

informative essay about climate change

First, have a section in your essay that discusses the causes of climate change. Be explicit and avoid deviating from the main issue. Well, for example, you can state the following as the causes of climate change in your informative essay about climate change.

Cause of Climate Change

Causes of climate change are countless. However, for the sake of this informative essay about climate change, we will discuss the following as the major causes:

  1. Human Influence

In case you do not know, since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been the major influencers of climate. Actually, since the industrial revolution, temperatures have approximately risen by 0.08 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, in some other parts like North America, temperatures have risen by 1.5 degrees Celsius because of human activities. Particularly, those human activities are the use of aerosols, deforestation, urbanization, and burning of aerosols. For instance, the burning of fossils releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses have an impact on the climate. They alter incoming solar radiations and outgoing infrared radiation.  In the long run, they cause an imbalance in the earth’s energy resulting to climate change. This is how you should explain this point when you finally begin writing an informative essay about climate change.

informative essay about climate change

  1. Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Overall, mention in your informative essay about climate that carbon dioxide is the recent and major cause of climate change. In a daily basis, people release large amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. Additionally, methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases, ozone, water vapor are the major greenhouse gases. The concentration of the gasses results in the rise of atmospheric temperatures. Plus, My Homework Writers recommends that you mention specific activities that result in carbon dioxide emissions.  Those activities include animal respiration, volcanic eruptions, burning of fossil fuels, and inappropriate land use among many others.

Trick: Just be detailed because this is informative writing. You can support your ideas with sufficient proof from different academic sources.

informative essay about climate change

  1. Natural Factors

In most cases, people tend to analyze climate change from human-caused perspectives alone. However, natural causes too contribute to green gas emissions, which result in climate change. Some of the natural causes you can discuss in your informative essay about climate change include changes in the:

  • Sun’s intensity,
  • Earth’s orbit around the sun,
  • Ocean current circulation and,
  • Volcanic eruptions,

An argument you cannot miss to mention in your informative essay is that natural causes are not common nowadays. They were common during the 20th century. Therefore, your research should be more on other causes than natural causes. However, it is our best practice as online essay writing help to mention this cause when assisting our customers. Do not be afraid to seek our guidance in case something is not adding up. Just consult My Homework Writers and you will have your informative essay about climate change ready.

Remember, you can have a minimum of three points when discussing this part. The causes are many. Just conduct your research to find other causes of climate change. You can use your school library or the internet to find other causes. You can agree with us that, writing an informative essay about climate change has never been this easy.

Effects of Climate Change

The effects of climate change are deadly and frightening. Actually, a small increase in the Earth’s temperatures by climate change can have severe effects on us. Scientists have always argued that the earth’s temperatures will continue to rise. The effects are severe and threatening to our lives and the animals too. Some of the impacts you need to discuss in an informative essay about climate change are as follows. They include loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise, animal migration, drought, and more intense heat waves. Expound these effects so that your reader can understand each of them. Besides, this is the major objective when one is writing an informative essay about climate change. It should be all about research and support.

informative essay about climate change

  • Drought and Deforestation

It is sad that climate change has consumed notable forests the world was once proud of. A properly researched informative essay about climate change should not skip this point. Tell your reader how Bark beetle, which is common in warm temperatures, has attacked our forests. They have eaten up all trees in North America and Mexico leaving the place bare. Better still if you are afraid of messing your paper, essay writing help will handle the stress on your behalf.

  • Wildfires

There is a strong connection between climate change and wildfires. For instance, wildfires in the Western United States are because of tinder-dry forests. They are major caused by warm temperatures.

  • Coral Reefs

Scientists argue that ocean temperatures are on the rise. The temperatures have been rising for a century and they are affecting the ecosystem of coral systems greatly. Mention to your reader how they have consistently bleached and died for years now.

