All 5 Parts of an Essay Dissected

All 5 Parts of an Essay Dissected

Essay writing is one of the prevalent forms of writing you will come across in life. For you to excel in this field, it is not all about popularity but the ability or skills. For that reason, it is crucial to learn how to write a top-notch piece. As a writer, you have to understand all the five parts of an essay to attain good grades and experience. 5 parts of an essay

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All 5 Parts of an Essay Dissected
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Here is an outstanding guide to help you with the knowledge you need to succeed in school and even after school. Get to know the five parts of an essay, the primary sections, the three parts of an essay introduction. In other words, you get to understand how many portions your essay should have- the format or structure. Keep in mind that the way you organize your ideas when writing an essay is beneficial.

What Are The Five Parts Of An Essay?

Although there are several essay formats, you need to consider the five-paragraph essay. For that reason, make your writing effective by understanding these parts. It includes an introduction, the body part usually with three paragraphs, and the conclusion.

The Introduction

Here, you need the utmost concentration and focus as this is the base of your essay. It is commonly build-up of three main parts. First, you should tell the audience precisely what your essay is addressing. Besides, you must answer the topic question in a nutshell. Give the reader some of the key pointers for the entire article to capture attention. Sure, this is the opening statement or the hook.

Secondly, you must include a supporting sentence to link the opening statement. In other words, this is the essay bridge. Make sure you do your best to explain the hook statement because it makes the essay topic more significant to discuss. The last element of the preface is the thesis statement. It is merely a concise avowal to present your argument.

The thesis statement should be short but precise at the same time. Remember, the last sentence of the opening should be the transition sentence that connects to the essay first paragraph. By taking these three parts serious, you can be sure to draft an excellent introduction. Since you have finished the prologue, move to the body. 5 parts of an essay


The First Body Paragraph

Well, this is the second part of your essay. It should present the most potent point that emphasizes on the thesis statement. The starting sentence in this section must link to the transitional sentence in the preface. The subsequent avowal should explain your case with examples related to the point of argument. The last sentence in this paragraph should include a transitional sentence to tie into the next claim you intend to present.

Second Body Paragraph

The second body paragraph should discuss the second strongest and compelling point, supporting your thesis statement. Of course, you do not need to struggle that much in the introduction to fail at this point. The first sentence in this section must connect to the transitional sentence in the first body snippet.

Here, you should present your thoughts in a way that the reader cannot have enough of your story. You should also add some related examples to describe your point much better. At the end of this section, ensure you include a transition sentence to link the next idea or paragraph.

Third Body Paragraph

Indeed, this is your final body paragraph and the fourth part of the 5-paragraph essay format. In this section, you should present the weakest point or argument supporting the thesis statement. Although this is the lightest point, do not understate it. Similarly, do not overstate or providing more than required examples.

The structure of this section is all the same as the one in previous body paragraphs. Just write is naturally and do not include more ideas. Sure, by doing that you might end up destroying everything you have worked for up to that point. Just make it clear to the reader that it is the final major point you discuss. Do not rush. Take your time and get it right.   

The Conclusion

Now, this is the last section of essay writing. Being the concluding paragraph, you can choose to restate the thesis statement outlined in the introduction. As you restate your argument, do not copy it directly. Instead, try to mix up your words to sound different.

Besides, you have to summarize all your major points in this section. The introduction glues the reader to the essay, while the conclusion should leave the audience with something to think over. Arouse their interest as you conclude your article. In other words, your piece should not be so flat that the reader forgets all about it the moment he or she finishes reading.

Other Tips to Consider When Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay

Although writing an essay can be a bit challenging, you need to equip yourself with the necessary hints to proceed smoothly. Here are several steps to consider as you write the five parts of an essay.

Choosing a Topic

Generally, instructors give you can the essay topic to discuss, or leave it to you. If that is the case, make sure you choose a topic of interest. After all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in the middle of the writing process. Narrow your focus on the selected text and understand its purpose.

For instance, your essay can be informative, persuasive or argumentative. After deciding on the purpose, move to the next step that is research. Ensure you find attractive and relevant information. Similarly, you can consider your life experiences and do not forget to take notes on all points. 5 parts of an essay

Lastly, you can consider your evaluation options. If you aim to educate, then select a topic that you are sure to handle. If your objective is to persuade then go for a thesis creating that sense of passion inside you. After all, do not just pick a question only to meet the goal but choose one that interests you.

