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The following comparative data are available from the 20X4 statement of the financial position of Abraham Holdings Ltd: In 20X4, the following transactions took place and are properly reflected in the accounts, above. a. There were no purchases or sales of FVTPL investments during the year. b. Dividends of $ 60,000 were received from Falcon Ltd. No shares of Falcon were bought or sold during the year. c. FVTOCI investments, with a carrying value of $ 36,200 and cumulative holding gains of $ 11,000 to date, were sold for $ 57,100. Holding gains and losses in reserves are not classified on sale. d. FVTOCI investments were purchased during the year. e. FVTPL and FVTOCI investments were adjusted to fair value at year-end.

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Required: What items would appear on the 20X4 statement of cash flows? Assume the operating section uses the indirect method of presentation. Cash inflow from investment revenue is classified in operating activities.

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