  • Food Prices

Well, you know how dreadful climate is when we talk about agriculture. Many nations are suffering right now because they do not have enough water to irrigate their crops. The global agriculture supply has gown down as because of climate change. An informative essay on climate change should explain this point exhaustively. My Homework Writers recommends you give statistics on this point. An example of what you can mention in your paper is how global food experts have warned nations. For example, state that, due to climate change food prices will be twice higher come 2060.

  • Mountain Glaciers

There is every reason for you to discuss mountain glaciers in your informative essay about climate change. Explain how worse snow capping is becoming a threat in African countries. In fact, the snowcap has continued to melt for sometimes now. If it will continue at this rate, these countries are likely to lose their revenues. Tourists will no longer be interested to climb mountains such as Kilimanjaro.

informative essay about climate change

How to Debate Each Point

An example of how you can debate effects is as follows. Let us take for example you are discussing accelerated sea level rise. You begin your paragraph with a topic sentence. Afterward, substantiate the idea with several supporting sentences by the help statistics and other significant information. Be it an essay or a research paper, you need to follow this approach when discussing your ideas. Also, each idea should be in its independent paragraph. This way, it will be easy to read and differentiate each point from another. Besides, this gives your informative essay about climate an interesting layout. This type of layout according to online essay writing help makes your reader develop an urge to read your paper.

While some instructors will give you the freedom to research about the topic in general, some will not. We have numerous cases of students seeking help to assist them with a climate change essay tackling the effects only. In either case, mention the above effects when writing an informative essay about climate change. In addition, you can add other effects to make your informative essay more concrete. Exhaust the effects to proof to your audience that you are conversant with the topic. Plus, you can consult My Homework Writers, an online essay writing help, for further guidance.

How to Prevent Climate Change

Many scientists argue that it is easy to regulate climate change. They have put forward different measures that have proven effective in some places. An informative essay about climate change needs to have this section too. Different online essay writing help sites propose different approaches on how to tackle this. My Homework Writers recommends the following as preventive measures for our students and clients. Note that, the points may vary from one online essay writing help site to another. However, how you elaborate on the points matters a lot especially when writing an informative essay. Read on to get an idea on what you can do here.

Like in other sections, an informative essay about climate change requires you to dedicate each paragraph for a single measure. Explain the measures as outlined below.

Reduce Global Emissions

Propose different smart solutions to reduce emissions. As mentioned earlier, greenhouse gasses trap heat. The trapped heat causes an imbalance in the atmosphere resulting in climate change. Now that you are aware of this, convince your readers how this could help to prevent climate change. Suggest three to five measures that reduce carbon emissions and how to implement them. A well-researched informative essay about climate change should have the following as means of reducing emissions:

  • Using renewable energy sources
  • Maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Creating policies that limit the use of carbon pollutants
  • Promote a clean energy economy by adopting technology approaches
  • Maximizing tropical deforestation

informative essay about climate change

Quick Tip

There are a lot more points you can discuss under this subheading. All you need to do is explain the points in details. Also, other online essay writing help professionals recommend other measures you may need to add to the above ones.

Educating People

A good informative essay about climate change should address this point. In your essay, convince your reader why you think educating the future generation can help to prevent climate change. Dedicate one paragraph to talk about how the future generation perceives climate change and its effects. If you can educate children about the dangers of climate change, they can grow to make the future greener. Also, inform people about the importance of conserving their environments. Perhaps, the involvement can create a sense of inclusivity and help to fight the crisis.