Come Up With the Outline

Well, this is the section where many ignore, but it is equally important as well. For you to write an outstanding essay with the five parts, you have to organize your points and thoughts logically. Do not just write because you have to write, but try to make some sense. For that reason, take paper and a pen and put down what is in your mind.

Sure, this enables you to see a clear link and proper connection of ideas. You also get to attain a continuous flow of thoughts. After all, you do not want to sound confused after failing to follow a precise structure. You can use an outline or a diagram to take note of every idea as you write them accordingly.

Do not just get the question and start writing right away because your essay may come out pretty messed up. It is essential to schedule your work. Sure, this will also help you manage the time you have. Taking some time to plan the structure allows you to think about the essay by developing a clear picture.

Proofreading and Editing the Essay

If you need to craft a top-notch essay, it is vital to equip yourself with the necessary editing tools. Sure, this section can be tiresome, but it is equally essential as the writing itself. After completing your first draft, take a break then read through your article. It does not matter how many times you do it; ensure you produce the exceptional version.

Read and re-read your work to get rid of typos, grammar errors, misplaced words and punctuation mistakes. Go through it and see if your article makes sense at all. Make sure your flow is systematic and smooth. You can also add more phrases to spice up and to achieve a clear connection of thoughts.

Similarly, you can ask a friend or a teacher to read through your essay. As human beings, sometimes you may miss out some mistakes and there comes in a third party. Ask him or her to check the flow and any possible grammar errors too.

The Basic Parts of an Essay

As a writer, you need to organize your article in a way that you rank high. You should be familiar with the three essential parts of an essay. Here the three;


An essay starts with a short introduction, preparing the audience to read the whole story. In this part, you want your words to be just right, as this is the first impression. Besides, most instructors and professors begin to rank your work as soon as they see the introduction. Sure, convey what the essay will achieve as you touch some main points in three to five sentences. Think of it as a thumbnail picture of your whole article. An excellent introduction should;

  • Introduce the topic by providing a context for the issue you’re about to discuss.
  • State the significant idea also known as the thesis statement or essay claim
  • Note the primary purpose of the article. Your essay can inform, describe, narrate, persuade, argue, or classify.
  • Capture the audience mind right from the beginning. For instance, you can attract the reader by using a direct announcement, a question, unusual comparison, controversial position, a definition or a quotation.

The Body

The body is the second part of your essay. Sure, this is the most extensive section of a writing piece. Generally, a short article will constitute only three full paragraphs. Every paragraph in the body should talk about one point that relates to the topic.

Just like the entire essay, paragraphs also have a structure. You have to start a new section for each new idea and make your sentences as short as possible. Besides, this helps to show the reader the format of your writing. Moreover, each sub-section should start with a sentence that conveys the main point you’re going to argue in that section. You can also refer to the essay title to convince the reader of the weight of your case.

On this paragraph, you have to expand, back up your thoughts in an exciting manner and with relevant examples. Of course, you do not want to drag the reader from the introduction only to disappoint in the middle. Just give what you promised and support your ideas. Near the end provide the weakest point to notify the audience for a sum up.

The Conclusion

Sure, this is the last section of your essay, which denotes a sum-up of points. It can be as short as a paragraph of five sentences for short articles. five parts of an essay Conversely, it can be two to three paragraphs for slightly extended pieces. An excellent article must end with a great conclusion, leaving the reader with something to mull over.

You have to summarize the major points of your paper and if possible, make a final decision or verdict about what you discussed earlier. Sure, the conclusion can easily connect the audience to broader issues or more fields to study.

However, do not introduce any new idea. Get the reader a simple reminder of what the essay covered. You can also relate your conclusion with the essay’s title for clarity. Ensure you answer the question at hand. Remind the reader of your argument by touching key points. You can even restate the thesis statement but in different words. Moreover, avoid apologies or introducing new thoughts.


By now, I believe you have a firm grasp of the five parts of an essay and the basic article structure. Although it requires time and more effort, with confidence and necessary skills, you can craft a great piece. A precise outline, great paragraphs and a reasonable conclusion should give you a top-rated essay.

Similarly, you have to attend classes, read more and practice daily. You can also reach out to My Homework Writers – the best online essay help service for more guidance. Remember, you have to boost your writing skills and experience to achieve good grades and even for future use.

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