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Problem 1-4A Understand the format of financial statements and the links among them (L01- Below are incomplete financial statements for Bulldog, Inc. Required: Calculate the missing amounts. BULLDOG, INC. Income Statement 33,500 Revenues Expenses: Salaries Advertising Utilities Net income 4.900 2,900 BULLDOG, INC.College Homework Help Statement of Stockholders’ Equity Total Common Retained Stockholders’ Stock Earnings Equity Beginning balance $ 8,900 $ 5,900 $ 14,800 Issuances 1,200 1,200 Add: Net income Less: Dividends Ending balance (1,900) 8,900 (1,900) 19,000 $ 10,100 $ $ Assets $ Cash Accounts receivable Supplies Equipment BULLDOG, INC. Balance Sheet Liabilities 2,900 Accounts payable 3,100 Stockholders’ Equity 7,900 Common stock 8,900 Retained earnings 22,800 Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity Total assets Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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Accounting Assignment | College Homework Help
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