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1 What theories and intervention strategies are currently used to treat homeless persons with substance abuse?

2 What research evidence is available that supports the effectiveness of the current practices and policies to ameliorate homelessness in New York?

3 What legislation or policies have been enacted or created to address the homeless problem and condition?

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4 What policy change or new program would you suggest for ameliorating this problem? What is the feasibility of this change given the current social, economic and political context?

5 How would this change/program be implemented? (eligibility requirement, type of assistance given, type of organization and staff utilized)

6 What theory supports or informs your suggested program/policy change?

7 What specific roles will social workers play in the implementation of the program or policy you are proposing?

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8 What are some preliminary ways social workers and/or others will monitor the effectiveness of the new policy or program?

Paper must be Times New Roman, double space, 1-inch margins, 6 pages not including reference page The paper, citations, and references must be formatted in APA style Must contain reputable references, scholarly related to the disease background/population related to the topic, including references related to legislation or policy Must have 8 to 10 references. Get Accounting Help Today

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