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3. (20 points) Broussard Skateboard’s sales are expected to increase by 15% from $8 million in 2015 to $9.2 million in 2016. Its assets totaled $7 million at the end of 2015. Broussard is already at full capacity, so its assets must grow at the same rate as projected sales. Homework For YouAt the end of 2015, current liabilities were $1.4 million, consisting of $450,000 of accounts payable, $500,000 of notes payable, and $450,000 of accruals. The after-tax profit margin is forecasted to be 6%, and the forecasted payout ratio is 40%. Use the AFN equation to forecast Broussard’s additional funds needed for the coming year. Get Finance homework help today

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Additional Funds Assignment | Homework For You
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