Investing in Energy Efficient Sources

Homes largely contribute to carbon dioxide emissions. For example, in the United Kingdom, homes release huge volumes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. According to My Homework Writers, individuals are capable of making a change. Thus, an informative essay about climate change needs to address individuals on how they can reduce their properties’ environmental impact. Therefore, your informative essay about climate change should include the following as the best measures for homes’ CO2 emissions;

  • Home insulation- that is loft, cavity wall, and draught excluder
  • Switching off all electrical devices when not in use
  • Trying out double glazing in homes
  • Replace traditional home appliances with energy efficient ones among many others

*Change of Habits

How well can you elaborate on this point in your informative essay about climate change? You can explain why your home environmental habits need to be extended to the workplace. Also, have some few sentences in your informative essay about climate change people can emulate. They may include walking to the workplace, using public transport instead of personal vehicles, turning off electrical devices at work when not in use among many others. Argue why people need to advocate for green policy and environmental policy in the workplace. Plus, you can write a superb informative essay about climate change when you assume you are part of the problem. Try this when writing your paper to proof online essay writing help wrong or right.

informative essay about climate change

You can agree with us that there are countless points on this topic. It is our hope that the above tips will prepare you to write an informative essay about climate change on your own. While you can use our points, it is against academic principles. If you cannot manage to pull the assignment on your own, we can offer you online essay writing help. It is simple; we will write you an informative essay about climate change that you are looking for. Do not hesitate because you just landed on the right online essay writing help.


How to Write an Informative Essay about Climate Change: Expert Opinion

An informative essay, unlike other essays, has its own special writing process. You need to know that an informative essay must answer five core questions. It is a rule, not an exception. Otherwise, you will end up messing your assignment and even your grade. Therefore, your essay should address the who, what, where, why, and when questions explicitly. This is a general rule that in most instances dictates a writer to write a 5-paragraph essay. The paragraphs should make up the introduction, body, and conclusion of your informative essay about climate change.

Your essay should be divided into three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.


The process of writing an informative essay about climate change is not that complex. Like in any other essay assignment, your introduction should have a clear thesis statement. Ensure that your thesis statement is a result of your observations. Formulate a thesis statement that not only gives the basic idea of the paper. It should also give your readers an impression of how good you are conversant with the topic.  In most instances, as an online essay writing help, we recommend you use one sentence when writing a thesis statement. However, it is okay too if jumps to two sentences.

The Body

After writing a thesis statement, proceed to the body. At this stage, you need to compose yourself and support your thesis statement. Climate change is a wide topic, but you need to have at least three points in your body. Also, the length of your informative essay may vary depending on the number of pages. In case, you have to write about climate change a topic, then discuss causes, effects, and measures. That makes it three points. Make sure you do not mix ideas. Mixing ideas will cost your essay. The best practice here is to dedicate a paragraph to each idea.

Every paragraph should have a topic sentence. Why? A topic sentence will inform your audience of the primary idea. Support your topic sentence with subsequent supporting sentences. One of the approaches that you may find helpful is the C-E-E approach. That is Claim, Evidence, Explanation. Besides, supporting information helps you to expand on your topic ideas.

Crank out informative research from various primary sources relating to climate change. Also, you can have several secondary sources on the same to make the body of your essay strong. Visit your local library or online sources to get accurate information about climate change. Your readers should easily verify all the information you present in your informative essay. We do not encourage students to use the internet because it contains a lot of unreliable information. You can consult us in case you have difficulties choosing a source.


In conclusion, restate your main points explicitly. Also, you can summarize the main argument while paraphrasing the thesis statement. However, for your informative essay about climate change to stand out, you may avoid restating the thesis. Our team has conducted a series of studies and they discovered student make the following mistakes when writing a conclusion. First, they introduce new ideas. You do not want to be part of those students as we have informed you here. If need be, those ideas should be added to the body. Second, most students reiterate their points.  There is no need to reiterate the points because for a reader to reach the conclusion they have read your whole paper. Besides, it may sound like repetition or filler information.

Proofread your Essay

Many at times, students forget to proofread their assignment. Some of the mistakes you are likely to spot include spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We advise our students to start their assignment as earlier as possible to allow themselves enough time to revise their work. If you cannot spot the mistakes personally, then ask a friend to proofread your paper. Above all, if you follow and apply the above tips to the later you will absolutely write a superb informative essay about climate change.

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