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Clearound uses Alpha Electronics and La Paz Company to buy the electronic components used in the manufacture of its cell phones Component 125X and Component 30. Consider activities, testing components reordering components. After the two components are inserted, testing is done to ensure that the two components in the phones are working properly.
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Reordering occurs because one or both of the components have tested and it is necessary to replenish component inventories. Activity cost information and other data needed for supplier costing are as follows: 1. Activity Costs Caused by Suppliers (testing failures and ordering asares) Activity Costs Testing components $1,200,000 Reordering components 300.000 11. Supplier Data Alpha Electronics Unit purchase price $10 $26 1.000 Unit Durchased 120.000 Failed tests N ber of readers Required: Determine the teacher by ABC Rounded Readers to the rest Alpha Electronics Le Par Company Boy 125% OYGet Accounting Homework Help Today

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Activity Cost Assignment | Top Universities
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