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Check my w E6-25 (Algo) Computing and Interpreting the Receivables Turnover Ratio L06-3 A recent annual report for Libby, Inc. contained the following data: Accounts receivable Less: College Homework HelpAllowances Net accounts receivable (dollars in thousands) Current Year Previous Year $ 4,753,000 $ 6,124,000 119,000 109,000 $ 4,634,000 $6,015,000 $ 62,801,000 Required: 1. Determine the receivables turnover ratio and average days sales in receivables for the current year. (Use 365 days a year. Do no round Intermediate calculations. Enter your answers in thousands not in dollars.) times Numerator Denominator Average Days Sales in Receivables days Numerator Denominator < Prey 10 of 12 Next > MacBook Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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Accounting Assignment | College Homework Help
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