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Healthcare finance questions:

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1: Please describe by whom (payer) and how (method) services related to acute care inpatient hospital stays are reimbursed

.2: If the total book value of the assets of the accounting entity is $ 4,150,000 and the total liabilities of the accounting entity are $ 1,875,000, the stockholder’s equity in the accounting entity is?

3:We learned that market share is an important goal for healthcare organizations. What are some examples of how a healthcare organization can increase market share?

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4:Documentation in the medical record is used as a secondary source from which to construct accurate bills. The first source being the physician or provider’s verbal notification of actual services provided. (true or false)

5: A nursing home contracts with an HMO for skilled nursing care at $ 2.00 PMPM. If costs are expected to average $ 120 per day, what is the maximum utilization of days per 1,000 members that the nursing home can experience before it begins to lose money?

6: The assignment of a DRG upon a patient’s admission is significant to the hospital for the information about payment they may expect to receive after the patient is discharged. (true or false)

7:What are the major reasons for accrual accounting?

8:Healthcare facilities use CPT codes to bill for outpatient visits and treatments. (true or false)

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9: You now recognize that maximizing shareholder wealth is a primary goal of for-profit healthcare organizations. In your own words please describe how this increase is actually accomplished financially, giving at least two specific examples.

10: An HMO pays only 75% of approved charges for its HMO patient members. If a member goes out of the approved network of providers and incurs a charge of $ 1,100, of which $ 650 is approved, how much must the member pay?

11: Why, despite not being sensitive to depreciation expenses, purchasing power and gains in replacement value, do historical costs (HC) continue to be used in the accounting procedures and in financial statements? Get Accounting Help Today

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